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Antique Trader October 9, 2019

Whether you're looking for a trusted place to bid in auctions, buy or sell, Antique Trader is the top resource to find online auction sites, auction houses, and expert advice about antique furniture, jewelry and collectibles. Thousands of antiques and collectibles are for sale in each issue as well as hard to find items to buy, sell, or trade. Antique Trader also contains the most current and comprehensive information on antique shows and stores and earns best-selling honors year after year by providing precise descriptions and current pricing.

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antique trader

GENERAL MANAGER Peter Miller GROUP PUBLISHER Ray Chelstowski PUBLISHER Corinne Zielke EDITORS Paul Kennedy, Kristine Manty CONTRIBUTING EDITORS Wayne Jordan, Mary Manion, Michael Polak, Fred Taylor, Melanie C. Thomas, and Dr. Anthony J. Cavo GRAPHIC DESIGNER Sandi Carpenter ADVERTISING SALES Tim Baldwin Direct Number: 1-248-837-9293 SALES ASSISTANT Julie Dillon VP, ADVERTISING SALES Kevin D. Smith NEWSSTAND SALES NPS Media Group PRESIDENT & CEO Andrew W. Clurman SENIOR VP, CFO, COO, & TREASURER Michael Henry CHIEF INNOVATION OFFICER Jonathan Dorn VP OF AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT Tom Masterson VP, PRODUCTION & MANUFACTURING Barbara Van Sickle VP, PEOPLE & PLACES JoAnn Thomas VP, DIGITAL PRODUCTS & PLATFORMS Katie Herrell VP, IT Nelson Saenz AIM BOARD CHAIR Efrem Zimbalist III…

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type cast

Hey kids, let’s talk technology! Don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you with another story on the latest iPhone 11 or 12 or whatever number it’s up to these days. No, we’re talking REAL technology. The kind you can get a hernia picking up. Manufactured in 1874, the Sholes & Glidden Type Writer was the first commercially successful typewriter. It weighed 30 pounds and sold for a hefty $125. In today’s dollars, that would set you back more than three grand. The Sholes & Glidden was a marvel. It introduced the QWERTY keyboard, the same keyboard arrangement we use today. The Sholes & Glidden also used a spooled ribbon for inking and a bell to sound the end of a writing line. Both innovative features became standard on typewriters to follow for…

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collectors, dealers preserving pieces of history

A recent post we made on Facebook thanking all of you antiques collectors and dealers out there, who are doing your part to protect and preserve pieces of history, yielded some wonderful responses. So many, as a matter of fact, we had to share: Tonya Morgan: With things made that break so quickly, it’s nice to surround ourselves with items that have not only lasted the test of time, but are quality, beautiful, and many times unique. And these items will last us for as long as we own them. Rachael Macko: Thank You! The Antique Trader was always in our house growing up and as young as 10, I was looking for vintage Barbies in the ad section (I looked out for the postman every month for my Antique Trader)! I…

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a novel idea

Writers and typewriters are like musicians and their instruments, often inseparable. Here’s a selection of famous authors and their favorite writing machines. AGATHA CHRISTIE Agatha Christie was famously associated with a Remington Home Portable No. 2. After breaking her wrist in a fall in 1952, she wrote via a dictaphone and a secretary. Christie dearly missed the actual writing process, saying, “There is no doubt that the effort involved in typing or writing does help me in keeping to the point. Economy of wording, I think, is particularly necessary in detective stories. You don’t want to hear the same thing rehashed three or four times over.” ERNEST HEMINGWAY Hemingway used a number of typewriters, his favorite being a Royal Quiet Deluxe. The author also used a 1932 Royal Model P that was later discovered…

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outlaws’ artifacts

BOSTON - Items connected to Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, infamous for their crimes across the U.S. during the Great Depression, sold for nearly $186,000 at an RR Auction sale last month. The top-selling item, the Bulova gold wristwatch Clyde was wearing when he was fatally shot by police, fetched $112,500. The sawed-off shotgun Clyde used sold for $68,750, and a draft wanted poster of him sold for $4,375. Bobby Livingston, executive vice president of RR Auction, said: “Besides the timeless love story of Bonnie and Clyde, the Barrow gang was known for their massive fire power which could out gun any local sheriff who happened upon them. The archive is an extremely important piece in the history of Bonnie and Clyde, and was always going to do well at auction.”…

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fine art, design

LOS ANGELES – Andrew Jones Auctions’ upcoming Design for the Home and Garden Auction on Sunday, Oct. 20, will feature nearly 400 lots of important fine art, design, antiques and accessories from collections across the country and throughout California. The sale, online and live in the gallery at 2221 South Main Street in downtown Los Angeles, will feature property from prominent collections in New York, Utah and California, including items from the estate of Richard E. Faggioli, the Schutzenberger family collection in Rancho Palos Verdes, the estate of Marion Scharffenberger of Rolling Hills, and merchandise from collectors in Montecito, Century City, Palm Desert and Pasadena, California. Also offered will be a selection from the collection of Connie and Bill McNally of Rancho Santa Fe, as well as property from the estate of…