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Bilingual magazine Italian/English. The most complete magazine in its sector, a rich source of information on fabrics, yarns and accessories. All the trends, atmospheres, colours and lines over a year in advance. Reportage from international trade fairs. 4 issues per year. La rivista più ricca e completa dedicata a tessuti, filati ed accessori. Tutte le tendenze, le atmosfere, i colori, le linee con oltre un anno di anticipo. Reportage dalle fiere internazionali. 4 edizioni l’anno.

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RESPONSIBILITY = SUSTAINABILITY? Sustainability: “the condition of a development capable of ensuring the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations”, according to the report by the World Commission on Environment and Development. Sustainability: implicitly respecting the planet, its people and animals, behaving ethically and fairly, being responsible towards the environment. Ho to be sustainable? With a controlled supply chain where raw materials are selected in compliance with environmental, social and quality criteria, ensuring that during the production process no harmful to the environment and to humans chemicals are used. With traceability that certifies the entire production process, from breeding respecting the animals to manufacturing. Ensuring total respect towards mankind and nature every day, minimising energy consumption, consolidating the link with the territory in a constant balance between environment…

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Editor-In-Charge Giulia Bulgarelli giulia.bulgarelli@logos.info tel. +39 059 412426 Assistant Editor Roberto Iemmolo trends.collezioni@logos.info Consultants Susy Corsini corsiwal@alice.it corsiwal@gmail.com Studio Anna Menica Farinelli annamenica@gmail.com Contributors Maria Casalenuovo Peppe Orrù (Contributing London Editor) Chiara Rosangela Signorelli Decio Vitali (Fashion Editor Collezioni Donna and Collezioni Haute Couture) Special thanks to Sonia Perfetti (Editor in Charge of Collezioni Donna and Haute Couture) TONPEL info.preview@gmail.com maurotonnelli@gmail.com tel. 3485602752 Special features Barbara Pasquini Gerdolle barbara.pasquini@logos.info Social Media Coordinator Luca Fiorini luca.fiorini@logos.info Exhibitions coordinator Alessandra Bartucciotto tel. +39 059 412 547 fax +39 059 412623 alessandra.bartucciotto@logos.info Advertising Trade Fairs Coordinator and Editorial Assistant Anna Brida tel.+39 059 412666 fax +39 059 412623 anna.brida@logos.info Photographers Luca Carta Giuliano Grossi Viero-Zanoni (Fashion Shows) *123RF Graphic Designers Ilaria Pincelli Studio Pubblicità Tre Reggio Emilia – Italy Translations Leila Myftjia Peppe Orrù Colour separation Formagrafica - Carpi (MO) Italy Publisher Marie-Louise Moro marielouise.moro@logos.info Direttore Responsabile Antonio Vergara Meersohn Tribunale di Modena n. 1565 del 27/11/2000 - ISSN 2282-2666 Iscrizione al R.O.C.…

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the unprecedented mexican side of frida kahlo

IN UNA VETRINA CHE PRECEDERÀ LA MOSTRA SARANNO ESPOSTI ANCHE GLI INTERESSANTI PEZZI DEL PATRIMONIO PRE-ISPANICO DEL MUDEC The exhibition dedicated to Frida Khalo - from February 1st to June 3rd, 2018 at the Mudec of Milan - will surely be one of those unanimously defined as “unmissable”, and the reason is not difficult to understand. More than one hundred paintings, drawings, and photographs will be exhibited but, above all, the unprecedented discoveries found in Casa Azul, the home of the artist and her husband, Diego Rivera, which reveal many unknown sides of Frida and her works. From research carried out in Mexico by the curator of the exhibition, Sileo, various aspects emerged, such as Frida’s expression of vital suffering, the affirmation of her “Mexicanity”, the search for her most authentic…

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ihgf delhi fair

IL GRANDE SUCCESSO DELL’ULTIMA EDIZIONE APRE LA STRADA ALLA DELHI FAIR PRIMAVERILE DI FEBBRAIO Focused on the Autumn 2017 season, the 44th edition of IHGF Delhi Fair took place from the 12th to the 16th of October. Dedicated to everything inherent to homeware, to lifestyle, to fashion and to textiles, the five day event beat all expectations and paved the way to the 45th edition taking place from the 23rd to the 27th of February 2018. Organised by EPCH twice a year for the Spring and Autumn seasons, the trade show of international relevance has become a key meeting point for the international gift, handicrafts and lifestyle industries. It is a truly comprehensive event, complete with fashion accessories, home accessories, collectibles and gift items. With more than 3,000 exhibitors divided into 14 different…

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filoscozia is born when quality meets excellence: the true soul of the yarn

IL FILO SECONDO FILMAR: UN FUTURO DI ECCELLENZA SOSTENIBILE Quality and transparency combined with the excellent raw materials: these are the fundamental requirements for Filmar. The Italian brand of international caliber has reached important results by integrating sustainable innovation and social responsibility directly onto its products. Launched in 1958, Filmar continues to be a reference point for the textile industry, both for the present and for the future, because of its clear goal of bequeathing the new generations with a more responsible fashion. Thanks to a controlled supply chain where cotton and raw materials are selected, always considering their compliance with stringent environmental, social and qualitative criteria. Filmar yarns are indeed manufactured in line with the Greenpeace Detox Protocol to ensure that no harmful to the environment chemicals are used during…

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pitti filati trends

RAW is the theme of the Spring/Summer 2019 season according to Pitti Immagine Filati, a theme to be intended as a reaction to excessive sophistication. RAW is the most honest, the most spontaneous and naïve approach, one that leaves ample freedom to do, to be, to transform, to become. Everything is raw, from food to yarns. Authentic knits, in terms of stitches and gauges, do not hide behind unreachable finesse virtuosities but are proud to declare their materiality and their being in time and space. RAW è il tema della prossima primavera/estate 2019 di Pitti Immagine Filati, inteso come reazione all’eccesso di sofisticatezza. RAW è la strada più onesta, la più spontanea e naif, che lascia grande libertà di fare, di essere, di trasformare e diventare. Dal cibo al filo, tutto è crudo.…