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 / Auto et Moto

Automobile June 2019

Automobile is an award-winning automotive publication that captures the passion and experience of driving great cars. Featuring engaging writing and stunning photography, Automobile transports readers with each and every issue. Discover a well-rounded editorial mix focused on design, technology, automotive art, vintage cars, and industry trends.

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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2 min.

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Michael Floyd INTERNATIONAL BUREAU CHIEF Angus MacKenzie EXECUTIVE EDITOR Mac Morrison CREATIVE DIRECTOR Darren Scott DETROIT BUREAU CHIEF Todd Lassa SENIOR EDITOR Nelson Ireson SENIOR EDITOR Aaron Gold FEATURES EDITOR Rory Jurnecka MANAGING EDITOR Rusty Kurtz SENIOR COPY EDITOR Jesse Bishop COPY EDITOR Claire Crowley GRAPHIC DESIGNER Michael Cruz-Garcia MANAGING ART DIRECTOR Mike Royer EUROPEAN BUREAU CHIEF George Kacher AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN EDITOR Robert Cumberford NEW YORK BUREAU CHIEF Jamie Kitman EDITOR-AT-LARGE Arthur St. Antoine AUTOMOBILE DIGITAL SENIOR EDITOR Erik Johnson ONLINE EDITOR Ed Tahaney DAILY NEWS EDITOR Conner Golden PRODUCTION EDITOR Eleonor Segura DIRECTOR, SOCIAL MEDIA Brandon Scarpelli SOCIAL MEDIA EDITOR Billy Rehbock CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Ronald Ahrens, Jethro Bovingdon, Zach Bowman, Jon Alain Guzik, Michael Jordan, Bob Merlis, Chris Nelson, Marc Noordeloos, Andy Pilgrim, Steven Cole Smith, Basem Wasef, Michael Whiteley CONTRIBUTING ARTISTS Daniel Byrne, Jim Fets, Martyn Goddard, Steffen Jahn, Robert Kerian, Julia LaPalme, James Lipman, Charlie Magee, Richard Pardon, Tim Marrs, A.J. Mueller, Tom…

4 min.
to geneva, the longtail way

THERE IT IS. A perfect stretch. It’s flat, straight, and long. I bury the pedal, the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 roars with approval, and its furious sonic detonations burrow into the back of my skull as the car hurtles forward. The speedo is in kilometers, so I’m not exactly sure how fast we’re going: 250 kph … 260 … What little traffic exists retreats wisely to the right two lanes. It seems as if it’s almost stopped as our gold 720S streaks by. By the time we hit those magnificent miles of unrestricted German autobahn, we’re already a couple of countries deep from our starting point at McLaren Automotive’s gleaming glass headquarters in Woking, England. Destination: Geneva. Our pack of 720S Spiders, 570S Spiders, and 600LTs first shot over from Woking to…

8 min.
the curious life of jonathan ward

JONATHAN WARD, founder and CEO of Icon, is curious to a fault. The 49-year-old incessantly asks questions to better understand his grossly disparate fascinations, and his offbeat, witty personality influences the design and funk of every Icon built. For the past 12 years, Icon has thoughtfully and artfully modernized classic cars and trucks. Each is meticulously finished with unconventional materials like LEDs from fighter jets because Ward enjoys researching new restoration techniqies and sourcing products such as textiles and fabrics from atypical suppliers. “I’m either dumb enough or audacious enough that I just figure it out,” Ward says of his approach to customization. He appreciates tradition but doesn’t follow it blindly, salvaging what’s worth saving and improving what’s not. “I’m constantly inquisitive and wanting to keep myself entertained, therefore authentic, therefore…

10 min.
modern nostalgia

SHOULDN’T A CONNOISSEUR of mechanical novelty find solace in Land Rover’s charismatically imperfect off-roaders? Jonathan Ward doesn’t love them, but there is some nuance to the sentiment; Ward’s complicated relationship with the British brand has intrigued me for a decade or so. It wasn’t until Ward invited me to sample his latest Derelict project, a 1966 Ford Bronco Roadster, that I stumbled upon the opportunity to untie that philosophical knot. “Mind if I bring my ’63 Land Rover Series IIA?” I queried casually, aware that my weekend toy would distract from the main attraction. “Of course not,” he replied, an accession that speaks more to his pantheistic automotive enthusiasm than it does my potentially provocative intentions. Ward is drawn to wear and tear just as much as if not more than he…

4 min.
the moon men’s road rocket

FIFTY YEARS AGO this coming July 20, two Americans—Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin—landed their lunar module Eagle on the moon. They were two of the 29 NASA astronauts who flew on Project Apollo, the grand finale in the challenge set forth in 1961 by President John F. Kennedy “to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the Earth.” Back home, the men who completed the Apollo missions with such swagger and success were partial to one four-wheeled road rocket above all others: the Chevrolet Corvette. To honor that comradeship of speed, the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky, is showcasing three Corvettes once owned by NASA astronauts, part of an exhibition entitled “From Gas Station to Space…

6 min.
the exit interview

IT WAS ALMOST five years ago when this column welcomed Johan de Nysschen to the Cadillac hot seat. After successful stints at BMW and Audi (including running its North American operations during a period of historic growth), the South African-born executive ascended to the global conductor’s chair at Infiniti worldwide in 2012, only to be plucked away from that company’s HQ two years later when he was handed the reins to Cadillac, General Motors’ serially confused but occasionally radiant crown jewel. His appointment came just as the world—and bankrupt GM—had started climbing out from the abyss that followed the Great Recession of 2008, and it was a hopeful time. Sensing the moment, de Nysschen, now 59, brought to the task intelligence, keen powers of observation, and genuine good taste in automobiles.…