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 / Auto et Moto
Chevy High Performance

Chevy High Performance December 2019

Get Chevy High Performance digital magazine subscription today for the automotive source for all Chevy aficionados whose interests entail buying, building, restoring, and modifying high-performance Chevrolet vehicles.

United States
TEN: The Enthusiast Network
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3 min.
from minor upgrade to major overhaul

We’ve all been there and we’ll probably go there again. No, wait. Not probably, more like absolutely. And where exactly is there? You know, the place you go when you start out to do a simple upgrade that essentially turns into a major project. At the house, it can start out as simply as swapping out that half-century-old kitchen faucet that’s been there since you bought the house for something a little more modern. Before you know it, you are heading into a full-on kitchen remodel. Speaking from experience, the wife and I decided new kitchen cabinets were in order and before we knew it, we were standing in a totally gutted kitchen—and smack dab in the middle of a full remodel. Then there was the one time I decided to…

1 min.
chevy high performance

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3 min.
straight line spotlight

Clean & Casual Maryland’s Roger Reese has a great time at the dragstrip—racing is his favorite hobby. Roger admits that when he goes to the drags with his Super Stock 1965 Nova, he does not get too caught up in the competition itself—it’s really all about the fellow racer camaraderie and having some fun. This little Nova, which he purchased nine years ago in Texas, races with a 327ci (250hp rated) engine and tips the scales between 3,030-3,050 pounds. Roger can run it in SS/JA or SS/KA class configuration, depending on the event. Reese, who is self-employed and is the owner of Reese’s Garage (Manchester, Maryland), does all of the car’s maintenance. Roger reports his high-flying Nova, which currently uses a single four-barrel carb and a two-speed Powerglide transmission, is an…

5 min.
second chance

Arguably, the “mid-year” 1966-’67 Novas are the best-looking Novas that ever slung off the assembly line. Their lines flowed and the sheetmetal was sinewy and they didn’t have the blunt, squared-off snouts of the original cars and those models that followed. The owner of this ’67, Ed Zuchowski, admits to liking the original form as much as the one he shepherds now. But then, Ed’s from Jersey (before you jump, so is your humble copy boy here, so I know how the Jersey mind works). Ed’s a Garden State native. Yes, born in Jersey City, and when he was around 10, something happened there. “I always remember my father’s friends coming to the house having cool cars … and I fell in love with them. From that day on I became…

7 min.
spring and rocker swap

Car magazines are full of 1,000-horsepower LS engine stories teeming with superchargers, turbochargers, intercoolers, massive loads of nitrous, race gas, and all sorts of glamorous equipment. While those engines are impressive, they represent 1 percent of all the LS engines burning up the pavement. For the rest of us who aspire to power levels closer to 500 instead of 5,000 horsepower, we prefer to pay more attention to those engines. That’s what we’re going to do here. We decided to build an iron-block LS engine with a stock bottom end and a mild upgrade to the cam and valvetrain. Even bone-stock LS engines will respond with excellent power increases with just the mildest of cam upgrades because their cylinder heads flow so well. One area where the typical older LS engines occasionally…

5 min.
andre’s little giant

Andre Rodriguez has been wrestling with hot rod mechanicals since he was 8 years old. No, he didn’t have his own shop yet, but his dad was a mechanic and little Andre would tag-team along with him just to get a chance to help out with the choice rides in his pop’s garage. Andre continues on with his dream to this day, working as an ace mechanic based out of Oceanside, New York. At age 17, Andre purchased his first car: a 1967 Chevelle. From there he branched out to other Chevys; ’69 and ’75 Camaros had stints in his driveway, as well as a pair of slant-back Novas and a quartet of G-body street burners. But now there’s a car that has snatched him up with a bionic grip and…