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CBS Soaps In Depth

June 24, 2019

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kyle pops the question!

The In Depth Story: As the week begins, Billy orders Summer and Kyle to meet him for a business lunch at Society. Even though Summer has managed to get her ex moved into the finance department at Jabot, Billy reveals that he wanted all hands on deck to keep the momentum going after the Jabot Collective rollout — and that includes having Kyle brought back to brainstorm with Summer. Interestingly, Kyle is the one who immediately tosses out a slew of promotional ideas, while Summer, who is supposed to be spearheading the marketing campaign, is distracted and disengaged. When Billy steps away to take a call, Kyle confronts Summer about her behavior, wondering if she’s had another late night of partying with Theo… or someone else! Before Summer can respond, however, Billy…

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flo’s slip clues thomas in!

The In Depth Story: Flo’s inadvertent slip of the tongue in mentioning that Liam and Hope have — not had — a child together leaves Thomas with questions galore. And this week, he grills the blonde until she finally caves and reveals all! While Thomas knows a thing or two about deception, he is nevertheless absolutely gobsmacked by Flo’s confession! “His first reaction is denial,” says Thomas’ portrayer, Matthew Atkinson. “He just thinks it’s not possible, that there’s no way someone could do something this despicable.” After peppering Flo with more questions in an attempt to disprove what she’s saying, it slowly begins to dawn on Thomas that an unimaginable tragedy has befallen his family. “He realizes that the girl he’s falling in love with had a dead baby put in her arms. Meanwhile,…

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would finn take hayden back?

The In Depth Story: When viewers last saw Hayden back in September 2017, the schemer had ditched Finn on their wedding day and left town. Shortly thereafter, she sent the heartbroken doc a letter claiming she’d lost their baby… but she was in fact very pregnant. This past December, Hayden reached out to her ex again about their “unfinished business” — but Finn ignored her invite to meet up in Europe and instead joined Anna on a mission to track down Obrecht in Cuba. Needless to say, Finn had no idea that Hayden’s “unfinished business” involved his child! “I would love to see this story through,” Budig told Soaps In Depth when we caught up with her last year. “I’m in show business, and I know that people come, people go, and…

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jj says good-bye!

The In Depth Story: Having figured out that Claire was behind the cabin fire that nearly killed Ciara last year, Ben worries that the unstable young woman may now be trying to off rival Haley in the same way. And he’s right! Racing to Smith Island, Ben arrives just as the Horton cabin is engulfed in flames — with Tripp and Haley trapped inside! Luckily, backup comes in the form of David and other members of the Salem PD, and Tripp and Haley are saved just in the nick of time. But no longer able to outrun ICE, Tripp is arrested on the spot for marrying Haley so she could obtain her green card. Meanwhile, learning that his love was rescued from the fire, JJ rushes to the hospital to see Haley…

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cbs soaps in depth

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ins & outs

ABC Soap Vet Cast As Rey’s Mom! IN ALL MY CHILDREN fan favorite Eva LaRue (Maria) makes her return to daytime this month when she takes on the role of Rosales family matriarch Celeste on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS! The In Depth Story: According to a report by EW.com, LaRue will debut on the CBS soap on Wednesday, June 26, as the mother with whom Rey, Lola and Arturo have a “complex” relationship. “[I’m] so excited!” the daytime MVP tweeted. New TV son Jordi Vilasuso (Rey) — a fellow AMC vet — gave LaRue a warm welcome on Twitter. “I can’t wait to meet you!” he wrote. Interestingly, while their characters intersected on AMC — Vilasuso’s Griffin called Maria for her help in stopping David’s Project Orpheus resurrection scheme — the actors did…