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CBS Soaps In Depth October 28, 2019

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2 min.
nate & amanda get closer!

The In Depth Story: When Nate arrives at the hotel to meet Abby, Amanda’s kneejerk reaction is to tell him to take a hike, because she’s had enough of everyone’s hostility! She apologizes, though, after the doc insists that he’s there for his girlfriend, not to give her another lecture. In fact, Nate offers Amanda an olive branch over a game of pool, during which he quizzes the attorney about her life prior to coming to Genoa City. Nate’s portrayer, Sean Dominic, admits that his alter ego is conflicted over Amanda, given her resemblance to Hilary. “He saw Hilary die in the hospital,” the actor reminds. “It’s hard for him to look at Amanda and not remember that. Nate is a protective figure. He always wants to protect his family, which…

1 min.
it’s a girl!

B&B’s Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and his wife, Kelly Kruger Brooks (ex-Eva; ex-Mac, THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS), welcomed their first child, daughter Everleigh Jolie, on September 22. The proud dad took to Instagram to express his excitement over their bundle of joy, who weighed 9 lbs., 1 oz., and measured 21.5 inches long — and whom his Mrs. labored to deliver for more than three days! “I’m so excited for this next chapter in our lives,” Dad posted. “She’s beautiful!” Congratulations to the new parents!…

1 min.
katie gets a shock!

The In Depth Story: As grateful as they are to be told that Katie is no longer on death’s door, thanks to a successful organ-transplant surgery, the Logans are also seeing red when they realize who they have to thank for the selfless kidney donation! Brooke, Ridge and Hope all question Flo’s true intentions, suspecting the blonde’s magnanimousness is actually shrouding a manipulative motive, namely, to get back in their good graces. Demanding to speak to the donor (who is herself recuperating from the procedure), Katie asks Flo point blank why she would make such a sacrifice. Flo’s response is an emotional and unexpected one, leaving her Aunt Katie at a loss for words! Meanwhile, Wyatt and Sally are holding down the fort at home this week, watching Douglas and Beth while…

1 min.
it’s the most wonderful time of the year

2 min.
michael e. knight’s a tad happy!

The In Depth Story: Since Knight wrapped his run as THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS’ Dr. Simon Neville three years ago, his life had been pretty quiet. But this summer, the actor tells Soaps In Depth, “for personal reasons, I needed to work and wanted to work.” “If they catch lightning in a bottle, I’m sure they’ll run with it.” So his longtime pals, James Patrick Stuart (Valentin; once AMC’s Will) and Rebecca Budig (Hayden; formerly AMC’s Greenlee), suggested that he E-mail their executive producer, Frank Valentini. “I reached out and said, ‘Even if it’s just stunt-casting, can you see your way clear to using me?’” the Daytime Emmy winner recalls. “Frank said, ‘We have a role that was already on the books. You’ll be working with one of our principal vixens.…

1 min.
hope’s memories may reveal rolf’s plot!

The In Depth Story: Xander may be the one who’s bending Rolf’s ear this week in hopes of getting a hand keeping Sarah from splitting Salem. However, Hope is the woman who’s likelier foremost on the mad doctor’s mind, given their nefarious encounter last week! Did Rolf need Hope for something to do with the top-secret project he’s been working on in the hospital lab? And might it have something to do with him possibly resurrecting her twisted lookalike, Princess Gina? Thankfully, Hope begins to put together the pieces of her time with Rolf, and it just may be the key to figuring out why she’s been behaving so oddly! Unfortunately, the recalled moments don’t stop Hope from continuing to act strangely… which could explain why the confused heroine winds up at the…