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CBS Soaps In Depth May 13, 2019

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will nikki stir up trouble?

The In Depth Story: When Victoria arrives at the ranch, she finds her mother rifling through Victor’s files, hoping to uncover a breadcrumb here or there which might lead her to where The Mustache is holed up! While she worries about what motivated the billionaire to disappear this time, Nikki also can’t help but vent to her daughter about Victor’s bothersome habit! “Nikki is upset by Victor’s constant disappearing acts, especially after Neil’s death,” shares co-executive producer/headwriter Josh Griffith. “She’s suspicious that Victor is keeping something from her because of his near-confession before they were interrupted with news about Neil’s passing.” Of course, Victoria is sympathetic to her mom’s anguish but is quick to remind her that Victor will always be the kind of man who does exactly as he pleases —…

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may sweeps preview

B&B Things are still looking pretty blustery on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL this month as a whirlwind of secrets and schemes threaten to upend relationships and leave others out in the cold. Here’s the forecast for the Forresters and their ilk! Can Thomas Edge Out Liam? Though Liam remains fully committed to his marriage to Hope, he’ll have much more to contend with than simply her struggle to move past her grief. Thomas wants his shot with the blonde and will use anyone and everyone to make sure that he gets it. Watch for this single dad to manipulate the vulnerable couple in order to drive a wedge between them, freeing up the space he needs to make Hope his own! Flo Wants To Confess! As if Flo didn’t feel enough guilt for her…

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baby on the way for real-life pair!

Call it a crossover! Darin Brooks (Wyatt, B&B) and Kelly Kruger (Mac, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) are expecting their first child! “So excited to finally share this!” the mom-to-be Instagrammed. “Our most important roles to date… Baby Brooks is on the way!” In an interview with, which first broke the news, Kruger confessed that they’d been trying to conceive for “about a year” and that she’s due in September. Added her husband: “Kelly’s been truly amazing through this whole process! She’s been filming and working through it all, which is incredible!” Meanwhile, for Brooks’ take on his alter ego’s love life, turn to his Feature Interview, page 42.…

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emmy winner is the new nina!

The In Depth Story: As first reported by, Watros is set to step in as Nina in June. “It’s a bittersweet day,” tweeted GH executive producer Frank Valentini. “I love Michelle and wish her all the best. Stafford’s co-star, Stuart, raved that he is a “big fan” of GL alum Watros’ work. I’m also really excited about Cynthia joining the GH family and continuing Nina’s legacy.” Watros then Instagrammed, “I can’t wait to join the talented cast and crew of GH.” For her part, Stafford took to Twitter after the recast news was announced to thank her supporters for their “beautiful comments… What a wonderful thing,” she wrote. “Happiness and positivity. It means so much to me.” While Watros has starred on primetime series like LOST and HOUSE, she’s no stranger to soaps. She…

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may sweeps preview

DAYS On DAYS OF OUR LIVES, a host of big problems will spring up this May that will impede more than one blooming romance! Rafe & Hope Split! Having driven a wedge between Rafe and Hope, Ted steps in when her marriage falls apart… and she loses her job! Meanwhile, Lani moves in with Rafe to help out with baby David (much to Eli’s chagrin!), and Ciara takes steps to ensure Ben’s place in his nephew’s life. Trouble For Maggie! Potentially losing Victor to Kate — coupled with another big loss — pushes Maggie over the edge in an unexpected way! Kate will also be instrumental in helping Gabi come between a smitten Stefan and Chloe. However, Xander’s shocking return just might divert everyone’s attention! Can Will Be Saved? Will’s failing health leaves Sonny desperate for a…

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cbs soaps in depth

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