Australian Photography May 2021

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super size me

A few issues back, we ran a step-by-step Photoshop tutorial detailing the painstaking process you’d need to follow if you fancied swapping a sky in one of your images – taking it from say, a boring blue to a vibrant pink. Then, just a few weeks later, Adobe released its Sky Replacement feature in Photoshop that automated the whole thing with the help of some pretty trick artificial intelligence – ain’t that a kick in the teeth. Sky Replacement doesn’t just plonk any old sunset into your images either, but gives a selection of options that run the gamut from tasteful to garish, with each cleanly masked to your chosen scene. Interestingly, each change also makes subtle adjustments to the foreground tones too, so that the sky fits the rest of…

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MATTHEW CROMPTON Matthew Crompton is an award-winning writer and photographer preoccupied with bikes, hikes and the mystical solitude of the way-out. See more at TIM LEVY Tim Levy is an award-winning Sydney based freelance photographer specialising in events and portraits. See more of his work at and STEVE THOMAS Steve Thomas has been racing, shooting and writing about bikes and adventure travel for most of his life, and has earned his crust from it for 25-plus years. See more of his work at MATTY GRAHAM Matty Graham is a photojournalist and former mag editor based in the UK. He specialises in landscapes, portraiture and video. See more at…

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i want to hold her hand

As young photojournalists we are taught that good images will be a perfect combination of beautiful light, interesting subject matter and thoughtful composition, but a great image will be all these things plus something special – this is Henri Cartier Bresson’s ‘Decisive Moment’. A hallmark of the world’s defining photojournalistic images – think ‘Saigon Execution’ by Eddie Adams or ‘VJ Day Kiss’ by Alfred Eisenstaedt - the decisive moment is also what separates the ordinary from the extraordinary. That split second we wait hours for, that one frame amongst the sequence, that when you know you’ve got it sends a shiver of jubilation up your spine and an impatience to develop and send through to your editors. This image of Robyn, Jennifer and Alex was made on assignment for The Age newspaper…

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adobe rolls out lightroom updates

ADOBE has released new updates for Lightroom, Light-room Mobile and Lightroom Classic. The desktop (version 4.2) and mobile (version 6.2) versions see the bulk of the new features, including a personalised feed on the desktop version, and support for Apple ProRaw on both desktop and mobile. Meanwhile, the updates to Lightroom Classic (version 10.2), are a little light - and include tethered shooting for Nikon users along with performance updates, although these are seemingly limited to Mac users for now. The addition of Apple ProRaw to Lightroom on the desktop version and especially Mobile will be welcome to certain smartphone shooters - the format is unique to iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max devices running iOS 14.3 or later, and promises more control over editing when compared to RAW or…

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10 category winners announced in sony world photography awards 2021

THE World Photography Organisation has announced this year’s category winners and shortlist in the Open competition of the Sony World Photography Awards 2021, which sets itself the task of recognising the best single images from 2020. Over 100 photographers were shortlisted in the 2021 competition alongside ten category winners. Alongside winning a bunch of Sony gear, each winner will go on to compete for the Open Photographer of the Year title and a $5,000 (USD) prize. The overall Open winner will be announced around the time this issue goes to print, and all ten of the finalists are published on…

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sony announces fe 50mm f1.2 gm lens

SONY has announced its 13th G Master lens, and 60th E-Mount lens, the FE 50mm f/1.2 GM prime. A popular focal length in portraiture, the 50mm f/1.2 GM weighs just 778g, and is actually the same weight and length (108mm) as Sony’s existing Planar T* 50mm f/1.4 ZA lens, despite being half a stop faster. Inside, there’s an 11-blade circular aperture designed for smooth bokeh, while the optical construction is said to be optimised to reduce spherical aberration. The lens also features three XA (extreme aspherical) lens elements, that ‘contribute to high resolution across the entire image’ and is maintained even when fully opened at F1.2. The new lens also ensures clear images in backlit scenes thanks to Sony’s Nano AR Coating II, that minimises internal reflections to reduce flare and ghosting. Four XD…