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look both ways before reading

When I was a kid riding in the front seat of my parents’ blue station wagon—with its vinyl seats, manual windows, and three brothers and a dog in the back—I never could have imagined just how far cars would come in the years ahead. My brothers and I would have marveled at heated seats, rearview cameras, and windows that didn’t require a crank to roll up and down! Thanks to technology, marketplace competition, and the voices of consumers, everything about cars has gotten better over time … but nowhere has that been more pronounced than in the area of safety. Recently, however, technology has begun to cut both ways. Car safety features have become more sophisticated and effective, but the number of pedestrians hit by vehicles has risen at a startling…

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we’re always driving forward

Consumer Reports launched its first dedicated autos issue 71 years ago, in May 1948—though we have rated cars since our birth in 1936. (In 1956, we switched our auto issue month to April.) Cars have changed dramatically over the ensuing decades, along with consumers’ preferences. In post-World War II America, car ads focused on interior roominess and dramatic design—and made only occasional, vague nods to safety. Today’s vehicles, by contrast, are technological marvels of efficiency, infotainment, and safety. Fuel economy in all vehicles has vastly improved, though CR is pushing for even better results. SUVs rule American roadways today, but perhaps the biggest game-changer is how hybrids and electric cars are taking a serious hold. Another fundamental change from cars of yore is how reliable vehicles are now. With proper maintenance, most…

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making the world safer for pedestrians

ON A COLD, crisp Virginia morning, engineers and technicians watched as a BMW SUV approached from the far end of a test track. As a pedestrian dummy moved across the road on a pulley, the vehicle slammed into it at about 25 mph. The dummy’s legs flew off as the force of the collision violently flung the rest of its body up and over the SUV. Even the auto-safety experts gasped. Welcome to a typical morning at a new kind of testing lab, one focused on reducing pedestrian deaths. The track—at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) near Charlottesville, Va.—is a key test facility for systems that help cars see and brake for pedestrians. IIHS, funded by insurance companies, believes that by assessing and publishing special pedestrian-detection scores for different models,…

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10 top picks

ALL YEAR LONG, CR experts test nearly 50 new cars and analyze data from our exclusive Auto Survey, which covers about 470,000 vehicles this year. We also look at which key safety features these cars have, as well as their performance in government and industry crash tests. All of that is factored into our Overall Score—the most comprehensive view of vehicle quality available. But once a year we go further. When we choose our Top Picks, we highlight the attributes that CR members care about most: Cars that deliver superior reliability and satisfaction over the long haul and also push the envelope when it comes to safety, technology, fuel economy, and performance. These are the vehicles that set the standard for the industry. Speaking of standards, we feel so strongly about the…

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how the brands stack up

We averaged the Overall Scores for all of the vehicles we tested from each major automotive brand, and ranked them accordingly. A brand must have had two or more CR-tested models to be included in the rankings, which is why Maserati, Ram, and Smart have been left out. The Overall Score is a composite of four elements. First is a vehicle’s road-test score, which assesses performance in more than 50 CR evaluations. Next, we include the latest predicted reliability and owner satisfaction ratings from CR's exclusive Auto Survey. And last, we consider the presence of key safety features and crash-test performance (when completed). SUBARU TOPS OUR brand rankings chart this year for the first time, jumping up six spots and knocking last year's No. 1—Genesis—off its perch. This impressive performance was…

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best + worst lists

Begin your search for a new or used vehicle here, with our lists of the best—and worst—performers in terms of reliability, fuel economy, and more. Our findings are based on our own rigorous testing, as well as feedback from hundreds of thousands of CR members. In other words, we’ve kicked the tires so you don’t have to. LATEST MODELS TO WIN—OR LOSE—A CR RECOMMENDATION CR recommended status is given to the vehicles with the highest Overall Scores in their category, based on evaluations at our test track, safety data, and the latest results from CR’s exclusive Auto Survey, which includes information on 470,000 vehicles. This year—for the first time ever—we were able to update our reliability data by gathering and analyzing additional owner data from members who didn't participate in the original…