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C10 Builder Guide Spring 2017

Get all the exciting content to satisfy the classic truck enthusiast in you with C-10 Builder’s Guide.

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style is king

CUSTOM TRUCKS ARE not something that can be explained easily. We’ve all encountered people who question why we do what we do. Hopefully, people who ask why you’re spending your hard-earned money to “ruin a perfectly good truck” haven’t deterred you from the scene. There’s usually one particular thing about custom trucks that hits home for each enthusiast, and it’s different for everyone. Maybe you’re nostalgic for certain older trucks, or hungry for big power. Seeing a badass truck on the street with a motor that sounds pissed can leave you drooling and wanting more. Maybe that’s where the drive to build a truck comes from: first impressions. We’ve all had that moment when we saw someone else’s custom truck and were left speechless by its insanity. Sometimes a family member…

5 min.
all the latest parts for c-10s

’Bagged and Tagged THIS COMPLETELY BOLT-ON rear ’bag kit from All American Billet promises a drop for 1960-62 Chevrolet C-10 models that will lay frame on the ground and retain a 6-inch ride height with air springs on a 30-inch-tall tire. The kit comes standard with parallel 4-link and a Watts-link system, utilizing a two-piece notch design to create a stronger part that eliminates the need for excessive welding. With all parts manufactured and engineered using precision equipment and CAD software, this kit couples quality with style and convenience. All American Billet • 623.580.7214 • Allamericanbillet.com Lighten Your Load MAR-K NOW OFFERS ITS STEEL PARTS IN GRADE 5052 aluminum, which is a full 64% lighter than their steel counterparts. Precision made to match the original bends and fit with American-made quality, these aluminum options…

6 min.
ol' bluey rid es again

THERE USED TO BE certain unwritten rules when it came to what constituted a cool truck. For example, you couldn’t have anything less than a V-8 in a fullsize, it had to have shiny paint, and long-beds were just a big no-no (unless, of course, the truck was also an extended or crew cab). “Since Travis is also a gifted artist, however, he came up with a couple of renderings, which gave him and Don a much clearer picture of where they should focus their efforts.” One thing that we just never thought of, though, was custom trucks with utility beds. And we didn’t think about them because they simply didn’t exist. Aside from custom lettering meant for advertising a business, they weren’t modified, and you pretty much just drove them, saving…

6 min.
special de livery

WHEN you see a truck like this, you imagine that the owner picked up an old vehicle and simply customized it. That’s what makes the most sense in our minds. Start with a vehicle that runs, add some custom touches, and presto, you have a custom pickup. Sure, there are situations like that, but it’s not usually the case. People who build fullcustom vehicles from the ground up usually disassemble the whole thing to start with a good foundation, which is usually the frame. In the case of Kyle Williams’ ’68 C-10, his foundation was the cab. He’s loved C-10s for a very long time, even before they became all the rage. He often discussed his build plans and dreams with family members and friends to get their reactions and opinions.…

6 min.
spec'd out

SOURCES AccuAir 877.247.3696 Accuair.com The Roadster Shop 847.949.7637 Roadstershop.com VIAIR 949.585.0011 Viaircorp.com IT’S A FACT that old trucks don’t drive like their modern counterparts, and changing that takes some work. If you simply want to go low, there are budget options on the market that will get your truck down; however, it will take more effort to make it drive and handle like a contemporary truck. Before aftermarket companies started making products to ’bag classic rides, it took extensive modifications to get them super low. If you want to bring one of these trucks down, or even lay one on the ground with airbags, you’ll get the best results if you start from scratch. Fortunately, there are companies like The Roadster Shop (RS) that make the job easier. As many people in the custom automotive world know, RS produces high-caliber custom…

15 min.
wheel & tire shootout

THERE ARE VERY FEW automotive upgrades that are more exciting than shopping for a new set of wheels. Sure, ordering suspension kits and other such components is fun too, but there’s nothing like a brand new set of wheels to help set offa freshly lowered truck. Don’t get wrapped up in the whirlwind of ordering a set, make sure you take a look at everything before whipping out your credit card. Knowing the size you really want or need is important, and most wheel manufacturers can easily cater to your specifications. Most actively stock some of the more generic sizes, and a select few are able to custom tailor widths to better suit personal preferences. You’ll have a fair amount of homework to do aside from choosing the style you…