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American Survival Guide

American Survival Guide October 2019

Prepare yourself family for when disaster strikes. Step-by step instructions on how to provide energy to your home, grow and preserve your own food, prepare a first-aid kit, make water drinkable.

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train as you fight

This month’s issue is loaded with interesting and enlightening articles that we hope will open your eyes to new information and ways of thinking. While that’s always our goal, there are a few pieces to which I want to call to your attention this month. I think it’s safe to say that most of our readers consider themselves gun folks who take firearm ownership seriously. They keep their weapons in good working order and make sure they’re stored safely. They are ready to go when it’s time to put some meat on the table or are needed to defend their lives and property and those whom they hold dear. I also believe they practice at the range to ensure they’re skilled and safe with their firearms and many also use this…

9 min.
new products

When searching for new survival gear, it can be hard to separate quality gear from the gimmicks. At American Survival Guide, we strive to make the gear selection process easier. This month we have a broad selection of new items. From knives and saws, to quality clothing, to medical gear and shooting accessories we have a wide variety of gear to suit your survival needs. Whether you are looking for something to round out your own kit, or looking for a gift, the items listed here are sure to serve you well. 1 Matador Arms Mag-X P320 The AR15 platform is one of the most versatile weapons in the world. Its modular nature means it can be converted into everything from a .22LR to a long-range tack driver. Until now, pistol caliber AR15s…

11 min.
dangerously deprived

When the world ended, you were fortunate enough to get yourself and your family into the SUV along with your bug-out gear and hit the road before your little suburb descended into hell. It has been a long rough two weeks. Now it seems there is trouble in paradise. There are five of you total, but only you, your wife, and your 16-year-old son are up to standing watch. That means everybody is sleep-deprived. Additionally, you didn’t really expect this to be an open-ended affair, so food and water are necessarily rationed. With each passing day, your stash of supplies grows smaller and those you encounter want it worse. It’s time to apply a little science to the problem. PROTRACTED SURVIVAL Nobody knows when or under what circumstances you might be called upon…

11 min.
the cutting crew

Bark River Knives has developed a tremendous reputation in the knife community as well as with bushcrafters and survivalists the world over. The reason is simple: They produce high-quality knives and stand behind them 100 percent. Mike Stewart, the owner of Bark River Knives, has been deeply entrenched in this industry for decades. He and his team of about 50 employees churn out, on average, 200 knives a day. While they are production knives, each is hand-finished, with extensive quality control oversight at every step of the process. I recently picked up a couple of new knives from Bark River and here’s what I found. FOX RIVER EXT-1 The EXT-1 is a conglomeration of a couple of longtime bestselling Bark River models. DLT Trading is one of the largest distributors of Bark River blades.…

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dlt trading

Bark River Knives maintains no retail presence. They work through a few distributors, one of the largest of which is DLT Trading. Since 2012, DLT Trading has maintained a storefront in Marinette, Wisconsin, which also houses their e-commerce business and warehouse. Jason Thoune and his team have built a stellar reputation for customer service as well as ridiculously fast response times from order placement to knife shipped. One of Jason’s biggest passions is helping someone find the perfect knife to meet their individual needs. He’ll take into account their budget, skill level, past experience and intended use and match them with a blade that is perfect for them.…

11 min.
paddle out of your predicament

With each stroke of the paddle, I moved the kayak smoothly down the Homosassa River, in western Florida. It is early morning, it’s about 40 degrees (F) and the only other activity on the water was a few other kayakers. If it wasn’t for the houses that line this section of the river, I could almost believe that I was in a time long gone by. Spanish moss draped the branches of the live oaks standing sentinel along the banks, giving it an almost “Jurassic Park” feel. As I continued my journey, I glided silently past a heron sitting on a palmetto, undisturbed by my passing. I was alone with my thoughts when a manatee came up for air and then swam beneath my kayak. Waterways like this were our highways long…