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Issue 14

bella rae is a quarterly magazine for young women. In the pages of bella rae, you will find a vibrant collection of diverse people with real stories, craft, artwork, recipes, music, fitness and wellbeing. We are unique, fun, and passionate – just like our readers! We value young women and want to challenge them to dig deep, think hard, and be real.

Bella Rae Magazine
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talk it out

I’m often hurtling through life at a hectic pace, throwing myself into my work, friendships, creative projects and outdoor adventures with enthusiasm. But the other day I had a meltdown. A series of concerns – some big, some small – piled up beyond what I could handle. I could feel myself starting to crack up. I was sitting at my desk trying to write but I couldn’t concentrate. My thoughts came down in a deluge – hard and fast and uncontainable. I was getting beaten up by my own brain! All at once I wanted to yell and cry and crawl into bed and go to sleep. I did cry some, but I also messaged two good friends letting them know what I was worrying about and simply tapping my thoughts…

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bella rae magazine

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a trip to outer space

Joy has always had a wild fascination for the outdoors. She grew up in a bustling coastal city in the UK, in an immigrant Asian household. There was a huge focus on education, but when her parents were working Joy was given free rein to explore. Her bum was often glued to her bicycle seat while she rode for miles – inspecting insects, trees and rivers – and gazing up at the stars dotted across the night sky. This helped cultivate her curiosity, not only in space, but the natural world. Now she rides her dual sport motorcycle, rock climbs for fun and produces videos for a living in the US – at the Goddard Space Flight Center with the National Aeronautical Space Administration (NASA). What does your work involve? The…

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she works hard for the money

Saving money and budgeting! Ahh my favourite way to spend a weekend afternoon… said no one ever! But hey, don’t stress just yet! Learning how to save money can be simple. Are you working your first job? Dreaming of an overseas adventure? Saving up for your first car, or those shoes you’ve been eyeing off? Whether it’s a car or a sweet pair of Connies, there is a way to save up, without it taking your whole pay cheque. Slow and steady wins the race Set a small amount out of your pay or pocket money aside each week. Keep it in a jar or separate bank account and label it as ‘Savings’. Although you may only be contributing $5-$10 every week, it will soon add up and is an easy way…

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behind the vlog with jess conte

You might remember a video of a dad and son making music together in their kitchen. Both wearing sunnies, the dad plays the trombone to the beat of his son vigorously slamming the oven door while headbanging. Guess what? That’s Jess’s dad and younger brother, Toby. When Jess uploaded that video to her YouTube channel, the views skyrocketed! “My channel quickly hit 1,000 subscribers, then 2,000 subscribers. I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t really know much about YouTube at the time. Back then, I just loved creating videos for my friends and family,” she says. She now has a following of 2.2 million subscribers on her channel, where she posts song covers, introspective videos and challenges. “There is so much negativity online, so I love having my own little space on the internet.” Not…

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that awkward moment

I suddenly drop my card onto the ground and I swear I hear a chorus of sighs from the people growing impatient behind me. I jump on the bus for university and I tap my Go card. Only, there’s no buzz. I tap again and again... nothing. A line of people builds up behind me as I’m trying to get my wretched card to work. Why won’t it register? A young girl behind me taps me on my shoulder and points at my card. “Yes, it isn’t working,” I manage, feeling beads of sweat on my forehead. “What’s the hold up, kid?” The bus driver turns in his seat to address me. “Young lady, look at your card.” My heart falls. It’s not my Go card staring back at me. It’s…