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Australian Photography May 2019

Australian Photography has one simple goal – to make you a better photographer. Each month the magazine features insightful photo tips to help you improve the way you shoot, edit and share your images. There's also interviews with leading pro shooters, step-by-step image-editing guides, photo competitions, reviews of the latest gear and much more

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yin and yang

Here’s a question for you: How much time do you spend thinking about the light and shadow in your photography? If you’re anything like me, probably not as much as you should. I think this is because the default approach for many photographers is to focus their attention on the subject and treat good light or interesting shadow as a nice bonus – after all, available light is either there or not, and it can be easier and faster to just work with what you have, rather than look critically at how the light is falling and whether your subject is helped or hindered by it. But ask many great photographers how they compose their images and they will probably tell you that the light, or lack of it, is the…

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DREW HOPPER Drew Hopper is a travel and landscape photographer based in Australia, specialising in the Asia-Pacific region. See more of his work at drewhopperphotography.com. MICK FLETORIDIS Sydney-based freelance magazine and web editor Mick Fletoridis is also a keen photographer with a growing interest in landscape and astrophotography. See more at flickr.com/photos/mickflet. DOUG GIMESY Doug Gimesy is a professional award winning conservation & wildlife photographer who travels a lot. See more of his work at gimesy.com, and on instagram @doug_gimesy. MATTY GRAHAM Matty Graham is a photojournalist and former mag editor based in the UK. He specialises in landscapes, portraiture and video. See more at mattygraham.com.…

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jump for joy

This image was captured not so long ago at the Carriageworks Farmers Market in Eveleigh, Sydney. We ventured out one Saturday morning in search of good coffee and some fresh produce and this popular weekend market seemed the right place to visit. I’m a keen street photographer and I only shoot with my iPhone. As a result I’m always carrying my camera wherever I go. It means if an opportunity presents itself I can quickly reach for my camera and capture the scene I’m interested in. I particularly love shooting in wet weather conditions: they make for dramatic skies, shiny surfaces and great reflections, especially in puddles. I spotted a couple of puddles at the markets and I got very lucky when a couple of kids, visiting the precinct with their parents, started…

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which camera mode should you use?

Over the years I have tried sticking to a particular shooting mode. From Manual mode, to setting both shutter and aperture myself, to adding a more recent technological option – auto ISO – I’ve tried them all. Which is best? The reality is each has their positives and negatives. For me, semi-automatic settings provide simplicity, speed and flexibility, something that can’t always be said for Manual mode. Many photographic tutors will say that Manual is the only way to go when learning photography, but I disagree. Have you ever tried shooting a flying bird, or a car racing around a track, in full manual? This is much more difficult than it needs to be. We live in the 21st century and our camera technology is just so good. Starting in a…

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quick snaps

SONY ANNOUNCES FE 135MM F1.8 G MASTER LENS SONY has announced a new member of the G Master family, the FE 135mm F1.8 G Master telephoto prime lens. The 135mm F1.8 has 13 elements in total, which include XA (extreme aspherical), and Super ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements in the front group to help suppress 'common' telephoto lens aberrations. Additionally, the Super ED element and an ED element will help compensate for axial chromatic aberration, minimise colour fringing and maximise overall resolution. A Nano AR Coating is also applied to reduce flare and ghosting that can occur when shooting backlit portraits. An 11-bladed circular aperture mechanism will help with background defocus, and dual-autofocus groups in a floating focus arrangement also help provide close-up capability, allowing a minimum focus distance of just 0.7 metres and…

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your best shot

COLOUR HIGHLY COMMENDED BRUCE THOMAS M&M’s EDITOR’S COMMENTS Bruce Thomas says he created this wild technicolour image by laying out a large packet of M&M’s on his work bench, putting a house brick either side and then placing a sheet of glass on top of the bricks. He then used a water atomiser and sprayed the glass with water droplets. The image is made up of four shots, focus stacked together using Photoshop. The abstract nature of this image is really striking, and I really like that it’s only when you look closely at the droplets that you realise what it is you’re looking at. TECHNICAL DETAILS Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 24-105mm f4 L lens. 1/6s @ f11, ISO 100. Focus stack, saturation and sharpening in Photoshop. THIS MONTH’S MARY LOGAR Ms Candy EDITOR’S COMMENTS Mary Logar says this bold and…