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Collezioni TrendsCollezioni Trends

Collezioni Trends 126

Bilingual magazine Italian/English. The most complete magazine in its sector, a rich source of information on fabrics, yarns and accessories. All the trends, atmospheres, colours and lines over a year in advance. Reportage from international trade fairs. 4 issues per year. La rivista più ricca e completa dedicata a tessuti, filati ed accessori. Tutte le tendenze, le atmosfere, i colori, le linee con oltre un anno di anticipo. Reportage dalle fiere internazionali. 4 edizioni l’anno.

Logos Publishing srl
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2 min.

giulia.bulgarelli@logos.info So many exhibitions and shows influence the fashion system and design, and the influence that Africa exercises on current aesthetics is also strong, imparting a new intense, energetic, fresh, and innovative vision. The photography of a dynamic and vital reality, that with its proximity to art, contributes through important exhibitions worldwide, such as the most recent events held at the Maxxi in Rome, the Guggenheim, UBS MAP Global Art Initiative at the Galleria d’Arte in Milan, and the exhibition curated by the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris. Following the path that connects cultures and different traditions, there was also Milano Unica, which presented its own themes on trends for the new season, as usual. In this edition, it’s Spring/Summer 2020 with Music Menu. By taking a risk with transversal fusions…

2 min.
a sophisticated combination

LA PRATICA ED ELEGANTE SILKY KIT 30 DI EMA-BIA CONIUGA CAPIENZA ED ELEGANZA Classy, elegant, roomy, the EMA-BI Silky Kit 30 bag by Emanuela Bianchi is distinctive. The kit includes two coordinated silk scarves, “Silky Stripes”, that make this combination unique. Its motto:”transform your outfit with a Kit!” There are 21 versions available that can be customized in an infinite number of ways, so you can create your very own Silky 30. The accessories to choose from that enhance and embellish the bag are varied: the silk scarves can be solid colors or in different patterns, and leather is proposed in both patent and suede in a variety of colors. The attention to detail that is given to each piece is extraordinary: the interior is very resistant, pockets are reinforced, and the…

4 min.
10 years in knitwear

FEEL THE YARN, APPUNTAMENTO CON ANNIVERSARIO A PITTI FILATI The CPF Consorzio Promozione Filati - a consortium made up of companies from the textile district of Prato, pertaining to the knitwear sector - not only initiates publicity activities in various countries and in markets of reference for the industry, but it also supports the “Feel the Yarn” contest. The purpose of this contest is to establish connections among fashion schools, emerging young designers, and the knitwear production sector. “From the first 5 schools and 12 participating companies,” stated Federico Gualtieri, recently appointed President of the CPF, and also President of Filpucci, “the competition has increasingly expanded, becoming of international relevance and the most important contest in the world of knitwear. It is a fundamental opportunity for young designers who, in addition…

3 min.
swarovski, the crystal atelier

“MANUFAKTUR, UN LUOGO DEDICATO ALL’ISPIRAZIONE E ALLA CREAZIONE” For Markus Langes-Swarovski, member of the Swarovski executive board, the atelier will allow clients to transform their ideas into actual crystal objects. Manufaktur will redesign production standards. The project is a gateway to the future and welcomes new innovative collaborations between the maison and its clients, introducing a new type of co-creation that stimulates creativity. Founded in Austria in 1895, Swaroski reflects the spirit of inventiveness and craftsmanship that has guided the company for 123 years, offering bespoke solutions that meet personal demands, using the most advanced production technologies and the latest crystal products on the market. Officially inaugurated in October, the complex consists of three buildings: Campus 311 - with spaces dedicated to innovation, project management, a commercial department, marketing, artisans, and…

2 min.
a luxurious collaboration

CLERICI TESSUTI E ARTESTAMPA STRINGONO UNA PARTNERSHIP PER LA STAMPA DI ALTA QUALITÀ Clerici Tessuti and Artestampa have entered into a partnership to expand in the luxury merchandise sector with a production agreement that establishes a union between the important Italian textile company and the leader in high quality printing since 1962, also with the objective of enhancing sustainability and maximum traceability of the working processes. Complex designs with a vast array of colors are made possible through manual printing performed by highly qualified personnel. This will allow Clerici Tessuto to further increase the value of its products by providing accessories and fabrics for the haute couture segment with extremely detailed prints, while a strict control of the supply chain confirms its progress towards increasing sustainability and the traceability of its…

2 min.
seeking new talents

CONCORSO GRATUITO PER GIOVANI DESIGNER “Urban chic: pumps erupt into street style”, this is the theme of the 19th edition of the international competition for young fashion designers, “Un talent per la Scarpa” - “A Talent for Shoes” - promoted by Sammauroindustria, the association that brings together leading footwear fashion entrepreneurs (Casadei, Ggr, Giuseppe Zanotti, Pollini, Sergio Rossi, Tgp) in the district of San Mauro Pascoli with the Cercal school, the Municipality of San Mauro, and the Ivas Group. Participation is free and reserved for young designers born after December 31 , 1987 and without an age limit for those enrolled in design or art schools. The deadline for submitting applications is February 28 , 2019. Participants must register online on the Cercal page: www.cercal.org/concorso. In addition to a cash reward, the winner…