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Avenues June 2019

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i am what i am

In my humble experience, those who are completely subscribed to society’s perception of the ideal man are going to have a very hard time trying to find him. Sure, there’s a small subsection of He-Man lumberjacks who can change a tyre with their eyes closed and undertake a home renovation with nary a wince; thanks to a well-used hammer and a couple of trips to a hardware store. And whilst this bearded, muscle-bound pinnacle of masculinity is ridiculously oversaturated on the Internet and in traditional media, they only count for a few of us. Chefs. Artists. Poets. Single fathers and step-fathers. Teachers. Musicians. Trans. Entrepreneurs. Disabled. We’re as diverse as humans could be. It is comforting to see a rise in awareness of men’s mental health issues. Our tāne are less likely…

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chit chat

THE KURT SHIRT Kurt Vonnegut’s punchy, satirical 1960s style was a breath of cool modernism that seems fresh even today. This classic WORLDman shirt is shaped with darts and refined with a slim collar, cut from a low sheen twill cotton, soft to touch. Perfect under patterned suiting or as a misdirection under a corporate suit. worldbrand.co.nz SPA IN THE CITY Moss Spa has opened its doors in the new Sudima Hotels’ Salisbury Street complex and is ready for your visit. Moss is an oasis of wellness, rejuvenation, and relaxation with an extensive menu of treatments. Achieve inner peace while Kirsten and her highly-trained team give your body the pampering it deserves. facebook.com/mossspanz STAGING MADE EASY Looking to sell your property but you need a hand to style it? Anita and Jacqui from Upstyle can…

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culture club

5 FANTASTIC FEASTS A consideration of the foods and the traditions we have inherited from the ancient Greeks and Romans is at the heart of the next exhibition at the Teece Museum. Through an array of precious artefacts this exhibition will explore eating in the ancient world, examining what the Greeks and Romans ate, how they produced and distributed food, the feasting and dining traditions they developed to bring their communities together, and the connections they believed existed between their food sources and the gods. Fantastic Feasts features fun food games for the family to try together. 5 June, Teece Museum, The Arts Centre, facebook.com/teecemuseum 1 MULLED FESTIVAL Dux Central’s annual Mulled Festival is back, and it’s to be loaded with the Dux’s spin on the old classics, and a few special house recipes for your…

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yeah nah

YEAH 1 Mike McRoberts. He can read the news, and dance away the weekends. 2 The demolition of All Seasons Hotel on Papanui Road – finally! 3 Mihana – City Mission’s curated clothing and goods in Boxed Quarter. 4 Eco Store’s product refill station at New World Durham Street. More of these please! 5 Resene Virtuoso. The perfect midnight mauve. NAH 1 A certain Kiwi media company’s new paywall. No thanks! 2 People clapping as a plane lands. Did it take you by surprise? 3 Sushi with cheese?! Are we running out of ideas, now? 4 Being ignored in retail stores… just a greeting is all we ask for! 5 Airport Wi-Fi Nothing adds to airport stress more than a Wi-Fi connection from 1997……

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let’s hear it for the boys

The journey towards ‘being a man’ can sometimes be an ironically delicate path to walk. Thankfully the culture of late means there is less pressure on our men to conform to traditional roles and has introduced men to the transparency needed around mental wellbeing and acceptance of all humans, no matter how we present ourselves. Avenues met with three blokes doing good here in Ōtautahi. Armed with a bible or hair clippers, to a trowel and rake – each one of these men is contributing to our community and helping it work for the better. So, let’s hear it for the boys.…

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a good sort

Benny’s Barber Shop has become a mainstay in Ōtautahi over the last few years. As it approaches one year in its headquarters on Disraeli Street, I caught up with the founder, Ben Scott. “It all started as a bit of a joke… a bit of a yarn with the boys.” The first thing you notice about Ben is his demeanour. Kind, welcoming, 100 per cent proud of his barber shop. Ben’s been cutting hair for some time now. Having started back in his early twenties while in a flat, he used to cut his own hair and his roommates’ as well. “I would do my own haircut after watching YouTube videos…they [flatmates] would trade me a deep-fried Cadbury Dream bar from the Fish ‘n’ Chip shop for a cut,” said Ben. Ben headed to Auckland…