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CBS Soaps In Depth April 29, 2019

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will sharon keep rey’s secret?

The In Depth Story: Rey is just outside Sharon’s door when he receives a text from Paul that an update is wanted on Lola’s case by the end of the day. Considering that the detective has been doing his darnedest to protect his estranged wife and her unborn child by not tattling to his boss, it’s hardly surprising that Paul’s order has Rey all worked up! Sharon immediately recognizes her sweetie’s stress, prompting Rey to finally unburden himself by sharing that Mia was responsible for the attack on Lola! “When he decides to reveal all these secrets — Mia wanting to retaliate against Abby when she pushed Lola into the pool, and her infidelity with Arturo — Rey really wants to start off on the right foot with Sharon,” explains the…

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the paternity bombshell explodes!

This week on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, the revelation of Flo’s father will send Spencers, Logans and Forresters reeling with the knowledge that their lives have been officially turned upside-down. When a secret that’s as well-hidden as this one comes to light, it serves as a sobering reminder that few things (including soap storylines!) are ever quite what they seem. In the aftermath of this shocking familial shake-up, new bonds will be formed, old alliances broken, and some relationships will begin to heal. As Flo comes to terms with what her “family” will look like from here on out, Thomas already has a clear picture of what his future family will look like — if all goes according to plan, that is! The handsome single dad decides that Hope is…

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46th annual daytime emmys

Emmy Details! DAYS OF OUR LIVES led the pack this year with a whopping 27 Daytime Emmy nominations, and THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL received 20 and 12 nods, respectively. Which actors were surprised to have made the cut, which category had the toughest competition, and how will fans be able to watch the ceremony? Soaps In Depth has the scoop! A Night When Everyone Wins “We’re like the little engine that could!” cheers Outstanding Supporting Actress contender Kassie DePaiva (Eve, DAYS). Yet even though her show racked up the most nominations, the soap vet points out that it’s less of a competition and more about a collaboration. “This is the one time of year where our little group of people get to celebrate our genre. I’ve…

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greg rikaart says, “later, leo!”

The In Depth Story: The annulment may have wiped out Sonny and Leo’s marriage on DAYS, but Sonny won’t soon forget the schemer who made his and Will’s lives hell, and neither will we. After all, Leo was also incredibly entertaining! “It was such a unique opportunity to play a gay villain — I don’t think that had ever been done in daytime,” enthuses Rikaart. “And he was written in such a way that he was not just a two-dimensional archvillain. [Rather,] there was such humor, vulnerability and all these different layers to Leo that it was a dream job.” While at first Leo was all snark, his smile faded the moment his estranged mother, Diana, arrived in town. “In our own lives — for better or for worse — it’s…

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cbs soaps in depth

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ins & outs

Y&R Phyllis Shocker: Recast Uncast! STATUS In a real-life twist that sent shockwaves through the soap industry, Michelle Stafford, who currently plays Nina on GENERAL HOSPITAL, will be returning to THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS to reclaim the role of feisty Phyllis from her successor, Gina Tognoni! The In Depth Story: Although Y&R had yet to confirm the news at press time, sources say that the Phyllis switch is indeed happening later this spring, and Tognoni addressed her exit on social media. “Five years ago, I was blessed to embrace the incredible character of Phyllis Summers Abbott,” she wrote. “I am beyond grateful for the creative experience that Y&R has given to me, as well as the amazing relationships I made with the cast, crew/staff, producers, and writers. I love my Genoa City family,…