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Avenues August 2019

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antipodean wanderlust

There’s nothing better than a holiday with friends. I’ve all but just stepped off a long-haul flight (somewhat reluctantly), after five weeks in Europe with several of my dearest friends. I spent my days jumping off seaside cliffs in Dubrovnik, riding rollercoasters in Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens, and even gained a few extra freckles in Spain. I’ve ticked off the usual – Berlin, London, Tokyo, and Paris – but my favourite destinations by far were without any agenda or planning. I love the little things – watching old men walking their dogs, people going about their daily life, groups of children playing, and spending time soaking in the essence of a new community. In my late 30s, I’ve identified travel as an essential for enriching my life. I’m far from a travel blogger…

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chit chat

DON’T TRIP Remove your travel related anxiety with the app Tripit. Think of it as a personal assistant, who, with access to your emails, pulls all your itineraries, boarding passes and hotel bookings into one handy place. It even keeps you up to date with delays and changes. Say goodbye multiple airline apps and printed boarding passes! tripit.com TAG YOURSELF Leather designer Jennifer Strange has just the ticket (or tag!) to set your luggage apart. Just slot in your standard-sized business or ID card and the plastic insert keeps it covered, then attach to luggage with leather strap. You can mix and match tag and strap colours, with the added option of a nickel or antique gold buckle. jenniferstrange.felt.co.nz CARRY-ON, THEN Saben has the perfect carry-on, made from moulded polycarbonate with metallic rose gold detailing for a…

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culture club

THE FATHER There is a woman in Andre’s flat claiming to be his daughter. But Anne lives in London now… Doesn’t she? And Andre lives in Paris... Doesn’t he? And where has Anne’s sister, Elsie gone? Don’t tell him she’s dead. She isn’t… Is she? An international sensation, The Father is the most acclaimed new play of the decade, smashing our misconceptions of time, memory and dementia in this profoundly moving and darkly comic masterpiece. Directed by Simon Bennett and starring Mark Hadlow and Luanne Gordon, The Court’s production of The Father is a must-see for the 2019 season. Opens 3 August, The Court Theatre, courttheatre.org.nz LIKE WATER Three of Christchurch’s most recognisable daughters of song – Julia Deans, Bella Kalolo, and Flip Grater – join forces with Burnside High’s award-winning Bel Canto Choir…

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winter radiance

1 OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE POSSIBILITIES! Are you sick of people saying you look tired? The Skin Rejuvenation Clinic has treatments to fill the tear troughs and tighten the skin around the eyes that can be done in a lunch-hour and have no downtime. Ask for dermal filler and Ulthera. skinrejuvenationclinic.co.nz 2 100% UGLY FREE Your hair takes a hammering – there’s no doubt about it. From intense sunlight to freezing cold, harsh chemicals and over-processing to neglect, it is the part of us in most regular contact with the world. GM Hair’s Shampoo Whip is ‘100% Ugly Free’, with no sulphates or parabens – restoring strength condition, elasticity, and shine. mikeshaircare.com 3 KEEPING CURRANT Jo Malone’s striking English Oak and Redcurrant will whisk you right through the rest of winter. Desribed as ‘bright, embracing and…

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yeah nah

YEAH 1 Winter in the 03 – you can’t beat that Canterbury sun and frost combo. 2 Salted Caramel cookies from Pilgrim – they’ll be the death of us, and that is okay. 3 Riverside Market is closer to completion – we are beyond ready! 4 Sign of The Takahē – a beacon for Ōtautahi is opening again, next month! 5 Resene Untamed is your chance to ‘go green’ with an army issue vibe. NAH 1 Chain Store Syndrome – do you really like that top, or are you just in a questionable store? 2 Post-holiday blues Someone invent a pill already before this tan fades! 3 Mailing lists on steroids, the infomercials of emails. Be gone! 4 The gerbera making a comeback – what in the ‘1996 floristry’ is this?! 5 Riccarton Road – these endless roadworks are enough to…

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hidden gems

Canterbury is filled with pockets of breathtaking scenery, largely undiscovered nature and plenty of wonderful people to go along with it all. A dedicated couple and their children have quite literally paved the way through Banks Peninsula with the Banks Track, and preserved nesting sites for the penguins of the peninsula. A Christchurch-owned business that helps their customers explore their own beautiful backyard and more, with their fleet of helicopters. A couple who have developed their farm land into a luxurious intrepid retreat, where you can enjoy panoramic views of Akaroa Harbour. In this issue of Avenues, we take the journey through Ōtautahi and beyond, to showcase a few pockets of wonder – where you can explore, relax, or quite simply escape the daily grind. All these hidden gems are right here,…