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get cr ratings while you shop

What It Means to Be CR Recommended When a product meets our criteria for safety, performance, value, and reliability, it earns a recommended status in our ratings, designated by this encircled check mark. Learn More About the Work We Do When you see this on a product in a store, you can point your smartphone camera at the QR code to see the product’s Overall Score, highs and lows from our review, and a video about our testing rigor for this category. CR RECOMMENDED (CRR) IS a new program that will bring our product ratings to consumers when and where you need them most: while you’re shopping. You’ll begin to see this new CR Recommended designation (shown above), on shopping sites and in stores. With more people than ever shopping online—and with so many fake…

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delivering trust in uncertain times

AS THE FINANCIAL IMPACT of the coronavirus deepens, we are hearing firsthand through our surveys and people’s stories the extent of hardship and heartbreak across America. With the economy wrenched off its axis, consumers are concerned about whether they’ll be able to pay their mortgages, rents, student loans, and basic expenses. To help ease that burden, we’ve included in this issue a 14-page resource of expert financial advice (starting on page 43) that we believe will be useful for navigating the uncertainties of this moment. We want you to have the trusted knowledge you need to make hard long-term decisions and day-to-day financial choices wisely. And as the response to the pandemic takes shape, CR will continue to advocate for consumer protections and priorities that will help you and your family…

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building a better world, together

Pushing for Flight Refunds WHAT’S AT STAKE When health officials advised Americans to avoid travel because of the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines canceled thousands of flights. Yet many consumers have found it difficult or impossible to get refunds for their unusable tickets. In fact, hundreds have told CR that they were offered vouchers, rather than refunds, for flights that airlines canceled and for flights that consumers decided not to take in accordance with government safety recommendations. This is problematic in both cases. Passengers on flights canceled by airlines are entitled to a full refund under federal law, but certain carriers were offering vouchers as the default option, forcing passengers to take extra steps to get a cash refund. And an analysis released by a group of U.S. senators found that none of the biggest airlines…

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your feedback

I HAVE HAD my front-load washer for 10 years, and though I love how it cleans, the odor has always been a problem. Over the years, I have done everything listed in your article. But I had never heard of checking the drain hose. So I cut the hose down to 8 inches, and the odor is gone! Thank you for publishing that article!—Susan Segatti, Schaumburg, IL I’VE BEEN USING a front-load washer since 2005. I, too, experienced the mold smell after about two years of use. I finally started running a separate load of whites once a week with the maximum amount of bleach. To my surprise, this absolutely took care of the smell, and it never came back. One load of whites per week with about ½ to cup of…

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does it matter where i place my dehumidifier?

“REGARDLESS OF WHETHER your model releases air through the top, side, or rear, dehumidifiers need unobstructed space on all sides,” says John Banta, who oversees CR’s dehumidifier testing. “That allows air to flow in and out.” So keep your dehumidifier away from the wall or corners. It’s also smart to pick a dehumidifier that earns a Very Good or Excellent rating in our humidistat-accuracy tests, which means it holds the selected humidity level for the space well. The medium-capacity models shown above work well for moderately moist midsized or large spaces, Banta says. But to keep dampness out of a big basement, it’s worth spending more for a large-capacity model.…

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what we’re testing in our labs…

Portable Grills for $250 or Less WE TESTED: 13 models WE TEST FOR: How quickly a model preheats; evenness of heating; convenience, including the type of grate material; temperature range; and more. ABOUT THE SCORES: Median: 63 Range: 46-74 Even Cooking & Hot Deal Nexgrill 820-0033 $110 74 OVERALL SCORE Speedy to Preheat Cuisinart CGG-306 $175 70 OVERALL SCORE Coated Cast-Iron Grates Coleman RoadTrip 285 $250 70 OVERALL SCORE Medium-Capacity Dehumidifiers WE TESTED: 7 models WE TEST FOR: How many pints of water are removed in a day under conditions of 80° F and 60 percent relative humidity, how accurate the humidistat is, and more. ABOUT THE SCORES: Median: 82 Range: 61-88 Quietest & Best Overall hOmeLabs HME0200006N $190 88 OVERALL SCORE Most Accurate Humidistat Keystone KSTAD50B $180 87 OVERALL SCORE Drain Hose Included but Smaller Tank Honeywell TP50WK $230 82 OVERALL SCORE Ultra-High-Performance Summer Tires For the latest ratings of these and other product categories, readers with a Digital or All-Access membership can go to WE TESTED:…