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British GQ December 2017

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gq welcome to the dark side

The allure of Star Wars never seems to fade. Even though it is one of the biggest movie franchises in the world – claim it the champ and you’ll be besieged by hordes of oddly garbed Muggles waving homemade Harry Potter banners in your direction – and even though the first movie appeared (rather timidly) just over 40 years ago, George Lucas’ extraordinarily immersive creation has managed to engender the kind of cross-generational appeal that once appeared to be reserved solely for the likes of James Bond (and you have to ask yourself, while everyone is talking about its seemingly exponential ability to grow and grow, will we still be watching new Kingsman films in 50 years?) My niece and nephew came to stay for Christmas two years ago, just after…

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this month on gq.co.uk

Lust after the 100 best things in the world That’s right, we’ve found them. From the coolest car to the slickest hotel and the weirdest kitchen tech. Go to GQ.co.uk for a gallery packed full of Christmas gift inspiration for the men who have it all. Hang with The Chainsmokers x Tommy Hilfiger We caught up with the US designer’s music act of the moment to shoot and video the DJ-production duo. Find out why they’re Tommy’s boys on the British GQ YouTube channel today. Love Loyle Carner The Mercury Prize-nominated man who’s mastered the art of “tender hip hop” shares why ADHD can be a blessing rather than a curse in our new video interview. Steal Ty Dolla $ign’s style Singer, producer, one of LA’s coolest men… Ty shares his wardrobe secrets and insider London hangouts…

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Matthew BROOKES When celebrity portrait photographer Matthew Brookes asked our cover star Adam Driver to climb onto the roof of an old navy yard in Manhattan, swing from a crane and then climb up a 20-foot water tower, Driver agreed instantly. Full credit to him, but it probably didn’t hurt that Brookes can enthuse about Star Wars with the best of them. “I lived for Star Wars,” says Brookes. “The Force shaped my life.” Alex HANNAFORD Is the former golden boy of New Labour about to win back the centre ground? Once tipped as the next PM, David Miliband left politics four years ago after losing to his brother in Labour’s leadership election. He talks to Alex Hannaford. “After Brexit, Miliband’s is a voice bizarrely missing,” says Hannaford. Marion VAN RENTERGHEM Alain Delon, the highest-paid…

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read between the lines

On 11 June, three days after the Tories lost their majority in the general election, Andrew Marr was grilling defence secretary Sir Michael Fallon over the Tories’ nascent deal with the DUP. George Osborne, Marr pointed out, had warned that the arrangement would prove chaotic. Fallon’s response was curt. “I think George is enjoying his job as a commentator rather than a player on the pitch.” Insiders say that Osborne felt wounded by the comment. Two months beforehand, he had succumbed to pressure to resign as an MP to focus on his new job as editor of the Evening Standard, but the suggestion that he no longer mattered did not sit well. Truth be told, it also was not accurate. Through his stridently anti-Theresa May, anti-Brexit splashes and editorials, Osborne has become…

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the rising star

Vanessa Kirby wants to get drunk with Princess Margaret. “So much, man!” Preferably in a dark jazz club, where they can smoke cigarettes all night and talk about men. “She’d be really fun,” says Kirby, sipping on a beer post-shoot. It seems unlikely to happen for obvious reasons (HRH died in 2002), but that hasn’t stopped Kirby from falling in love. “She was the coolest person. I’m such a Margaret pervert.” It’s true. The 29-year-old from Wimbledon immersed herself in research after being cast as the princess in Netflix’s The Crown. Stories pour out of her: of Margaret partying until dawn, of Margaret putting her cigarette out on a starter she didn’t like, of Margaret having a lavatory built as a throne, “which I thought was brilliant”. The show’s success has made…

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these trainers stepped up

DATA HIT£13,000 ASKING PRICE FOR A PAIR OF RARE NIKE FLYKNITS – THE HTM LUNAR EDITION – ON EBAY AT TIME OF GOING TO PRESS. What is “good design”? For starters, it should fulfil its function more efficiently than anything else and do something to defuse the environmental crisis. Ideally, it should also be a pleasure to look at or to use and represent a dazzling advance in technology. Very few design projects come close to fulfilling all those criteria, but you may very well be wearing one that does: the Nike Flyknit trainer, whose digitally knitted uppers have transformed shoe design. The first Flyknit shoes were the Racers, custom-made for Mo Farah and other Nike-sponsored longdistance runners at the London 2012 Olympics. Until then, the uppers of even the most sophisticated…