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British GQ May 2017

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alessandro michele’s command performance

The first time I flew into Milan, way back in 1987, I remember thinking that Giorgio Armani somehow owned the city; there was a huge Emporio Armani neon sign splayed across one of the hangers at Linate Airport that looked like a piece of municipal branding, albeit a piece of municipal branding conjured up by Frederico Fellini. His 1960 masterpiece La Dolce Vita begins with one of the film’s most striking sequences, two helicopters flying over Rome towards St Peter’s Basilica. The first helicopter has a large statue of Christ suspended from its fuselage, its hands outstretched in benediction. The passengers of the second helicopter are paparazzi, covering the story as a prank for their tabloid papers. The religious symbolism was crass but effective, and very Fellini. Armani’s gigantic neon is…

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this month on gq.co.uk

Best watches from Baselworld We’ll be at the world’s largest watch fair, bringing you images, videos and stories from the biggest brands, including Rolex, Audemars Piguet and Patek Philippe. Tune in to find out what you’ll be wearing on your wrist next year. GQ Food & Drink Awards The third annual GQ Food & Drink Awards presented by Veuve Clicquot takes place this month, where our star panel of judges will give their verdict on the country’s best places to dine and drink. Find out who comes out on top on GQ.co.uk on 25 April. Learn which scents to wear when Céline Roux, fragrance director at Jo Malone London, joins Associate Style Editor Nick Carvell on the British GQ Facebook page live on 30 March to discuss how to pick the right scent and exactly…

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Gavin BOND Photographer Gavin Bond had less than two minutes to shoot each of the 15 Bafta winners and presenters for this issue. Not that you would know from the quality of the dynamic and candid portraits of stars including Emma Stone, Daisy Ridley, Riz Ahmed and Tom Hiddleston. “The highlight was photographing Dev Patel,” says Bond. Patel won Best Supporting Actor for Lion. “I last shot Dev back in 2008 with the cast of Slumdog Millionaire. He’s now a young man with confidence in his craft.” Grant PEARCE Australia’s “Tin City” is said to have been started by homeless men during the depression, and for this month’s fashion feature shot in the location, stylist and Editorial Director of GQ Asia Pacific Grant Pearce drew upon the solitude of the wilderness itself. “The…

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the food wars: which side are you on?

The fallout was spectacular. It featured many of the hallmarks of a red-blooded political scandal: accusations; recriminations; resignations; swathes of feverish comments on the bottom half of the internet. But the trigger this time wasn’t questionable expenses claims, an unexpected referendum result, or even a cavalcade of executive orders that may or may not be constitutionally sound. It was a document about nutrition. Laboriously entitled (take a deep breath) “Eat Fat, Cut The Carbs And Avoid Snacking To Reverse Obesity And Type-2 Diabetes”, the report was fired out to the UK press last year by the National Obesity Forum (NOF), an independent charity. This rebel campaign group, made up of assorted health professionals, countered the conventional low-fat dietary advice that has been dished out in the UK since 1983 – the same year…

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maid in australia

what was that about a predator reboot? here’s what we know: it will be set in the present day; it’ll be the “biggest” predator yet; and schwarzenegger, rumour has it, might be back. coming to screens next year. SHE sounds as American as apple pie in shows such as Dexter and 24, but Yvonne Strahovski actually grew up in Australia, the daughter of Polish immigrants. “I often walk on an American set and someone will say, ‘Oh, you’re not from here?’” she says. “It always comes as a massive relief – at least someone is buying the fake accent!” Given her background, perhaps it’s apposite that her next project holds a mirror up to current political turmoil in the US. She’ll appear opposite Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss in Hulu’s television adaptation of Margaret…

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on the record

GQ INTEL minded to take the retro camera trend even further? the impossible project is resuscitating old models of polaroid cameras for the instagram age. our favourite is the sx-70. £310. uk.impossibleproject.com ANYONE who isn’t the most dreadful hipster probably finds that their interest in retro cameras stops at an Instagram filter. Sure, you could go out and buy an old-school pointand- shoot, but capturing anything half decent and processing the film is a huge hassle. Which is what Kodak recognised when it created its new Super 8 camera. Designed with Yves Béhar, it takes Kodak Super 8 film (the cost of which includes processing and digital transfer), but that’s about as yesteryear as it gets. There’s a digital viewfinder to allow filmmakers to take advantage of the new top handle design;…