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Chevy High Performance June 2019

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(re)volt I have to confession to make … one I’m not entirely proud of, but it’s one I have to get off my chest. So, here goes … I’ve been Juicin’. Juicin’ a lot more than I used to. No, I’m not talking about hitting a vape pen or dedicating my life to a liquid diet consisting of organic fruits and vegetables. Nor have I been pumping myself full of steroids. The juice I speak of is electricity—the stuff that powers my 2017 Chevy Volt. There, I said it. Now, before you assume I’ve gone totally soft and am abandoning my 1971 Camaro or 1962 Impala … I’m not. Not by a long shot. I’ve merely been carpooling to work with my wife in a leased electric car. And lately, it’s…

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true north (an all-canadian edition)

A Nova Scotia Nova Simply put, Ervin Motorsports (Nova Scotia, Canada) campaigns one of the nicest Chevy Novas out there. The father and son team of Bill and Trevor Ervin built this 1970-model B/SA classed car. Their project started out in 2007 as only a shell and over a two-year period was built up until the spring of 2009 when it debuted in Stock Eliminator. The Nova features a 402ci, 375hp big-block currently rated by NHRA at 405 hp. The engine was built by world-renowned engine builders John and Allyn Armstrong (also from Nova Scotia). The Nova currently holds both ends of the NHRA national record for B/SA at 10.05 and 130.22 mph. Trevor races primarily within what is recognized as one of NHRA’s toughest Stock Eliminator divisions (Northeast Division 1)…

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double-edged razor

SEE MORE PHOTOS AT CHEVYHIPERFORMANCE.COM “While visiting my ’56 Chevy that was being built by Roman Performance and Fabrication,” Dennis Schroeder told us, “I spoke with the owner Ed Romanowski about the Nova that I’d spied off in a corner. Yes, I wanted what you’d think I would, a street and strip car that I could cruise to shows and to meetings with my club, the Chicago Gear Heads.” Sure enough, this particular Chicago Gear Head soon had a pristine ’67 hardtop among his other stuff. His vision was nothing if not ambitious, so much so that veteran Romanowski actually did a double take. But it was all natural causes, all legitimate. Dennis got snared in the never-ending spiral when he was a little man because his dad worked on cars and…

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big power big-block

These days, engines that can generate 800 or more horsepower are nearly as common as prayers on exam day. You hear about them all the time, but the thing that many of the engine builders and magazine scribes forget to mention is just how wound up some of these engines must be to make the number. The problem with building an engine to hit a number is that it quite often winds up being an absolute dog on the street. The rpm level where it hits peak power is so high you can only reach it on a racetrack, and it’s wound so tight to hit that number that it’s practically a ticking time bomb. A rebuild isn’t a matter of if, but how soon? We like to keep an eye on…

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SEE MORE PHOTOS AT CHEVYHIPERFORMANCE.COM Stuff’s been going on for a lifetime nearly, Johnny a part of it without even knowing it. So what is he, a hot rodder by birth? Sure, his pop Kenneth Matney had a racer, a 1968 Chevelle … but he gave it up not long after his son was born so he could have more money for the family. “When I was little we would still go to the racetrack and car shows,” Johnny said. Though he wouldn’t be affected by this until later in life, the exercise woke Johnny to the care and nurturing that makes a family strong, that kids and animals come first. Because of his father’s influence, he was “always into American cars and had my share of Mustangs and Camaros, and even…

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breaking bad braking

If you’ve ever driven on an autocross or road course, you’ve most likely been a victim of brake pad knockback. It’s probably one of the scariest things you can experience on a track or even while driving on the street, for that matter. You go to hit the brakes and … nothing. The brake pedal goes to the floor and the car continues on its merry way. You panic, let the pedal raise, which feels like forever at that point, and hit the brakes for a second time when—thankfully—the brake pads squeeze the rotors and you are overcome with a feeling of relief as the car slows down as originally planned … hopefully before hitting anything or missing a corner. But like all of us, we are accustomed to and…