American Craft October/November 2019

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in step

EVERY TWO YEARS, THE American Craft Council recognizes the next generation of craft talent and scholarship with our Emerging Voices Awards. As we honor this year’s skilled group of change-makers and thought leaders [“Emerging Voices,” page 28], we have inevitably contemplated the future, the past, and change. Yet we’ve noticed, too, that the past is not as distant as it may seem and that many changes happening in the field today can be seen as continuations or reinterpretations of former movements more than radical new inventions. It’s a theme that travels through many stories this issue. Yinka Orafidiya of the Color Network [“Passing the Baton,” page 44], an online resource supporting clay artists of color, shares how the organization’s name is borrowed from a collective that was doing the same work 30…

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craft worth traveling for

Honestly people schedule their vacations around our craft shows. Save these 2020 dates so you don’t miss out. If these are close to home, invite your distant relatives or friends to come. Having the chance to see and buy the best in craft and connecting with the amazing artists face to face; this is how great memories are made. Baltimore FEBRUARY 19 – 20 Wholesale FEBRUARY 21 – 23 Retail Atlanta MARCH 13 – 15 Wholesale/Retail St. Paul APRIL 17 – 19 Wholesale/Retail San Francisco JULY 31 – AUGUST 2 Wholesale/Retail Start planning your American Craft Show trip with your friends today! Visit today and make sure you are on the show info email list.…

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jonathan’s spoons

LIFE SOMETIMES HAS A SWEET serendipity, a flow of events that starts by happenstance and plays out over time into something pretty big. Case in point: the evolution of the Lazy Spoon. It’s 1977, and Jonathan Simons, a young woodworking apprentice, is about to pop open the thermos of homemade vegetable soup he’s brought for lunch, when he realizes he forgot a spoon. So he takes 10 minutes and makes one out of wood. Without knowing it, he’s launched a career. Jump ahead to 1999, by which time Simons has carved out a successful niche for himself as a maker of fine wooden spoons. At a craft fair, a prospective customer stops by his booth, pokes through his box of flawed, misshapen odds and ends, picks up a spoon with an unintended…

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shows to see

AR / Bentonville Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art Crystals in Art: Ancient to Today Oct. 12 – Jan. 6 In Arkansas, where quartz crystal is the state mineral and digging it up is a tourist attraction, a museum named Crystal Bridges is the perfect place to display more than 75 engraved gems, figurines, and other objects that illuminate how crystal has been used for millennia by artists, healers, and leaders. CA / Pomona American Museum of Ceramic Art1 Julie Green: Flown Blue to Feb. 23 Julie Green turns the most ordinary objects – dishes – into extraordinary social commentary. This extensive exhibition of Green’s dinnerware-based art encompasses the Last Supper series, which memorializes the final meals of death-row inmates in blue images on more than 800 white plates; First Meal, a series depicting what ex-prisoners have chosen to…

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objects: usa

WI / Racine Racine Art Museum Objects Redux: 50 Years After “Objects: USA” Defined American Craft to Jan. 5 TX / Houston Houston Center for Contemporary Craft Objects: Redux – How 50 Years Made Craft Contemporary to Jan. 5 IT WAS THE YEAR OF WOOD-stock, Easy Rider, and the first moon landing, and the end of a decade of dynamic, often tumultuous, cultural change in America. For the craft field, 1969 was a turning point, marked by an exhibition that both captured a movement and invigorated it for generations to come. “Objects: USA,” a stunning collection of works in a variety of mediums, premiered 50 years ago this fall at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, DC. The first ambitious survey show of contemporary American craft, it was sponsored by the SC Johnson Company, maker of household products, in what…

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made in philly

Artisan paper isn’t just for love letters and wedding invitations. Take Share Studio’s Closed-top Vessel Lamp, which sports a custom paper lampshade. Ever since founder Stephanie Hare fell in love with handmade paper about a decade ago, she’s been making a variety of high-end, small-batch paper products. From her Philadelphia studio, she also produces online tutorials and tools for aspiring papermakers. Ethical fashion has a Philadelphia address: Lobo Mau, brother and sister duo Nicole and Jordan Haddad’s distinctive clothing line. The pair does extensive material research, makes use of deadstock (fabric left over from industrial garment production), and engages in careful design and fitting to sidestep environmental exploitation. Their carbon footprint is small, too; fabrics are screen-printed by hand in their studio or machine knitted at local family-owned mills. Sport flowers in…