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4 min
break them up? 5 ways congress is trying to rein in big tech

Groundbreaking legislation is advancing in Congress that would curb the market power of tech giants Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple and could force them to untie their dominant platforms from their other lines of business. Hostility toward Big Tech has grown in recent years with the belief that its size and swagger have stifled competition, limited consumer choice and raised prices. The bipartisan legislation targets the companies’ structure and points toward breaking them up, a dramatic step for Congress to take against a powerful industry whose products are woven into everyday life. Its backers say it would help ensure lower prices and more choices for consumers, and a fairer playing field for smaller businesses to compete. In two days of heavy, often wonky, debate, the House Judiciary Committee approved the legislative package…

2 min
honda changing course, will build its own electric vehicles

Although General Motors will build Honda’s first two fully electric vehicles for North America, the Japanese automaker plans to change course and manufacture its own later this decade. Company officials say they’re developing their own EV architecture, and after two GM-made EVs go on sale in 2024, Honda will start building its own. “It’s absolutely our intention to produce in our factories,” Honda of America Executive Vice President Dave Gardner said, adding that Honda has developed battery manufacturing expertise from building gas-electric hybrids. “We absolutely intend to utilize that resource.” Honda and GM have been partners on hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicles. Earlier this year they announced that GM would build one Honda SUV and one Acura SUV using its Ultium-branded electric vehicle architecture and battery system. The company said the Honda SUV…

4 min
demystifying advanced driver aids in new vehicles

There’s some hesitancy from the public regarding the future of self-driving cars; a survey by Autolist says that most shoppers are split about whether having self-driving capability on a vehicle makes it safer. Thankfully, real automated driving vehicles are still years away. But considering that nearly every new car on sale today comes standard or is available with some level of driver-assistance technology, it’s best to stay informed on what these features actually do and whether you would want to pay extra for them. These driving-assist technology features are often referred to as advanced driver-assist systems, or ADAS. Some ADAS are more advanced than others, and capabilities vary from vehicle to vehicle. Let’s be clear: There are no fully automated or self-driving cars for sale today. For example, General Motors’ Super…

2 min
microsoft exec: targeting of americans’ records ‘routine’

Federal law enforcement agencies secretly seek the data of Microsoft customers thousands of times a year, according to congressional testimony Wednesday by a senior executive at the technology company. Tom Burt, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for customer security and trust, told members of the House Judiciary Committee that federal law enforcement in recent years has been presenting the company with between 2,400 to 3,500 secrecy orders a year, or about seven to 10 a day. “Most shocking is just how routine secrecy orders have become when law enforcement targets an American’s email, text messages or other sensitive data stored in the cloud,” said Burt, describing the widespread clandestine surveillance as a major shift from historical norms. The relationship between law enforcement and Big Tech has attracted fresh scrutiny in recent weeks with the…

8 min
25 tips & tricks hacks to make your iphone work harder & smoother

1. SPEEDING UP YOUR IPHONE If you’ve had your iPhone for a number of years, the chances are that it’s started to slow down. That’s because components can wear out and your devices fill up with files, apps, and forgotten photographs that you no longer need. What’s more, software updates for iOS are designed to take advantage of the latest iPhones and their processors, but there are ways to speed up an older device. Turn off your device to clear its memory, delete unwanted apps and files, and turn off background app refresh to avoid wasting processing power. It’s wise to upgrade to the latest versions of iOS, but you should avoid beta testing on older devices. 2. TELL PEOPLE YOU’LL CALL THEM BACK One of the most well-known features on iOS is…

3 min
pandemic-era mobile world congress tech fair kicks off

A major wireless technology trade fair kicked off in Barcelona this week with scaled-back attendance and beefed-up health and safety measures, changes that reflect the new reality for industry conventions in the pandemic era. Mobile World Congress was canceled at the last minute last year because of COVID-19 concerns. Its 2021 revival makes it one of the few big trade shows so far to attempt a comeback even as the coronavirus pandemic continues to simmer in many parts of the world. The show, known as MWC, is typically a glitzy and well-attended affair, with tech and telecom companies setting up elaborate pavilions to unveil the latest mobile devices, schmooze clients and lobby government officials. But this year, the world’s biggest mobile industry trade show is likely to be a shadow of its…