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2 smartwatches

It has been five years since the big Swiss watch brands first responded to the emergence of the now ubiquitous Apple Watch. What was once seen as a slightly anaemic, possibly begrudging offering from the traditionalists has been significantly improved since: TAG Heuer and Montblanc have released updated versions of their Connected and Summit watches, and Tissot has turned its long-standing T-Touch platform from curiosity into a genuine smartwatch. The latest to enter the fray is Hublot, with the launch of the Big Bang e. With other super-premium players including Louis Vuitton and Frederique Constant also well established in this sector, it is clear that, despite the Apple Watch outselling the entire Swiss watch industry in 2019, luxury watch brands are still unwilling to let the executives in Cupertino take…

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science’s superhero

Clifford Johnson spends his days dissecting some of science’s most inscrutable mysteries. How does quantum physics apply to our understanding of space and time? What is the true nature of black holes? What are the origins of the universe? But, as the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) ventures further into quantum realms, time travel and space exploration, Johnson has added to his daily musings. He’s become the MCU’s go-to guy when its producers need to sprinkle a little scientific realism into their superhero stories. With credits on television shows and films from Thor: Ragnarok and Avengers: Endgame to the forthcoming Ms. Marvel, Johnson has helped shape some of the MCU’s most memorable depictions of science and scientists in action. With The Falcon and The Winter Soldier due for release on Disney+ this autumn,…

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the last dance

Donald Trump was in no mood to compromise. “As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States,” he told a gaggle of reporters huddled in an aisle on Air Force One on a Friday evening in late July. Trump seemed impatient as he headed back to Washington after a day of fundraising in Florida, straining to act against a company he claimed was a grave national security threat. When would a ban happen, one journalist asked? “Essentially immediately,” he shot back. “I will sign the document tomorrow.” Trump’s announcement capped a tough week for TikTok. A few days earlier, the company’s recently-appointed American chief executive Kevin Mayer had launched a forceful public defence of the short-video app, which was facing a maelstrom of accusations over its ties…

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after dark

01 ROLEX GMT-MASTER II This 40mm Oystersteel and “Everose” gold watch with a black dial and a brown and black Cerachrom bezel simultaneously shows the time in two different time zones during intercontinental flights – but its the use of Chromalight that really shines out. Rather than green, Rolex’s proprietary compound glows a vivid blue in the dark. Rolex claims that Chromalight can last up to eight hours, more than double the time of other luminescent materials. Using photoluminescent material to show the time in low-light conditions is a practice that has been employed since the development of the earliest wristwatches. Originally, riskily radioactive radium and then tritium were the substances of choice, but thankfully we now have safer options such as H3 tritium gas and strontium aluminate. The most common hues…

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instant approval

First introduced in 1932, Patek Philippe’s Calatrava – a round, gold wristwatch exhibiting Bauhaussian levels of simplicity – tends to be held up as the embodiment of Swiss watchmaking at its purest. Which made the new Calatrava announced in June something of a surprise. Cased in stainless steel instead of a more formal precious metal, and with a sporty fabric-effect strap, its blue dial pops with concentric circles, crosshatch engraving, thick-cut hands and numerals that fan out from the centre. Made as a limited edition to mark the opening of Patek’s new Geneva factory – and, due to pandemic-induced postponements, the only new wristwatch the brand had announced by the year’s halfway point – its colourful blurring of formal and casual, sporty and classical, hits watchmaking’s zeitgeist dead on. Whether by…

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the wired index

£2.63 BILLION Amount that digital downloads generated for the UK video game industry in 2019, almost 70 per cent of total revenues 45 x 20MM The size of the smallest fossilised non-avian dinosaur egg, found in Tamba City, Hyogo, Japan Percentage of gamers who’d rather their home be destroyed than lose their game-save data 10% 756,000 The number of fans who tuned in to K-Pop group BTS’ live music concert stream, making it the world’s most watched live stream of a music concert ever, as of June 2020 3,857,579 The number of commercial flights taking place across the world in June 2019, nine months before lockdown 1,904,765 Commercial flights taking place across the world in June 2020, one year later, during lockdown Percentage of people attending five or more virtual events per month since the global…