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Classic Trucks June 2019

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built to last

ryan.manson@motortrend.com Building a custom vehicle in five days seems silly to me. Might sound silly to you as well. I’ve never heard of anybody doing it, outside of TV come to think of it. So, it only made sense for us to do just that: build a truck in a week. But what would we call it? Resto Presto? Bang Out a Build? Project Fortnight? One-Twenty Turnaround? Five Days to Donuts? Nah, we’ll call it Week to Wicked. Two years and four builds later and we haven’t not resulted in an un-wicked build yet. That’s a pretty good record, but an even better testament to the quality of parts and components available in today’s aftermarket. In fact, that was the genesis of the Week to Wicked program to begin with; take a vehicle, upgrade as many things as…

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part time

tim.bernsau@motortrend.com 01. Make A Face Add a genuinely unique look to your dash by designing your own custom gauges. The new Instrument Builder program on the CON2R website allows you to design gauges, choosing colors, graphics, needles, speed markings, and indicator lights to fit your preferences. Instrument Builder works with CON2R’s SuperStock line of gauges as well as the new TwinThree universal instrument sets. One you’re finished, your unique completed designs can be printed out, saved onto your computer, or shared with your friends. If the program doesn’t have the options you’re looking for, CON2R’s Old Skool Zone crew can help you create what you want. • For more information, contact CON2R at (503) 626-6390 or www.con2r.com. 02. IFS Improvement Classic truck owners, street rodders, and other performance enthusiasts have been fans of Kugel Komponents…

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the finish line

It’s a special treat when you grow up in a car enthusiast family. Entering the car community at a young age means you’ll always be around great people and probably have a wonderful hobby for life. That’s how it worked for Bobby Jenkins from Bristow, Virginia. He comes from a family where his father helped each of his sons build his first ride, ensuring that they were always headed in the right direction. Bobby has been a Chrysler/Dodge mechanic for the last 30 years but the big surprise is that he has owned this ’50 F-1 for 42 years, having bought it from his older brother at the ripe old age of 13! It was his first truck and in just fair condition back then, but a family friend welded…

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prepping the lmc truck c10 nationals week to wicked ’72 c10

A lot can hide under a decent paintjob. Looks can be deceiving. And when it comes to buying a used truck, it’s best to not judge a book by its cover. We found out the hard way that those things and more are all too true when it comes to buying what appears to be a solid project. What looked like a pretty decent restoration ended up needing just about every patch panel and sheetmetal component offered in LMC Truck’s catalog. Thankfully, they’re the main sponsor of this year’s C10 Nationals giveaway truck, which will be covered in the fourth episode of the Classic Trucks’ Week to Wicked build program. In this day and age of Internet purchases and sight-unseen wheelin’ and dealin’, it should come as no surprise that not…

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painter’s pickup

Have you ever been fooled by freshness? Ordinarily when a truck has been together and on the road for a long time it’s the paint that gives it away. With a little chip here and a little chunk there, a show-quality build can become a beater over time. Far beyond first glance, this Signal Red ’65 Chevy C10 shorty is spray booth fresh in appearance. Well-constructed and meticulously maintained by Big Arm, Montana’s Tye Owens and friends, it fooled yours truly. How about you? Would you believe this flawless finish is 33 years old? First applied in 1985, this single-stage urethane job has been repaired more than once. That’s all in a day’s work for Tye, who has enjoyed a long, prolific run as a painter by trade. In fact, these…

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2018 lmc truck c10 nationals week to wicked c10 build

When it comes to bolting a truck together in five days, it helps to have a formula, of sorts. But as they say, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Thankfully, lead tech Jason Scudellari and his righthand man Christian Arriero have done enough of these builds that the 40-hour imposition has little to no effect on their abilities to get in and get things done. Classic Performance Products (CPP) always sends a good crew out to help as well and we couldn’t do it without them! With the cameras rolling, the guys hit the ground first thing Monday morning and by Friday’s end are usually roasting the tires off the latest Week to Wicked build. This time around, the guys are working with LMC Truck to…