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Bilingual magazine Italian/English. The most complete magazine in its sector, a rich source of information on fabrics, yarns and accessories. All the trends, atmospheres, colours and lines over a year in advance. Reportage from international trade fairs. 4 issues per year. La rivista più ricca e completa dedicata a tessuti, filati ed accessori. Tutte le tendenze, le atmosfere, i colori, le linee con oltre un anno di anticipo. Reportage dalle fiere internazionali. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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Ways of Life è il servizio che apre in questo numero la vetrina sull’attualità. Della connessione tra culture e diverse tradizioni abbiamo parlato lo scorso numero, dedicando spazio all’influenza che il Continente Africano esercita sulla attuale estetica a tutti i livelli, dall’arte al fashion system, dal design alle nuove abitudini alimentari introdotte ormai nella dieta di tutti. Visione abbracciata anche da Milano Unica che per i propri temi di tendenza ha proposto fusioni trasversali tra cibo e musica in un un viaggio che si snoda tra diversi paesi. L’apertura di questo numero con uno sguardo dove partono le nuove mode e lifestyle non poteva che esserne la conseguenza, una logica prefazione di tutte le anticipazioni, tendenze, suggestioni ed emozioni presenti e future. In questo numero DOSSIER Leather & Accessories è…

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GIOCHI DI LUCE E MIX ORIGINALI The new Cariaggi collection for Spring/Summer 2020 explores solutions that enhance the uniqueness of cashmere, cotton, and linen through original weaves and innovative and bright mixes for a new sensual effect and a pleasant sensation on your skin. A collection that establishes a visual and tactile dialogue, with different interpretations of cashmere, in an elaborate display of colors. Cariaggi has chosen to emphasize the natural lightness of cashmere in increasingly fine thread counts. From the various processing methods of the raw materials used, extreme effects in volume are reached with a soft consistency. A brilliant collection that highlights all that is rare and precious, enhanced with an exclusive play on lights, thanks to the presence of lurex and micro sequins. Proposals for Spring/Summer 2020 include…

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colorama award for sustainability 2019

MODA E SDGS: L’IMPORTANZA DELLA FILIERA E IL RUOLO DEI GIOVANI PER LA COMPETITIVITÀ DELLE PRODUZIONI SOSTENIBILI Young generations must inevitably become aware and participate in the reorientation of the fashion system as it aims towards sustainable growth. With the goal of involving and informing students on the subject of sustainable design, Filmar SpA has been promoting the ColorAMA Award for the past three years. Filmar is a member of the UN Global Compact and supports its Ten Principles on human and labor rights, environment, and anticorruption. Filmar advocates and works towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals. The Colorama Award is an important platform for dialogue, capable of involving and stimulating the interest of new generations of young fashion designers towards different types of thoughts and designs connected to the…

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LA NUOVA COLLEZIONE DI TESSUTI BROCHIER During Paris Dèco Off 2019, BROCHIER present-ed the new MAESTRA collection of fabrics for furnishings at the Galerie de l’Europe showroom, with an exhibition curated by the interior designer from Milan, Andrea Castrignano. The 2019 collection is characterized by a mix of tradition and innovation, offering exquisite fabrics that are capable of combining beauty and luxury with comfort and a high technical performance. Velvets are the protagonists of the collection, with proposals ranging from precious silk velvet, produced on bead looms, to original velvets with printed inserts in cashmere or chevron designs. The prints are made with innovative materials:100% linen with a rustic, heavy look which is ideal for upholstery, a high-performing polyester, and an outdoor fabric that combines softness and comfort with a high resistance…

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inside summer

UN VIAGGIO NELLE SFUMATURE DELLA TRADIZIONE ITALIANA Zegna Baruffa yarns, the excellence of true Made in Italy, distinguish themselves because of the company’s strong identity and the respect it has for the territory, intended as an artistic inspiration, a love for tradition, and a commitment to production. Clouds of lightness originate from an encounter between silk, linen, and cashmere for an extremely soft tactile sensation. Summer, classic, iconic cottons ennoble shirts and bring back an all-time classic. The yarns in the H2Dry® line, a blend of naturalness and technology, are perfect for those who seek high-performing technical characteristics. Cashwool®, a pure wool yarn, is a must for high-end knitwear. Colors are made so you feel the summer on your skin. Camouflage greens are inspired by nature alongside natural and sophisticated tones.…

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foresight in asia

PUNTANDO SULLA SOSTENIBILITÀ, APLF CELEBRA 35 ANNI AL SERVIZIO DELLE AZIENDE Celebrating its 35th anniversary, the APLF group of leather, materials and fashion fairs will take place at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC) from 13 - 15 March 2019. As the world’s most international leather fair based in Hong Kong, APLF Leather was voted the Number #1 international leather fair by top tanners surveyed in the timely ILM Survey published in late July. The leather exhibition will be part of a “Four shows in One” format with each show complementing the others. It will be completed by Materials+ where materials, components and accessories for the manufacture of footwear, leathergoods and garments can be found. This year Materials+ will focus on Fashion Tech, Green Tech, Craft Excellence, Sourcing Luxury…