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CBS Soaps In Depth June 10, 2019

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is abby ready for a new love?

The In Depth Story: The Society proprietress may have sworn off men after fiancé Arturo cheated on her with his sister-in-law and got the other woman pregnant, but Abby still has working eyes! So this week, when hunky Nate takes his old friend up on the IOU dinner she offered, she may be battling her own feelings! “Abby is intrigued by Nate,” concedes her portrayer, Melissa Ordway. “She loves that he’s a very successful doctor, and he’s so nice and upfront. And he’s obviously good-looking! He’s got all the qualities that Abby would normally like. “But… her heart has just been broken,” the actress adds with a sigh. “Abby is terrified to fall in love again, so she has her walls up!” And that means resisting Nate’s attempt to call their dinner together…

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hope to steffy: “take him!”

The In Depth Story: Single mom Steffy may have sworn off any future with Liam this time last year, but when she returns to Los Angeles this week, she’s stunned to find that Hope is more adamant than ever that she should be with him! Ironically, Steffy originally left Los Angeles because she was worried about this exact scenario, and she’d hoped that creating some distance would give Hope and Liam time to bolster their relationship. To the contrary, the married couple are now more of a mess than they ever were. Might Steffy rethink her decision to give up the fight for Liam now that he appears to be free and clear for the taking? Steffy married Liam three times, while Hope wed him twice. Brooke and Ridge both have strongly different opinions…

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star’s primetime series to end!

LIFE IN PIECES — the CBS family comedy on which Hunter King (Summer, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS) stars as Clementine — will not be returning for a fifth season. The Daytime Emmy winner was initially cast as a recurring character, and juggled both her daytime and primetime jobs. But when King was bumped up to series regular in Season 2, she temporarily left Y&R in order to focus on the sitcom. She returned to the soap last year on production breaks at PIECES and subsequently took a short hiatus in the fall to film the currently-airing fourth season. “Thank you for bringing me into the LIFE IN PIECES family and for making it such a fun four years,” the actress Instagrammed alongside a cast photo. “I have so much love and…

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will lulu forgive dante?

The In Depth Story: Over the years, the Falconeris have faced many challenges, from one baby-related problem after another to his infidelity with her cousin. While they somehow always managed to find their way back together, Dante’s decision this time to leave not only her but Port Charles has created a huge chasm between them. “It’s very hard for Lulu,” admits co-headwriter Shelly Altman. “It’s almost as if his recent return and abrupt departure have made things worse for her. She had a momentary glimpse into what they had and could have again, and then it was cruelly ripped from her.” What really happened to him while he was in Turkey remains a mystery. But, while viewers saw that Dante was haunted by a not-yet-accomplished mission which seemed to involve him killing…

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can will be saved?

The In Depth Story: Knowing that Rolf’s serum potentially caused his brain tumor was small comfort to Will. The fact remains that he’s still facing a grim future. This week, he continues to take his frustration out on those around him. Sarah and Rex, however, are quick to take action and review Rex’s notes from the time that he worked with Dr. Rolf. Might they turn up something critical that could be of help in solving Will’s latest medical crisis? If not, the answers might again lie in Rolf’s notebook, which Will’s grandparents, John and Marlena, are searching for. And while they’re hoping that Eve — the last person known to have the journal — might prove helpful, they don’t realize that the precious book is now in the possession of…

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cbs soaps in depth

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