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CBS Soaps In Depth August 6, 2018

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trouble in paradise already?

“Anything that Tessa does right now,” suggests Fairbanks, “Mariah is going to be upset with it.” (STEVEN BERGMAN) The In Depth Story: The morning after the big date, Sharon quickly picks up on her daughter’s sour mood and quizzes Mariah about how her evening with Tessa went. Initially feigning enthusiasm, Mariah eventually confesses that Tessa ended the date early with a work excuse so she could sneak off to be with another woman! Even though Sharon is sympathetic, she’s also had a heck of a lot more experience in the love department, and suggests that there might be another explanation for the hug that Mariah witnessed!In no mood to listen to her mother’s advice, Mariah races off to work, where she learns that Hilary has been in a…

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iconic soap scribe dies

(ROBIN PLATZER/ TWIN IMAGES) Harding “Pete” Lemay — one of the last remaining executives from the golden years of soap operas — passed away on May 26 at the age of 96. According to his New York Times obituary, Lemay was said to have single-handedly written every ANOTHER WORLD episode during his 1971-’79 tenure as headwriter. In addition to winning a Daytime Emmy for AW, Lemay picked up a second statuette during his tenure as GUIDING LIGHT’s top scribe. Lemay, who also had stints at THE DOCTORS and ONE LIFE TO LIVE and penned two memoirs, is survived by his wife, two children and three grandchildren. Lemay was also a celebrated playwright and drama teacher. ■…

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liam can’t control himself!

If you thought the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle was messy before, it reaches a whole new level of convoluted this week! (HOWARD WISE/JPISTUDIOS.COM) The In Depth Story: Goaded by Bill to suspect that Liam’s feelings for Hope are every bit as hot and heavy as they’ve ever been, Steffy doesn’t want to believe his claims as the week begins. She knows that if anyone’s capable of reporting “fake news,” after all, it’s Bill. But when she later barges in on the lovebirds in a compromising position at Hope’s office, Steffy can’t refute what she sees with her own eyes. The incident only proves what Bill has been trying to make her see all along: that Liam will never stop loving the blonde!Liam is wrecked and mortified by Steffy’s discovery, and…

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new roles for two fan faves!

(CHARLES BUSH)(STEVEN BERGMAN) THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS grad Sean Carrigan (ex-Stitch) is currently in France working alongside Matt Damon and Christian Bale in a high-profile, as-yet-untitled racing film centered around Henry Ford II’s legendary quest to beat Enzo Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans World Championship. According to an Instagram post made by Carrigan’s pal, Christian Jules LeBlanc (Michael), the actor will be playing American driver Walt Hansgen, who died after crashing his Ford GT during a trial run. The film is set to be released next June.Meanwhile, Terri Conn (Katie, AS THE WORLD TURNS) has a new job as a QVC host! “I won’t be on air until February,” she tells Soaps In Depth. “I start six months of hardcore training in September. It’s an amazing company that…

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is kiki about to lose it all?

“The truth just can’t come out,” Erin insists. “It would be bad!” (ABC) The In Depth Story: Kiki’s sexual-harassment case against Bensch is taking its toll on her. “There’s so much strength in what she’s doing, but she’s doubting herself every step of the way,” Hayley Erin says of her character, who’s been treated like a pariah by male doctors since speaking out.To make matters worse, Bensch intends to use his photo of her and Griffin to discredit the med student! “The photo’s innocent, but it opens the door,” Erin says. “Bensch is a predator and a master manipulator, so he’s going to take what he has and run with it.”And while the photo itself — a moment when Griffin comforted Kiki in the…

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one star exits, another returns!

Nelle is moving out of Monica’s mansion. (JIM WARREN) With the walls closing in on Nelle, portrayer Chloe Lanier is on her way out at GH. While the soap never comments on actors’ contract status, we hear the Emmy winner wraps taping this month, which puts her exit in the coming weeks.Meanwhile, Leslie Charleson (Monica) is scheduled to return to work this week. The actress has been out since April, recuperating from a leg injury that occurred when she tripped over her beloved dog. ■…