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Australian & New Zealand Handgun

Australian & New Zealand Handgun Issue 15

Australian & New Zealand Handgun showcases legitimate handgun shooting activities for recreational club and competitive shooters, collectors, historians, and those in the law enforcement and security industries. The magazine features reviews on air pistols, rimfire and centrefire self-loading pistols and revolvers, ammunition and other shooting accessories, as well as interviews with successful Australian and international handgun competitors, and articles on ammunition reloading, custom firearms and handguns of historical interest.

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Sporting Shooters' Association of Australia
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This magazine was put together during the closing days of the Rio Olympic and Paralympic Games. While Australia’s more traditional handgun shooters didn’t come away with a medal this time, it was great to see Australian shotgunner Catherine Skinner win a gold medal in the Trap event and Chloe Esposito win gold in the Modern Pentathlon. While certainly unconventional, laser pistol shooting is one of the five disciplines that constitutes the Modern Pentathlon, along with fencing, swimming, show jumping and crosscountry running. Notwithstanding the medals won and records broken during the Games, it was so pleasing to simply see sporting shooters of different abilities and from diverse backgrounds participating in various shooting disciplines on an equal international stage. And that’s the beauty of the shooting sports - they are for everyone! This…

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australia’s ipsc golden girls

Karla Blowers has a lot of be proud of. The Queensland native was the first Australian to win the Open Ladies category at the IPSC World Shoot five years ago and then she did it again in Florida in 2014. She has won seven women’s National titles and a swag of State Championships. At the 2017 World Shoot in France, she is hoping to become the first woman to win three World titles. Karla is one of three Australian women who have earned the right to call themselves a World Champion in IPSC, along with fellow SSAA members Geelong shooter Suzy Ballantyne and Claire Giles, who hails from Perth. At the 2011 World Shoot in Greece, where Karla won her first Ladies category, the atmosphere was tense, as competitors waited to…

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the quiet eye technique

What separates novice shooters from elite shooters? Anyone can hit the centre of a target every now and then, or knock down a few Metallic Silhouette marks. The hard part is doing it perfectly, consistently and especially when under pressure. This is the difference between top-class athletes and amateurs across all sports. It turns out that improving your shooting could come down to one technique that focuses on knowing when and where to look. Quiet Eye is a procedure that has been used by sportspeople all around the world. It focuses on where you look and how long for by following a simple formula. Looking at the correct part of a target for the right amount of time can have a huge effect on your overall performance. The Quiet Eye technique…

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saddler dave makes his mark on single action

Dave Earle (AKA Saddler) from Maryborough in Queensland has been passionate about working with leather for most of his life. He is largely self-taught and is proudly carrying on the less and less common trade. He has worked with leather in a variety of roles and his latest venture involves Dave’s Gun Belts and Holsters. Saddler has been a shooter and SSAA member for a number of years. He was a member of a smallbore club in Maryborough six years ago and continued shooting there until it closed down. More recently, he has been introduced to the Single Action shooting discipline, specifically the pistol events, and he is loving it. His new home branch in Tiaro is where he discovered his sudden interest in Single Action. Dave soon realised there was a…

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the staple battery - handguns for multiple matches

The SSAA offers a range of handgun shooting disciplines including Action Match, Combined Services, Handgun Metallic Silhouette, Muzzleloading, Single Action, Target Pistol, Practical Shooting and the newest discipline, Law Enforcement Activities. Various categories, classes and matches are included in these disciplines, some which may require a minimum of one or two handguns, while some shooters will have three or even four to compete if they are really keen. Of course, it stands to reason that not every SSAA range offers every discipline unless there is a demand for it and the range itself can cater for it. Another fact is that few shooters actually compete in all matches or have special handguns required to cater for all events and they often simply use what they have. The following describes the basic ‘battery’…

8 min.
trigger control - back to basics

The fundamentals of handgun marksmanship are complex and indispensible. All of the basics of marksmanship come into play when shooting handguns and none are as crucial as trigger control. Running a trigger smoothly and consistently, when taken at face value, seems to be a rather simple thing to accomplish. In reality, there are a number of variables and nuances that occur, which results in the undisputable truth that trigger control is in fact the most difficult aspect of handgun marksmanship to master. Everything from hand size, finger length, body structure, physical limitations and variations in handgun grip sizes, lengths and trigger reach all matter when considering how to run a trigger. Sadly, few of us consider these facets when teaching new shooters how to shoot and instead may regurgitate information that…