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Avenues May 2019

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my friend susan

In 1984, my parents purchased our family home. This house came with a fully grown, jet black cat. For some reason (that I will never be able to fully unravel in my head) my parents decided to give a three-year-old child, just learning to read, the honour of naming said cat. What name did I crown our dearest midnight moggy with? Susan. Susan Fredrick Brosnahan. Susan and I were very good mates throughout my childhood. Well, at least I thought so. She was patient, purry, and managed to put up with endless chases around the backyard – with Superman hankies tied around her neck. She even won a local pet competition thanks to my mother’s swift photography skills, catching Susan mid swipe at a mouse. I returned from my university holidays in the early…

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chit chat

MUNCH IN MASON CASH UK brand Mason Cash, known for its mixing bowls and bakeware, also have a range of pet bowls for your pampered pets. From the largest of Great Danes to the smallest of hamsters, every item within the range has been specifically designed and developed with pets and their eating habits in mind. pet.co.nz SO IN VOGUE If you’re anything like us, a heat pump unit on the wall can really mess with your aesthetic. Gavin Lowe have a heat pump solution that is stylish, modern, and understated. The Daikin Zena Vogue seamlessly integrates into the modern home. Best of all it combines optimum airflow and top performance, with almost inaudible sound. gavinlowe.co.nz DUX CENTRAL With room for up to 140 patrons and the facilities to host, cater, and entertain all of…

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culture club

11 MAY HEDWIG If you didn’t know her name before, you soon will. Meet Hedwig. With a new identity, Hedwig escapes the iron curtain to begin life in the west with her freshly minted American husband. Everything seems perfect until her husband leaves her and Hedwig must fend for herself. With nothing left, she returns to her first love: music. Winning four Tony Awards – a show that Rolling Stone called “the best rock musical ever,”– Hedwig and the Angry Inch is set against an electrifying, glam-rock soundtrack while being a darkly humorous tale about sacrifice, gender identity and love in all its forms. From 11 May, The Court Theatre courttheatre.org.nz 1 MAY KURA POUNAMU Showcasing more than 200 pieces of pounamu ranging from raw boulders to intricate jewellery, the exhibition Kura Pounamu shows why generations…

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yeah nah

YEAH 1 Love, compassion, and community Christchurch is showing the world how it’s done. 2 Ronnie van Hout’s sculpture Quasi ‘on tour’ – a bit of quirk coming your way, Wellington! 3 Isaac House’s new lease on life Check out The Permit Room’s delicious Indian fare with a prohibition theme. 4 Remembering your reusable shopping bags There’s only one thing to do in a moment like this. Strut. 5 Resene Mother Nature The perfect tone for a mossy green macrocosm. NAH 1 The demise of the Girl Guide biscuit – there goes our childhoods. 2 Pyramid schemes from distant friends on social media. It’s an instant block, from us. 3 Flat Earthers – part comedy, part tragedy, with a total sum of idiocy. 4 Forgetting your reusable shopping bags, and then buying more, and more, and more… 5 Margaret Mahy Playground…

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creature comforts

Can you picture a world without birds and animals? Where exactly would we be? Not only our beloved pets but in the very world that surrounds us. We absolutely would be without a song in the morning, a comforting snuggle in the night, and a fair chunk of loyal, loving companionship. The very nature of being surrounded by animals, birds and every other living creature reminds us of our place. Humans exist purely due to the consent of the nature around us, and we’re so fortunate to share the earth with the beings that we do. Avenues shows you the good happening in our little neck of the woods, from the rehoming of bull breed dogs to tagging our precious bird the kea, to ensuring our own pets are naturally healthy and…

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the shelter the community built

Sapphire is a tough-looking pit bull in need of adoption. She has been waiting a long time for the right ‘forever home’ but, at Christchurch Bull Breed Rescue there are no plans to give up on her just yet. “Sapphire is our longest stayer,” rescue centre founder Abbey van der Plas says. “She arrived here in December 2016 as an 11-month-old puppy from the pound.” Abbey has no regrets about saving Sapphire from the canine equivalent of death row but admits it’s hard to find potential owners for ‘menacing’ breeds like this that have to be kept muzzled while out in public. “Of course, we see the other side and know what a lovely dog she really is.” Being a guardian angel to neglected and rejected dogs like this in life and death situations is challenging,…