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Australian & New Zealand Handgun Issue 14

Australian & New Zealand Handgun showcases legitimate handgun shooting activities for recreational club and competitive shooters, collectors, historians, and those in the law enforcement and security industries. The magazine features reviews on air pistols, rimfire and centrefire self-loading pistols and revolvers, ammunition and other shooting accessories, as well as interviews with successful Australian and international handgun competitors, and articles on ammunition reloading, custom firearms and handguns of historical interest.

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Welcome to the 2016 edition of Australian & New Zealand Handgun magazine. First up, Assistant Editor Dave Rose speaks with Tiffany Piper, a young handgun shooter from New Zealand who is creating a storm in the world of international Action Pistol shooting. It’s great to see a handgunner from this side of the Pacific not only being a positive role model for others in the sport, but who is also giving the American champions a run for their money! Next, keen target shooter James Cheung discusses how he spent more than six months ‘improving on perfection’ by upgrading aspects of his Glock 17A Gen 3 pistol in search of the ultimate target shooting accuracy. Geoff Smith then shares some handy tips for reloading handgun cartridges, while Dick Eussen tells us how to…

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tiffany piper in action

New Zealander Tiffany Piper is a young shooter who is determined to make a name for herself in the world of international Action Pistol shooting. And she also wants to spearhead her own personal quest to gain more recognition for sports shooting. Twenty-two-year-old Tiffany, who lives in the Mount Albert district of Auckland, has been doing her bit with a string of excellent performances over the past few years at junior and senior level in the prestigious NRA National Action Pistol Championships, also known as the Bianchi Cup. The showpiece US event is held annually in Columbia, Missouri, and at the 2015 meeting, Tiffany achieved her best showing since she started travelling to the States to take part when she was a mere 13 years old. The thrill remains the same…

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victoria police upgrades pistol training

Victoria Police has implemented a major upgrade of firearms training for its frontline officers in the wake of a series of anti-terror raids throughout Melbourne during a period of months in early 2015. The acting chief commissioner at the time, Tim Cartwright, said the training would also revamp the way police are trained to use firearms, by introducing active scenarios instead of the previous program which relied on static target shooting. New training for Victoria Police officers began on July 1 and had been in preparation for some time, according to Mr Cartwright. “There are a different range of activities and potential activities, including where we actually have someone with a gun, moving through the community,” he said. The current standard-issue firearm for Victoria Police is the Smith & Wesson Military &…

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upgrading the glock 17a gen 3

There are few handguns in the world as easily recognisable, or with the pedigree associated with it, as Glock pistols. The Glock 17 pistol was introduced in 1982 and was a revolutionary design, departing sharply from the standard set by the Model 1911 and other all-steel service handguns of the day. The Glock 17 was a fresh, outside-the-box look at handgun technology, as one might expect from a team assembled from engineers who had, by and large, almost no experience in designing and manufacturing firearms. Gaston Glock’s gambit would pay dividends, and in this day and age, Glock pistols are the standard by which all other combat and duty handguns are measured. Despite Glock’s motto ‘perfection’, the Glock 17 leaves some things to be desired. In a series of product tests…

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reloading tips for handgunners

I recently witnessed an incident that, as a club firearms instructor, made me carefully rethink the subject of handgun reloading. We were shooting a 40-round match in which the fellow in the next booth to me seemed to be having problems. I became aware of increasing mumbling and growling, coupled with repeated manual racking of the slide on his Glock 9mmcalibre pistol after each shot. I put my head around the corner and asked him if all was okay, to which he replied that his loads were too soft to make the gun cycle properly, meaning he had to cycle each one by hand. I suggested he abandon the match, and instead go home and use a kinetic puller to remove these projectiles so he could alter the powder charge. But,…

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buying secondhand revolvers

With the price of new handguns at an all-time high, buying a used revolver can save you a lot of money. In fact, I have been buying secondhand firearms for ever and I have never had a lemon. Guns hold their value and in many cases, older ones sell for more than they were originally purchased for. Providing it is in good condition, it makes sense to buy a used gun for far less money than a new one. Look locally Once in a while, some good gun bargains crop up. One morning, on the notice board at the Mareeba Pistol Club, I saw that a member was advertising a number of handguns for sale, all at less than $750 each. The list included a stainless steel Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum…