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CBS Soaps In Depth

CBS Soaps In Depth September 30, 2019

Get CBS Soaps In Depth digital magazine subscription today. Included in every biweekly issue are: In depth previews of the CBS shows; hottest plots; up-to-the-minute rundowns of the Ins & Outs that will shake up your shows; exclusive interviews and gorgeous photos you won't see anywhere else!

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2 min.
is a renewed romance on the horizon for sharon & jack?

The In Depth Story: As coexecutive producer and headwriter Josh Griffith explains it, both Sharon and Jack “unwittingly share the common goal of hitting the reset button” when they coincidentally end up at the same desert retreat. “Jack is looking to gain some perspective on why his past relationships have been unsuccessful, while Sharon is in need of a fresh start after her recent drama with Adam.” Needless to say, Jack is shocked when he quite literally bumps into Sharon at the front desk! “They have also shared a warm relationship,” says Griffith, “so running into each other is a pleasant surprise.” As they sit down to chat, Jack insists that he isn’t going through any particular crisis but rather wants to take stock of his life and figure out his next…

1 min.
hagner gets hitched!

AS THE WORLD TURNS alum Meredith Hagner (Liberty) married her longtime love, LODGE 49 star Wyatt Russell, the son of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, according to People.com. The wedding took place over Labor Day weekend at Hawn’s home in Aspen, where the blended family often vacations. In addition to the groom’s parents, his famous siblings, Kate and Oliver Hudson, were on hand for the Western-themed celebration. Hagner and Russell met on the set of the 2016 indie comedy Folk Hero & Funny Guy and got engaged last December while celebrating the holidays in Colorado. “The love of my dang life proposed to me!” she Instagrammed after Russell popped the question. “He is the best guy in the world. It was an epic surprise surrounded by our closest family, and I…

2 min.
ridge wants a redo!

The In Depth Story: Any fella would be delighted to be served breakfast in bed… unless, to his surprise, his server wasn’t his wife, and the bed wasn’t his own! And that’s just the predicament in which B&B’s Ridge finds himself this week when he wakes up in Shauna’s bed and wonders, “What the heck happened?” Needless to say, the designer had been seriously tying one on the night before at Bikini Bar when Shauna bumped into him and emphatically thanked him for having mercy on her daughter, Flo. Hungover, head throbbing and hard-pressed to understand how he came to be at Shauna’s place, Ridge slowly pieces together the events of the previous evening with a little help from the blonde. Not surprisingly, Ridge’s biggest concern at the moment is another blonde… the…

1 min.
the real housewives of b&b?

A camera crew from THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF BEVERLY HILLS recently tagged along with B&B’s Denise Richards (Shauna) to work on the soap set, gathering footage that will likely air during Season 10 of the Bravo series next spring! “We’ve worked with HOUSEWIVES before, and we have a great relationship with them,” explained B&B executive producer and headwriter Bradley Bell, who was happy to let their crew invade for a day late last month. For her part, Richards told Soaps In Depth earlier this year that she looked forward to having her two worlds collide, so to speak. “I wasn’t filming for HOUSEWIVES when I started at B&B, but going into next season, there’s a good chance we’ll see that. I think it will be fun for B&B fans to go behind…

2 min.
will julian commit murder?

The In Depth Story: After decades of running to and from the Mob, settling down at Charlie’s Pub was just what Julian needed. “Life in the fast lane tends to spin so much that it’s hard to know what’s real,” explains portrayer William deVry. “Once Julian’s life [stopped] spinning so fast, he was slowly able to figure out what’s important.” As he became more grounded, Julian stumbled into a romance with Kim. And in the months leading up to and since the doctor’s son, Oscar, passed, Charlie has been incredibly supportive — even volunteering to leave Port Charles to build a new life with Kim in New York. “But just as in life, things go up and down pretty quickly,” says deVry. “You wake up in the morning feeling like a…

1 min.
jen’s in danger!

The In Depth Story: When the hospital lab is trashed as the week begins, Jack has one suspect high on the list: Eve! But did his ex really destroy the medical facility… or is that what someone wants Jack to believe? The mayor may not have too much time to figure out who the culprit really is, however, because shortly thereafter, Jennifer goes missing! Held against her will, she tries desperately to make an escape. But when she comes face to face with her captor, she just may lose all hope of seeing her loved ones again! Is the person behind her abduction someone determined to prevent Jack from regaining his memories — and Jennifer, in turn, from regaining her lost love — with the help of Dr. Rolf’s serum? Meanwhile, unable…