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American Iron Salute - Heroes in Uniform 2018

Check out American Iron’s new laser focused special issues.  American Iron Salute – Heroes in Uniform is our motorcycle thank you to the brave men and women who protect our nation.  American Iron Power – Performance Upgrades is your source for how to get the greatest power from your American motorcycle.

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adrenaline rush home remedies

THE NEXT FRACTION OF A SECOND MOST likely will determine if I spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair. This isn’t a Hollywood parachute jump. Hollywood jumps are during the day when you can see what you are doing, with nice big drop zones (DZ) so you can have a little space between the parachutes. Hollywood jumps are without the extra 110 pounds of weapons, ammo, C4, and radios. Hollywood jumps are from a respectably high altitude so if anything does go wrong, there is more than a few seconds of reaction time before you hit the ground. Tonight, it’s a tiny DZ, low altitude for a jump, and the night is so dark you can’t count your fingers in front of your face. When the jumpmaster says “Go”…

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Sean McNamara served in the US Army from 1990 to 1993 as Stateside support for Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He was attached to the 577th Engineers as Missouri’s EOD at Ft. Lenard Wood. This is his 2012 Harley-Davidson Ultra Glide Classic 103 Stage II kit with Screamin’ Eagle pipes. He is currently the commander of the American Warriors Motorcycle Association in Joliet, Illinois. From Sean McNamara Breanna Matthies, an engineering project assistant for Indian Motorcycle, also served in the Air Force before going to work for the Warbonnet. She started riding at a young age, beginning on dirt bikes and eventually moving up to a 750. Eventually, she landed on Victory and Indian baggers and cruisers, of which her favorite is the Springfield, with the Chieftain a close second. She served as a…

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1947 harley-davidson police knucklehead

The DPD Motor Unit is steeped in traditions, at least two of which carry on to this day. One of them is that motor officers wear a leather bow tie. The other tradition is that a Detroit motor officer rides a Harley-Davidson. By the late 1920s, H-D bikes were a familiar sight in America, performing important work for more than 3,000 police departments and governmental agencies. Motor officers from the Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department have been escorting presidents and vice presidents around Washington every day for nearly a century—on Harley-Davidson motorcycles. H-D motorcycles haven’t just witnessed history—they’ve made it. And they’re still making it.” The New York State Police have had a long and storied history with Harley-Davidson as well, a history that goes back many decades. And no one…

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the rare oddity of a ’72 xla

Few things attract motorcycle riders and owners quite like exclusivity. How often do we hear guys say “My bike is one of a kind” or “There’s nothing else like it”? Granted, each of our bikes represent our own tastes, be they sentimental, technical, valuation, or a combination of the three. Nonetheless, most bike models on the road are about as common as streets called Main in America’s cities, our own additions or subtractions or one-year-only features notwithstanding. But bikes like Stuart Tielens’ 1972 XLA standout not just for impeccable restoration work, but for the very thing that drew him to buy it in the first place: exclusivity. As Stuart wrote us, he has spent a lifetime on and around two-wheel tomfoolery. He owned several Harley MT500s, a motorcycle with Italian and…

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tribute bagger carries the load

Major rallies such as Rolling Thunder work to remind both the public and the US government that countrymen and women are still trapped in former war zones. And yet this issue remains recessed in the public consciousness, even as the government recently secured the return of the remains of 55 soldiers from North Korea. Gary Wright, retired Army MP, decided to honor and memorialize the oft-forgotten MIA and POW military members by building a motorcycle, further strengthening the link between two-wheeled therapy and members of the armed forces. Gary wrote to us, detailing the motivation for this build. “I thought of those who were MIA or POW,” he writes. “No one could imagine the torment, pain, and suffering these prisoners went through. The mental and physical torture must have been horrible.…

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fallen heroes

While this tribute bike, dubbed Fallen Heroes, looks finished, owner Josh Davis of Rochester, Minnesota, is always refining his 2009 Harley-Davidson Street Glide. Built to pay his respects to the Marines, in which he served during the early 2000s, Josh continues to make changes. But just getting Fallen Heroes to this stage has been quite the process. “I’ve always been into stuff with motors,” Josh explains. “Whether it’s snowmobiles or motorcycles, I’ve always enjoyed them.” Josh joined the Marine Corps in 2001 and was deployed to Iraq in 2003 and 2004. He left the Marines in 2005. “I bought this ’09 Street Glide in 2013,” Josh says. “I wanted to build a custom bagger and knew a lot of the work was going to be air-brushed graphics, so I began searching for a painter…