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February 2019

Arabian Horse World carries the message of the Arabian's peerless beauty and versatility, keeps readers enlightened and informed, and stimulates thinking about the long-term elements of breeding and owning Arabians. Famed for award-winning design, beautiful photography, and attention to detail, this magazine blends beauty with international coverage, history and mystique of the breed, reviews of breeding programs, horse husbandry features, and special features for newcomers to the breed.

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online exclusives

(PHOTO BY OSTEEN/SCHATZBERG)FEBRUARY 2019 PHOTO OF THE MONTHHoldin Aces (Arezzo NL x Hollygolitely DDF by Maclintock V) 2009 gelding, ridden by Tommy Garland, owned by East Manor Arabians, East Nassau, New York. rjwjkw@taconic.net.QUOTE OF THE MONTH“There are few words that a mom and dad can say to express the deep pride we have in who you are as a man, husband and father. Your character and your priority to always put your family and your faith in God first is what makes us so proud of the man you are today. Through your incredible gift that first came to light at age nine when you trained your first horse, Mr. T, and then through the years with each additional horse that you broke and took successfully into the showring, you…

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what in the world

TRADITIONS … even in a nation as young as America, our traditions run deep. Presents at Christmas, turkey at Thanksgiving, colorful bunting to decorate the World Series stadium — they’re all part of the American tradition. Why? Because human nature loves what it knows. That’s why you give a Christmas present to a boss you maybe don’t even like, and you eat Thanksgiving turkey when you’d sure rather have roast beef, and you admire the red, white, and blue bunting while you eat your overpriced hot dog in your overpriced World Series seat … enjoying every single minute of it. Traditions didn’t become traditions without the majority of folks thinking they were “part of the package” … not to mention great fun.Scottsdale … whether in ’59, ’69, ’79, ‘89’, or…

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leading riders and handlers

Each year we identify the Totally Tops professional trainers and amateurs who have risen to the top of their disciplines at the U.S., Canadian, and Sport Horse National shows. The tallies are based on the number of wins each trainer or amateur has accumulated as specified below. Congratulations to those who have made the list—numbers don’t lie, you really are Totally Tops in the Arabian breed. Congratulations from all of us at Arabian HorseWorld.Join us as we salute our Totally Tops 2018 winners. We thank them for their fine examples of horsemanship and for taking the Arabian to even higher levels of performance.Totally Tops Disciplines–How we tallied the Tops for 2018Things you should know about how we compiled the rankings:• All disciplines include purebred and Half-Arabian wins.• Points are awarded…

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SHF SOUTHERN WHIZ (GAZESEL X HV BARONESS)Dr. Ed Davidson, a mixed practice veterinarian in Spartanburg, South Carolina, has bred over 50 horses in his breeding career spanning 40 years. The young stallion SHF Shilveree (*Besson Carol x SHF Miss Scarlet) is the culmination of many years of expert breeding that started with the stallion SHF Southern Whiz (Gazesel x HV Baroness) a Legion of Honor winner, in 1983. Whiz, dubbed “the exotic one,” was a fabulous sire known for passing on his extreme type and quality. His most notable offspring was SHF Pearlie Mae (x Citrona), who was sold to Shirley Watts of Halsdon Stud and named World Champion Mare in 1996.Dr. Davidson has bred several horses with National titles, including SHF Souths Choice Legion of Honor (SHF Southern Whiz…

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you be the judge

In this series, we invite readers to submit a photo of their horse to be included in a recurring conformation evaluation.Noted International Arabian judge Cindy Reich will place each class and explain her thought process. The horses are not identified, but ranked in order from 1-4. Test your judging skills and see if you saw the same things.The photographs do not have to be professional, but must be a high quality profile picture where the horse fills the whole frame. All feet and legs must be visible. It is preferable that the horse is standing relatively square. Anyone can submit a photo for this feature. Any age from yearlings to aged horses are accepted. Horses do not need to be clipped. Simply include the photo along with age and sex…

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the bond we share with our arabian horses intimate portraits

THOMAS TOMASONI, LAETITIA COLLET AND FRIEND.“People want to know, ‘Why Arabians?’ Because very few breeds receive love from a human better than an Arabian. I have so many images of people connecting with their horses, and I want to share them with Arabian Horse World’s readers, so they can see what I see. Sometimes we forget that this is more than a business. The truth is, we have all been touched by these sensitive horses in one way or another. It’s beautiful and amazing!”—APRIL VISELJOHANNA ULLSTRÖM AND TAMARA LL (GRIS E L JAMAAL X SWEET ALLADINA).HILKE CÉCILE DE BRUYCKER AND *SA MISHA APAL (AS NATSIR APAL X NYARA JC).ALEXANDRA CIBOIS AND DORAR (ASHHAL AL RAYYAN X BELQUIS AL NASSER).“When I learn to feel and find my mare’s heart and soul,…