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Australian Women’s Weekly NZ

Australian Women’s Weekly NZ

June 2020

The Australian Women's Weekly, NZ Edition, delivers hard-hitting news, gorgeous features, advice, inspirational stories and the best triple-tested recipes. It’s the ultimate magazine with something for everyone, while providing inspiration for women of all ages.

New Zealand
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Fish with Caper Sauce If you are looking for a quick, simple and tasty mid week meal - then this one ticks all the boxes. The fresh fish, with a crunchy coating topped off with the flavour filled caper and butter sauce is simple, but explodes with flavour. Ingredients Approximately 300g of gurnard (or other white fish)Flour1 egg lightly beatenBreadcrumbs50g of Westgold butterCapers - about 10 to 20 per servingSalt & pepperLemon wedges Method 1. Crumb the fish by coating in flour seasoned with salt and pepper, dipping in egg and then coating in breadcrumbs. 2. Melt the Westgold butter in the frying pan on a medium heat, then pan fry the fish on one side for a few minutes until golden. 3. When you turn the fish over, add the capers to the pan (make sure…

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As I write this, life is slowly starting to return to something approaching normal. Parks are reopening, cafes and restaurants tentatively unstack chairs and kids frantically search for missing pieces of their school uniforms. In-person catch-ups are being planned and office workers contemplate the daunting reality of retiring the tracksuit pants and trainers in favour of leather shoes and suits. I’m starting to wonder if I’ll even fit into my ‘work’ clothes, such has been my isolation comfort eating, and don’t get me started on wearing make-up again. It has been well documented how this pandemic sparked a return to traditional pastimes; from baking bread and knitting to growing vegies. What I’ve also noticed is how it has driven a leap in the adoption of new technologies. My mother and mother-in-law have…

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open line

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.”– DOLLY PARTON C. Overton, Longueville, NSW. LETTER of the MONTH I have noticed a minor change in the fashion section where the models are a mix of young and more mature, and I think it’s fantastic (Country Style, NZAWW, April)! Still beautiful, vibrant and trendy. We get older on the outside although we still feel like that 23-year-old we once were on the inside. Good on you NZAWW for making us feel good about our age, at any age. D. Walls, via email. A GREAT COMFORT In experiencing our life differently, I have found my elderly mum is finding great comfort in reading her collection of The Australian Women’s Weekly’s. She has lovingly kept many issues over the years and has certainly used the…

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in brief

Picture perfect IT WAS SET TO BE an occasion to remember, connecting the 1000-year history of the oldest European monarchy with modern Denmark. Two months of galas and exciting events to celebrate Her Majesty Queen Margrethe’s 80th birthday on April 16. Then COVID-19 set in and almost everything was cancelled. “I will remember my 80th birthday as unique, one of the most memorable,” said the Queen in a national address. While pomp and parties were off, stylish fine art photo portraits of Her Majesty and her family including an historic set-up with her son and heir, Crown Prince Frederik, and the second in line to the throne, Prince Christian, were still released, as was a stunning portrait of Crown Princess Mary’s daughter Princess Isabella for her 13th birthday. Cate channels Wallis Karl Stefanovic…

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the friendship gardener

“What I am today are seeds that were planted long ago.” Mariam Issa had two small children and was pregnant with her third when civil war forced her to flee her home in Somalia. She’d grown up listening to stories at her mother’s knee, while receiving her formal education under the shade of a mango tree, but her country had become too dangerous for her family. With her kids in tow, she exchanged tropical sub-Saharan heat for the scorching desert of Dubai, where her then husband was working. But when he lost his job, leaving the family facing homelessness, Mariam took her children to Nairobi. “That’s how I became a refugee,” she says. Her husband didn’t have a Kenyan visa, and would have been jailed if he had followed, so for two…

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family values

The first interview took place in a Ponsonby cafe, still busy enough at 11am on a weekday that we opted for the private dining room, away from the bang and hiss of the coffee machine, the scraping of cutlery, the hum of conversation – unwanted white noise that, back then, we were wrong in thinking we’d never miss. It was the day the government announced a ban on public gatherings of over 500 people. Or maybe it was 100. The weeks blur together now but let’s just say that at the time, the New Zealanders who appeared most inconvenienced by the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic were brides whose weddings hung in the balance. This was not the reality, of course. Even then, all around the country, politicians and economists and business owners…