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Collezioni TrendsCollezioni Trends

Collezioni Trends 124

Bilingual magazine Italian/English. The most complete magazine in its sector, a rich source of information on fabrics, yarns and accessories. All the trends, atmospheres, colours and lines over a year in advance. Reportage from international trade fairs. 4 issues per year. La rivista più ricca e completa dedicata a tessuti, filati ed accessori. Tutte le tendenze, le atmosfere, i colori, le linee con oltre un anno di anticipo. Reportage dalle fiere internazionali. 4 edizioni l’anno.

Logos Publishing srl
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2 min.

In today’s multiethnic world, in the social and cultural mix where values, languages and lifestyles coexist, where nature and technology are also seeking a balance with a common denominator and must exchange views, broadening one’s mental and creative boundaries is fundamental. With Nation to Nation and the slogan, “United to be Unique”, MilanoUnica launches its message of positivity that starts from the concept of uniting people and nations that, from different latitudes in the world, respect the characteristics and individuality of each person, addressing the issues of sustainability and peaceful coexistence.”Hybridization” is the general concept that inspired the young designers of the international Feel the Yarn competition, now in its ninth edition at Pitti Filati this year. A concept that marries well with the message expressed by MilanoUnica. Inputs are…

2 min.
a special day

IL FABRICS DAY SI CONFERMA UNA GRANDE OPPURTUNITÀ PER GLI STUDENTI DELL’ACCADEMIA COSTUME & MODA In May, the Accademia Costume & Moda welcomed Fabrics Day, now in its fifth edition. This is a unique and very significant event for Italian and international fashion schools, which offers students the opportunity to get to know some of the most prestigious textile companies and tanneries in the world. Creative stimuli and increasingly important results on an educational level have been the outcome of this meeting. It is a project that represents an important support for students in becoming thoroughly familiar with raw materials, thanks to a work day dedicated to sustaining future professionals in the industry. It also guarantees coaching during the completion of the Final Projects selected. Marco Mastroianni is the promoter for…

2 min.
a world made of patterns

UN’IMPORTANTE MOSTRA A LONDRA ESAMINA IL MONDO DI ORLA KIELY “Pattern is not a trend for me, to be taken up one minute and abandoned the next when the winds of fashion change. Pattern is in me. It is my life”, reveals Orla Kiely, the Irish designer who has left an undeniably indelible mark on contemporary design. Her instantly recognisable signature patterns, applied to a variety of fashion accessories and clothes as well as to household products and goods, speak volumes of a design approach that is, needless to add, based on repetition but also and most importantly on the juxtaposition of shapes and colours. Orla Kiely’s world is indeed about order and structure. Hence, her work communicates a sense of controlled calm that infuses a sense of peace and quiet…

5 min.

1958/2018 - IL MIGLIOR MODO PER PREDIRE IL FUTURO È INVENTARLO “FILMAR GATE is a perspective. It is our perspective. It is the Earth we try to make better and more sustainable each and every day. FILMAR GATE is what we want the next generation to remember us for.” So this year, at Pitti Immagine in July, a Capt. Kirk-style voice will welcome you to the Filmar Network corner to launch you in a immersive reality, a space-time geodetic bubble. From here, passing through three gates, you will be able to soar and fly across the heavens and land on our lands. At Damietta, in Egypt, you will have the chance to visit the first pilot field growing extra-long fiber organic cotton and feel with your own hands the softness of…

2 min.
impressionist knitwear

UN DIALOGO SORPRENDENTE TRA IL MAGLIFICIO MILES ED IL DESIGNER AMERICANO INI ARCHIBONG For the 2018 edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Maglificio Miles was partner in the Doppia Firma, Dialoghi tra pensiero progettuale e alto artigianato event organized by the Cologni dei Mestieri d’Arte Foundation, in the evocative setting of Villa Mozart. It was a crossover dialogue between Ini Archibong, a US designer with a Master’s Degree from the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne in Switzerland, and Maglificio Miles, an industrial atelier of excellence that, combining traditional craftsmanship with the most sophisticated and innovative technologies, has continued to move forward with its research and experimentation over the years obtaining, for example, 3D knitwear. From the creative partnership between Archibong and Elisabetta Bocchese, a union between design and artisanal…

2 min.
the tradition in top quality

Founded in 1926 and located in Athens in Greece, VOSTEX, is a narrow fabrics manufacturing company that in the course of the past 90 years has been active in the clothing, shoes, handbags & fashion accessories segments as well as in homeware, decorations and medals, sleepwear, and orthopedic accessories. The tradition in top quality products and services established VOSTEX as one of the leading companies in Greece, in the European and in the international fashion market. The company has focused in the last year on the 3 majors areas: investing in machinery and equipment, customising the B2B platform and opening a second showroom in Thessaloniki, the capital of Northern Greece. Investing in machinery and equipment (M&E) is on the top of VOSTEX’s priority list. Moreover, after completing the total renovation…