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Australian Photography June 2019

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a view from the top

They may have received little press, but proposed drone laws expected to come in to force in the next few months mark the biggest change to Australia’s remotely piloted aircraft rules since consumer drones first began hitting the market in the first part of the decade. You can read about them in more detail on page 17, but in essence, chief among the changes will be a requirement for registration and certification for any operator of a drone weighing more than 250g - including anyone just flying as a hobby. Chances are if you’re a photographer with a drone, you’ll need to take notice. Like many photographers I have followed the advances in drone technology and the increase of drones in our skies closely. It’s been exciting to watch a technology…

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DOUG GIMESY Doug Gimesy is a professional award winning conservation & wildlife photographer who travels a lot. See more of his work at, and on instagram @doug_gimesy. MATT HORSPOOL Matt Horspool is an adventure travel photographer based in Sydney. His passion lies in exploring cultures and landscapes in areas of the world many do not get to see. See more on instagram @etchd. MICK FLETORIDIS Sydney-based freelance magazine and web editor Mick Fletoridis is also a keen photographer with a growing interest in landscapes and astrophotography. See more at LISA MICHELE BURNS Lisa Michele Burns is a travel and landscape photographer who seeks to capture the world with an alternative perspective. An Olympus visionary, see more of her work at…

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breakfast with bats

Over the last two years I’ve been working on a photo-documentary about Australia’s vulnerable grey-headed flying foxes. I wanted to create a series of images that helped raise awareness about their importance to our forests (as pollinators and seed dispersers), of the challenges that they face, of what we can do to help them, and also highlight the incredible work of their rescuers and carers. Whilst the photo series was always going to consist of 10-20 images presented together as a story, I also wanted to capture a few stand-alone images that might be impactful in their own right. Images that might stop people and get them to ask, “What’s going on?” I believe that if I can get the viewer to do this, there is a much better chance they…

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do i have the best job in the world?

AP Editor Mike O’Connor occasionally suggests a topic for me, and when he mentioned “Myths of being a professional photo tour guide” I was about to catch a flight from Kilimanjaro Airport in Tanzania to Johannesburg in South Africa, arriving at 3am in the morning – yuck! It’s times like this my job, seen by so many as a dream way of life, suddenly becomes “a job”, with lots of benefits and even some negatives. But I also feel privileged to be celebrating my 30th year of taking photographers on adventures this year. To be honest, I do have one of the best jobs in the world. How many people get others to pay them to go to such exotic places? Some adventurers you have never met before, and they are handing…

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quick snaps

TAMRON ANNOUNCES 35-150MM F2.8-4 DI VC OSD LENS TAMRON has announced the 35-150mm F2.8-4 Di VC OSD lens for Canon EF and Nikon F mounts. With a somewhat unusual focal length, and some bold claims from Tamron that the new lens is ‘effectively six primes in one’, the new 35-150mm is part of the trio of full-frame lenses announced by the company in February, which also includes two wide-angle lenses: the Tamron SP 35mm f/1.4 Di USD and Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8 Di III RXD zoom, with the 35-150mm taking up the mantle of Tamron’s flagship dedicated portraiture lens. Despite this we can’t imagine too many shooters will be ditching their primes just yet – as the new lens is relatively slow, dropping to f/3.5 at 85mm and f/4 at 150mm. On the technical side,…

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your best shot

MINIMALISM THIS MONTH’S WINNER MOHIT BHATIA Fork in my kitchen EDITOR’S COMMENTS Objects (and people) in threes always seem to look good in an image, and whether it was deliberate or not, Mohit Bhatia’s image of these forks balancing each other in three distinct lines is a great example of how numbers and the power of repetition can be so effective at drawing the eye. He says he took the photo with a small torch as the light source. “With the camera on a tripod, I aligned the forks to the shadows,” he explains. Black and white is the ultimate editing choice for minimalist images, but we were still surprised to see so few mono images entered this month. Perhaps in this case it was fortuitous and helped this image stand out, but regardless, the…