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Chevy High Performance

Chevy High Performance September 2019

Get Chevy High Performance digital magazine subscription today for the automotive source for all Chevy aficionados whose interests entail buying, building, restoring, and modifying high-performance Chevrolet vehicles.

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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3 min.
preservation of the muscle car game

Every once in a while I get to thinking about the muscle car world and wonder if it’s thriving, leveling off, or in a decline. According to a majority of the aftermarket companies I deal with on a regular basis they tell me, “business is great.” In fact, on a recent visit to Art Morrison Enterprises in Fife, Washington, Craig Morrison informed me that they’ve been shipping out more chassis than ever. That’s great news for them, and for the industry as a whole. While at the MPMC (Motorsports Parts Manufacturers Council) conference a few months back, I spoke with a good number of aftermarket company representatives who were excited to talk about their new product development strategies and how they are also improving on their existing hot rod and…

1 min.
chevy high performance

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4 min.

Literally From The Ashes After working very hard to design, construct, and debut a 1973 Corvette during the latter part of 2017, Cody Lane and his father, Jeff, suffered a monumental setback. While en route to the 2018 NHRA Winternationals in Pomona from their base in Seattle, their towing rig caught fire, which did major damage to their racing operation, including this potential-rich Stock Eliminator Corvette. However, the super-talented and determined group would not be deterred. They just went to work, and, with partners Corvette Parts Worldwide, rebuilt the Corvette back to its original intention and specs. The car was back at the dragstrip during late summer in 2018. After a strong event showing during the 2019 season-opening NHRA Winternationals, Cody raced his car all the way to the winner’s circle…

6 min.
dreams do come true

Hot rods have the unique power to transport us to a different time. For some, maybe as vividly as The Beatles, bell-bottoms, or even a first kiss. For others, crawling behind the wheel of an old car can instantly take us back to a simpler time. For those of us who idealize a time of optimism, a classic American muscle car is no better monument. Corey Petska’s 1966 Nova SS is a throwback to a time when American cars reflected the collective hopes of the American Dream. It was a simple time, one that almost everyone could afford. After a decade of tailfins and tri-tone paint schemes had faded, the Chevy II was at the heart of the compact horsepower era. OK, sure, an all-out, back-halved Pro Street monster could’ve been tempting,…

7 min.
finishing touch

Give us cubic inches or give us death. In a world of me-too, late-model small-blocks, a big-block Chevy rings true. In the previous installment, we blueprinted the short-block of a 470ci big-block Chevy. Now it’s time to finish up with an A-grade top end with products from Air Flow Research, Crower Cams, Trend Performance, Dart Machine, and Summit Racing. When selecting a top end for your engine, the two components most critical to performance and operation are the heads and camshaft. While the intake manifold, fuel delivery method, and ignition also play vital roles, think of the cam-and-head package like the engine’s DNA. While other variables can be externally manipulated, the DNA remains the same and will dictate when and how the engine makes power, what sort of fuel it will…

6 min.
third time’s a charm

Do you remember your first car? Of course you do. Those of us that have a few years under our belts and have owned a number of vehicles will always look back at the first one as a marker in time. For many, it brings up stories of the one that got away, or the one that should never have been sold. While the overwhelming majority of individuals can only look back on their first ride as a distant memory, there’s a fortunate minority who can boast about still owning their first set of wheels. Steve Wagner falls into the latter category. He recalls, “In 1983, I was 13 years old and I went with my father to do a favor for a family friend and haul an old car…