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CBS Soaps In Depth November 11, 2019

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is the war over?

The In Depth Story: Running into Adam at the Grand Phoenix, Billy is dismayed to see that the rumors about Victor’s son coming home are true. But Jason Thompson (Billy) believes that his alter ego is in a much better place mentally than he was a month ago, and can handle whatever his nemesis might throw at him. “Billy is going to therapy and working out his issues,” says the actor. “There is a certain amount of honesty that he now has about the situation. Billy had a confrontation with Victor and owned up to [being behind the wheel]. He’s not shying away from it.” Still, admitting it to Victor and confessing it to Adam are two different things! As Adam pushes for the truth about what happened that night, Billy…

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brooke is ready to walk!

We all knew it might come to this! THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL’s Brooke is in disbelief that her husband has sided once again with a man who has proven both duplicitous and dangerous (even if it is his son). This week, she throws down the gauntlet — even if doing so will cost the beauty her marriage! “She really just wants to protect her daughter and Douglas,” says Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke). “She can’t understand why Ridge doesn’t share her concerns.” Deciding to lay down the law with regard to what’s best for Douglas, Brooke gives Ridge an ultimatum: If he allows Douglas to leave with Thomas, their marriage is over. “These are family issues,” explains Lang. “It’s hard when you have such a mixed-up family. There’s always conflict.” Heartbroken by…

2 min.
could lucas ever forgive brad’s lies?

The In Depth Story: The secret that Wiley is really Michael’s son, Jonah, has weighed heavily on Brad. But with Julian in his corner, he was almost able to relax into fatherhood. “Brad started to lower his guard a little bit,” says portrayer Parry Shen. “After a while, no matter how bad things get, it just becomes your new normal. So Brad still felt horrible and guilty… but Michael’s the godfather, so he still had some sort of connection with Wiley. To Brad, it was the best of a bad situation.” “How can you excuse what Brad’s done?” So far, Brad has done whatever it takes to protect his family. Because beyond the threat of losing Wiley, he’s petrified that his husband will never forgive him once he learns the boy they…

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sweeps preview!

Will Lani Say “I Do”? Lani’s wedding day is overshadowed by a vengeful Gabi’s threats. Will the bride walk down the aisle or leave Eli at the altar? What Is Rolf After? Dr. Rolf has once again transformed Hope into wicked Princess Gina… but why? Perhaps Jennifer will figure it out, as she’s determined to uncover the doctor’s secrets! Will Nicole Out Sarah? When confronted by Nicole, Sarah begs the other woman to not tell Eric about the baby. But will Nicole be able to keep such life-changing news from the man they both love? Will Ben Find Jordan? Ben is desperate to stop Jordan before she hurts anyone else. But will his search for his sister jeopardize his future with Ciara? A Shocking Twist! DAYS will mark its 54th anniversary on Friday, November 8, by shaking things up…

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cbs soaps in depth

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ins & outs

B&B Could Vincent Irizarry Return Again? OUT Though fans of daytime veteran Vincent Irizarry had hopes that his limited run as Dr. Jordan Armstrong on THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL might lead to a more regular role on the soap, it appears we’ve seen the last of the physician… at least for now. The In Depth Story: Irizarry was brought in to play the doctor treating Thomas after he tumbled over the cliff, as well as the first physician to see Katie following her collapse. But now that his patients are back in good health, the soap-hopper appears to have signed off from the show, based on a Twitter exchange between the actor and B&B writer Patrick Mulcahey. “Vince, you’ve been an awesome doctor for us,” Mulcahey tweeted. “I wish we could push the…