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British GQ March 2019

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editor’s letter

There are so many reasons why a considerable proportion of the British public feel so angry towards David Cameron. One of the most galling, obviously, is his seemingly premeditated decision to step down when the referendum vote went against him in the summer of 2016. This, for many, was a shining example of what was always considered to be his rather relaxed attitude towards governing or, in other words, a complete dereliction of duty. In an act of supreme petulance perhaps worthy of José Mourinho, Cameron decided to walk off the pitch, never to return, having thrown his tracksuit and his team sheets behind him. That was another problem, at least in the eyes of those who criticised his bungled attempts to convince the British public to vote Remain: he…

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this month on gq.co.uk

What to wear to a job interview Top style tips on how to dress to impress. Get suited and booted or choose a more understated look – our experts are here to help. Style Shrink Live GQ Style And Grooming Director Teo van den Broeke answers your burning questions on Instagram Stories, offering advice on the top trends, key seasonal pieces and timeless tailoring. Hype-o-Scopes Your weekly style horoscope is here. Leo, are you committing to a Gucci bumbag? All will be revealed… In bed with Armie Hammer Pillow talk behind the scenes with the star of Call Me By Your Name and On The Basis Of Sex. Illustrations Joe McKendry; Mario Wagner…

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Eric Ray DAVIDSON This month’s cover star is 6’5”, 220 pounds and there are two of him. At least, there were in his breakout role, playing both Winklevoss twins in Facebook drama The Social Network. Eric Ray Davidson shot Armie Hammer in the Hollywood Hills and the two hit it off instantly. “Hammer smells better than you could ever imagine,” says Davidson of the experience. Eric, we don’t doubt it. Kathleen JOHNSTON For the Details section, GQ’s Social Content Editor, Kathleen Johnston, interviewed the rising-star singer Mahalia. “Her music offers welcome respite from the homogenous pop, dance and rap that dominates the radio,” says Johnston. “Mahalia has found that elusive sweet spot between familiarity and freshness in a way that harks back to the golden era of R&B.” Bobby PALMER You might not have heard…

8 min.
do mention the war

Anyone who believes history is irrelevant has not been looking out of the window. The battle over what history means – and one period in particular – has influenced the biggest political upheaval in Britain for more than 40 years. Brexit has proved Britain’s role in the Second World War remains the crucible in which our national identity burns. It can be romanticised without scrutiny or scrutinised without remembrance, shaping the beliefs of millions. That’s the maddening paradox of the War for Britain. It’s our truth and our blind spot. It’s our finest hour and our biggest hang-up. Very soon, there will be no more living witnesses and we will have to take a fresh look at the War. Brexit is part of that process. It is a country looking in…

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Music’s NBT? Your computer said yes She might be only 20 years old, but the R&B singer from Leicestershire is already a music industry veteran, signing to a major label at 13. But right now she’s in the limelight like never before: the live version of her song “Sober” has 23.4 million views, she’s a Brits Critics’ Choice 2019 nominee and she topped YouTube’s inaugural “Ones To Watch” list, compiled by crunching viewer data. In other words, she’s the most likely breakout act of the year – according to science. We asked about her formative firsts… The first time you got stage fright… “Not long after I signed. Ed Sheeran was doing two nights at Hammersmith Apollo and I supported him there at the age of 14.” The first time you got your…

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audemars, deciphered

Who was it first said time is a circle? History is repeating at the manufacture that reshaped horology thanks to the new Code 11.59 When Audemars Piguet launched the Royal Oak in 1972, it rocked the world of fine watchmaking by creating the first ever luxury sports watch in – whisper it – stainless steel. It shocked, inspired and then sold, latterly in such large numbers that it repositioned AP from renowned atelier of haute horology to a full-blown luxury goods phenomenon. Its fortunes sealed, it’s therefore doubly satisfying to report that 47 years on the brand has announced an entirely new collection – Code 11.59 – which, as the name suggests, might be just as disruptive as the mighty Oak, but in the opposite direction. “Everyone is abandoning the world…