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Australian & New Zealand Handgun Issue 18

Australian & New Zealand Handgun showcases legitimate handgun shooting activities for recreational club and competitive shooters, collectors, historians, and those in the law enforcement and security industries. The magazine features reviews on air pistols, rimfire and centrefire self-loading pistols and revolvers, ammunition and other shooting accessories, as well as interviews with successful Australian and international handgun competitors, and articles on ammunition reloading, custom firearms and handguns of historical interest.

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Welcome aboard the 18th edition of Australian & New Zealand Handgun, the leading annual publication for small arms enthusiasts throughout the Oceania region. This time round we have put together an eclectic selection of articles covering all things handgun which we feel confident will offer something for everyone. The Walther PPQ Q5 Match SF centrefire pistol was a new release at the 2019 US SHOT Show in Las Vegas and saw that particular manufacturer take a giant leap in design and production technology by, among other things, adopting an all-steel frame. Our senior correspondent Rod Pascoe got in on the action and has written a comprehensive overview on what is sure to cement Walther’s reputation as one of the leading handgun manufacturers worldwide. Geoff Smith laid his hands on the P30LS 9mm…

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walther shows its metal the ppq q5 match

The Walther Q5 Match SF is the latest refinement in the PPQ family of pistols. Launched at the 2019 SHOT Show in Las Vegas, this version has taken a giant leap in design and production technology by, among other things, adopting an all-steel frame, something Walther hasn’t done in a centrefire pistol for nearly 40 years. Almost the entire Walther history, as far as centrefire pistols is concerned, relates to the production of firearms for the military and police markets. Most of us remember the P.38 of World War Two. There have been occasional commercial spin-offs but by and large the emphasis has been on chasing lucrative law enforcement and Defence contracts and their centrefire sporting guns have essentially been, until now, variations of their Defence product line. While Walther is…

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walther’s lp500 match air pistol

The latest batch of air pistols from Carl Walther are designated LP500, the LP prefix meaning ‘luft pistole’ (literally air pistol) and the 500 number following from the previous LP400 series. They’re designated as pre-charged pneumatic pistols or PCP, to distinguish them from the earlier piston-style guns. The LP500 family are precision single-shot models featuring a carbon fibre aluminium composite air reservoir charged to a pressure of up to 200 Bar to provide approximately 100 shots between refills. By way of explanation, the Bar is not an SI unit of pressure, although it seems to have nevertheless been accepted in the context of air cylinders like these. It equates to Geoff Smith slightly under one atmosphere (101.3 kPa) and a tiny bit more than 14.5psi so compared, say, to your car…

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the wonderful s&w 686 revolver

Like most guns I’ve bought over the years the last one was definitely going to be ‘the last one’ but sadly that’s not real life. I thought I had enough handguns when I came across a pre-loved S&W model 686 .357 Magnum at my local dealer. I knew the bloke who previously owned it and by the looks it had been little used since he bought it in 1995. Now that’s older than some of our readers but its condition and the price were right, even though the rear sight notch had been widened. I replaced them with LPA High-Vis sights. I’ve owned several S&W revolvers but never a 686. I love revolvers even though they date back to the 1850s but if you ever have the chance to see the…

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get a grip! then improve it

Whether your handgun of choice takes the form of a wheel gun (revolver) or self-loader, the factory grips that came installed on it could be adversely affecting your shooting performance. And to be totally honest, I sometimes find those same factory grips a bit boring and unattractive when compared to the many aftermarket varieties available today. The good news is you can likely improve both those areas of concern by simply removing a single screw and swapping the inferior grips for a pair that will perform better and also look better. Hogue The Hogue family has been producing high-quality shooting products for more than half a century, including one of the most extensive collections of replacement pistol and revolver grips found anywhere. Choices cover the vast majority of current manufactured handgun models as…

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the heckler & koch p30ls 9mm

In late 1949 engineers Edmund Heckler, Theodor Koch and Alex Seidel, all originally trained by Mauser, formed their own engineering company at a time when, having been defeated in World War Two, Germany had been heavily restricted in its legal capacity to manufacture firearms. Notwithstanding these limitations they had soon secured contracts to supply the local police, border police and Bundeswehr or federal defence force. More than 70 years on and after several changes in ownership, the firm has maintained an enviable reputation for manufacturing high quality firearms for military, police and sporting purposes. Their P30 series of handguns was initially designed for use by police and in that capacity several variants are in wide use in Europe, where they’ve proved to be reliable and effective. The particular model under review here,…