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British GQ August 2017

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gq it’s written in the stars

Ionce saw Cara Delevingne cradle a lion cub. This was in Paris, two-and-a-half years ago, where the woman with the most arresting eyes in her industry unleashed at least a modicum of her inner animal by attempting to help the Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer launch a series of suitably robust if not quite zoological timepieces. In a specially secured venue she paraded up and down a makeshift catwalk, branding the baby beast as though it were a rare mink. In front of 150 invitees (all of us grouped together in cages, ostensibly built to protect us, but rather ironically making us seem like caged beasts ourselves), the cub looked more unsure of itself than the model. But then Cara Delevingne tends to have that effect. She is nothing if…

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this month on gq.co.uk

Ford GT tested on UK roads for the first time The world’s hottest new car – of which only 1,000 will ever be made – just landed in the UK. How does the Ford GT stack up on the twisty British back-roads? GQ is the first to put it through its paces. Wolf Alice join GQ on Facebook Live Back from their world tour, Grammy-nominated nouveau-grunge darlings Wolf Alice will be playing a gig live at facebook.com/britishgq. Tune in to watch a 45-minute set just for you. Why we need Pride more than ever The Guyliner is GQ’s online sex and relationships columnist – read his heartfelt story about why it’s so important to support the Pride Festival, particularly in 2017. Cara Delevingne shocks GQ GQ cover star Cara Delevingne turns the tables on our interviewer with…

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Paul SOLOMONS Creative Director Paul Solomons has always been a huge fan of the Japanese illustrator Hajime Sorayama, best known for his precise drawings of women and robots (think Playboy meets Daft Punk). His 1983 art book, Sexy Robot, is the main influence behind our shoot with this month’s cover star Cara Delevingne. “If there is one man – and one fashion collection – that embodied everything that Sorayama loved about women it would surely be designer Thierry Mugler and the couture shows of 1995,” says Solomons. “I never thought that one day I would get the chance to marry the two influences together in one of my own shoots with one of my favourite photographers, Mariano Vivanco” Sir Chris HOY This month, the Life section welcomes the six-time Olympic champion Sir Chris…

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tweenies go home

Istopped enjoying festivals on Saturday 4 July 2015, at around four in the afternoon. It was a beautiful day – London was in the throes of a heatwave – and I was on my way to Wireless in London’s Finsbury Park. Kendrick Lamar was headlining – an incredible coup for a UK day festival – with Childish Gambino and Stormzy also billing. It was not a line-up I imagined would resonate with children. And yet, as my friends and I got off the tube, excited and joyous, we were obstructed by what appeared to be the contents of a local crèche. Tiny girls clad in denim nappies and miniature vests, their faces covered in glue, glitter and smeared with paint, their lips suctioned to the funnel of their plastic water (vodka)…

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film him on the beaches

THE RISING STAR IN MAY last year, Fionn Whitehead underwent a baptism of fire. Just a few months earlier, the 19-year-old had been an aspiring actor working in a south London coffee shop; then, he was hurtling down the beach at Dunkirk, at the exact spot the British army was evacuated from 77 years earlier, surrounded by 1,500 extras, destroyers in the sea, Spitfires in the air and explosions all around. “There was no overacting necessary,” says the breakout star of Christopher Nolan’s new war epic, Dunkirk, in which he appears alongside Sir Mark Rylance, Sir Kenneth Branagh and Tom Hardy. For Whitehead’s character, the appropriately named Tommy, Nolan (Interstellar, Inception) needed someone who could convey a young soldier’s inexperience. Whitehead’s complete lack of film work was, therefore, a virtue. “I was so…

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DATA HIT HARVARD UNIVERSITY HAS FOUND THAT, TODAY, HALF OF PEOPLE WHO WILL BECOME FAMOUS DO SO BY THE TIME THEY HIT 30. TIME TO WRITE THAT SCREENPLAY... THE ACTOR TO WATCH How’s this for cognitive dissonance: Zendaya Coleman is considered a “most influential” person by Time magazine; she has her own clothing line; she hangs out with Michelle Obama; she’s so famous, in fact, that she is known simply as Zendaya. Yet you may well have never heard of her. That’s because until recently her fame has existed in the parallel universe of tween culture. She forged her career on the Disney Channel – just like Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus before her – but the 20-year-old is now graduating to mainstream Hollywood. This month, she’s in Spider-Man: Homecoming alongside Robert Downey Jr…