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Chevy High PerformanceChevy High Performance

Chevy High Performance July 2019

Get Chevy High Performance digital magazine subscription today for the automotive source for all Chevy aficionados whose interests entail buying, building, restoring, and modifying high-performance Chevrolet vehicles.

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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the one that got away

As car guys, there’s a good chance we all have at least one we want back. For some there’s more than one, while others have ones that number in the double digits. Hell, I know of a guy who has gone through more than a hundred. By now you’ve probably figured out it’s not girlfriends I’m talking about. What I’m referring to is cars we once owned that got away. You know, that one special ride that stands out among the others that we wish we still had. There are times that I think it would be cool if I still had my 1976 Ford Pinto Runabout … but not very often and the thought fades fairly quickly. The car was not cool by any means, but it did have…

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chevy high performance

EDITORIAL Network Content Director Douglas Glad Network Director, Street Rod & Super Chevy Groups Brian Brennan Editor Nick Licata Managing Editor Bill Klein Group Tech Editor Jim Smart Feature Editor Taylor Kempkes Contributing Editors Cam Benty Bruce Biegler Grant Cox Richard Holdener Stephen Kim Ro McGonegal Josh Mishler Richard Prince Chris Shelton Jeff Smith Kevin Tetz ART DIRECTION & DESIGN Design Director Markas Platt Art Director Danilo Silverio THE SUPER CHEVY NETWORK ON THE WEB ADVERTISING Network Advertising Director Angela Schoof-Ousley Eastern Sales Director Michael Essex (863) 860-6023 Western Sales Director Scott Timberlake (310) 531-5969 Ad Operations Manager Monica Hernandez Ad Operations Coordinator Patty Ludi Executive Assistant Amy Watson Event Coordinator Yasmin Fajatin TEN: PUBLISHING MEDIA, LLC Chairman Greg Mays President Kevin Mullan SVP, Editorial & Advertising Operations Amy Diamond General Manager, Aftermarket Automotive Network Tim Foss General Manager, In-Market Automotive Network Maria Jamison Senior Director, Finance Catherine Temkin CONSUMER MARKETING, ENTHUSIAST MEDIA SUBSCRIPTION COMPANY, INC. SVP, Circulation Tom Slater VP, Retention & Operations Fulfillment Donald T. Robinson III VP, Acquisition & Database Marketing Victoria Linehan VP, Newsstand Retail Sales William Carter MOTORTREND GROUP President/General Manager Alex Wellen Group SVP, Sales Eric Schwab Head of Operations Jerry Solomon Head of International & Business Development Francis Keeling Head…

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Lamb(basted) Again! Nevada’s Justin Lamb accomplished something extremely difficult within NHRA’s ultra-competitive Sportsman level when he prevailed for the Super Stock Lucas Oil World Championship title for a second consecutive season. Racing a mid-8-second-capable SS/AM 2010 Chevy Cobalt, which features a high-winding 358ci SB2 engine (built by John Richardson), Lamb parlayed a quick season start and then an amazingly consistent class pace throughout 2018, which included three different NHRA national event wins to take the championship. The 2018 season championship ran up his career NHRA world title count to five, which includes the 2015 Super Stock title and the 2013 and 2017 Stock titles. Post season, Lamb redirected credit for his success to the solid support of his devoted family and sponsors, which includes Silver State Plumbing, Madcap Engines, Palmer Electric,…

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tennessee shakedown

No matter what, you can’t escape the past. Like trying to get away from sand in the Sahara. It can’t be done. Just like if you posted on social media or put up an email, it stays out there forever. And somebody else will always remember. First cars are like that, too. You lust after something long enough and it soon becomes a part of you, and then one day the mark becomes indelible. The car-dawn was breaking for John Gentry 35 years ago. He was a high school kid with his first ride: a 1972 Nova with a green and white exterior, and that was memorable. The 307/’Glide sandwich shaking between its fenders was not, but if he didn’t know it then, his lot was a foregone conclusion. In 1989,…

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built for speed(way)

Recently, we shared with you that Speedway Motors entered the muscle car suspension market. Given late founder Bill Smith’s status as team owner, it makes sense that his company developed products to give cars that bore its name a competitive edge. And given the company’s status as a mail-order vendor, it makes sense that he profited from the sale of those products to other racers. To this day, the relationship between the racing and commercial sides of the business is mutually beneficial and gives Speedway Motors a competitive edge on the track and in the marketplace. Given that background, it also makes sense that Speedway would enter the muscle car world the way it approached every other market: full-bore. The company initially released the G-Comp line, a series of production-oriented suspension…

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hell or high water

Eric Fleming is one of those lucky guys whose wife loves the car hobby as much as he does. Fleming has a rocket-fast 1970 Chevelle that he frequently drag races and shows, and his wife, Lindsay, is often at his side. A few years ago they decided to buy a fun car for her to drive, and they didn’t have to look very far for a suitable candidate. The Fleming’s good friend Jeffrey Harris, owner of Mo’s Speed Shop in Dallas, Georgia, bought a 1971 Corvette in 2000. It was a nice original coupe with a base 350/270-horsepower engine and TH400 automatic. In 2003, Harris sold it to his uncle Bill, who used it sparingly for a few years and then put it into storage before selling it to the Flemings…