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American Survival Guide

American Survival Guide September 2019

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

United States
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how long is long enough?

In this issue, we take an in-depth look at the current state of affairs in Puerto Rico, almost two years after the devastation wrought by hurricanes Irma and Maria. You should recall that these Category 5 and Category 4 storms, respectively, struck the island just 14 days apart and virtually knocked the island’s grid and practically all services out of commission for what would become an agonizingly long time for many of the island’s residents. Disasters like this are rare, fortunately, but this series of events gives us an opportunity to take a look at our overall state of readiness and the response to such a widespread calamity. Since we often wonder how we would fare in such a situation, I think it is useful to investigate what life has been…

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new products

The autumn months are the favorite time of year for many of us who spend a fair amount of time outdoors. The trees changing color is part of it, of course, but cool days and crisp nights are just tailor-made for campfires and hanging out with friends. On top of that, the bugs that plagued us all summer long finally start to taper off. All of this means it is a great time to test out new gear. 1 5.11 Tactical APEX 6 Wedge Handsome, comfortable, and built to last, the APEX 6 Wedge has a Vibram Christy outsole and leather construction with nylon uppers. To enhance grip and traction, the outsole also has Vibram Newflex. The D3O shock-absorbing support footbed guarantees all day comfort whether you’re working in a warehouse or…

13 min.
amber hargrove is a survivor!

Concerning all things outdoors, Amber Hargrove is a force to be reckoned with! This adventurous and highly active former U. S. Army sergeant has tackled nearly everything wild. She has caught fish with her bare hands, hunted small game with crossbows and shotguns, conducted camping and survival training, even taken several little back-to-nature excursions called “Naked and Afraid.” Amber has been through the mill. Although she’s as tough as nails in the woods, Amber has a softer side. One that translates to teaching others, including her own children, about the wonders that nature has to offer, as well as leading and teaching Boy Scout groups about the basics of self-reliance in the outdoors. Her training was reinforced and expanded during her 11 years of service in the Army, including two deployments to Iraq. After…

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gator tales

Amber is not afraid to tackle some of the biggest challenges in the wild, and few come bigger than the American alligator. Alligator wrestling is probably not at the top of many individuals’ to-do list, but for Amber, this activity tests and pushes the uppermost limits of her strength, skill, and fearlessness when dealing with this reptilian beast. She started wrestling alligators in 2013 as a way of dealing with her fear of them. When she overcame the hurdle of stepping into the water with the animals, her drive and fear changed dramatically, so much so that she spent the first day training for six hours straight with gators from 3 to nearly 12 feet long. She said of the experience, “Leaning how to react and control the alligator with his tail…

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three ways to prepare for your financial survival

When talking about preparation in general, it is important to look at it within the structure of what I refer to as the Emergency Threat Spectrum (ETS). This is a tool I created as part of my training syllabus to rate common, everyday emergency events such as short-term power outages and inclement weather events at one end and a total collapse of society on the other. EMERGENCY THREAT SPECTRUM (ETS) Progressing from least to greatest threat: • Common Emergency (Minimal risk to life and limb) • Common Emergency (Life-threatening) • Local/Regional Disaster • National/Worldwide Catastrophic Event We’ll look at a three-pronged, holistic approach to mitigating the risk of finding yourself lacking the financial resources needed to protect and provide for yourself and your loved ones, regardless of where you may find yourself on the ETS. ANOTHER ASPECT OF…

2 min.
life insurance demystified

Fellow emergency preparedness professional Spiro Demetriadi is a longstanding and respected member of the tactical and emergency response communities as well as a successful financial services professional. He provides us with an explanation of term and whole life insurance options. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a life insurance policy as part of your emergency preparedness planning strategy. [T]he primary reason for having life insurance in the first place is to replace the income of the majority breadwinner of the family… allowing them to continue to maintain the same lifestyle that they were living when you were alive. There are generally two types of life insurance contracts: term life insurance and whole life insurance. In both scenarios, if the policy is in force and the insured person dies, their beneficiaries…