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August - October 2020

CosBeauty Magazine (CBM) is the authoritative, number-one magazine dedicated to lifestyle, health and beauty. Features include the latest global and local beauty trends, new product and technology updates, and articles on the future of wellness, health and appearance medicine with expert interviews by leaders in the health and beauty space. CBM is the go-to guide for anyone looking to enhance their life – whether it’s cosmetic surgery, cult-status beauty buys or the latest way to detox your mind, body and soul. It’s the fresh way to look at beauty and appearance medicine.

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from the editor

Welcome to our 89th edition of COSBEAUTY Magazine! The beauty industry has long advocated self-care and positivity and, amidst the ongoing COVID-19, there has never been a more important time to pamper ourselves and look after our general well-being. Beauty is about creativity and self-expression, and indulging in beauty rituals and home spa experiences can help us switch off, find comfort and feel better about ourselves. To get you started, check out our ‘Ultimate Staycation Guide’ on page 28 – we’ve curated some of our favourite sensory products that will help satisfy your wanderlust without leaving home. With more time spent at home, social media usage is also on the rise. While we love a good selfie as much as the next person, it’s important to differentiate reality vs filter. ‘Ready, set,…

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beauty insider

BIOLOGI ANNOUNCES AUSSIE MODEL SAMANTHA HARRIS AS FACE OF BRAND Biologi, the brand know for its 100% active clean cosmeceuticals, has announced that Australian model Samantha Harris has signed on to become the brand’s global ambassador. Her first skincare campaign for the brand launched in June 2020, in line with Biologi’s new product launch, Bc Refresh Cleanser. Biologi have had the Aussie model in their sights since the brand’s conception back in 2017, with the founders believing Samantha epitomises everything the brand represents: multi-faceted, inspiring and strong. ‘Biologi is a brand that I personally use on my own skin, so working with them was a natural choice in that regard, however as a brand they are so much more than just skincare,’ says Samantha. ‘They are one of the only brands in the world…

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the key to beauty? research

Whether your goal is to rejuvenate or refine your facial features, enhance your curves or create a more proportionate body, cosmetic enhancement can work wonders for the right candidate. Cosmetic procedures can bring lasting and dramatic changes to your appearance, so it’s important to know the ins and outs of the procedure you’re interested in and what results to expect. AestheticAdvisor.com.au is Australia’s new destination to research and review procedures and practitioners. Like having your personal cosmetic enhancement concierge, AestheticAdvisor.com.au offers you access to unbiased information on hundreds of aesthetic treatments, enabling you to research procedures and practitioners, and read or leave product and doctor reviews. Stay up to date on the latest treatments and trends, the most popular surgical and non-surgical procedures, and search the Directory to find a practitioner near you.…

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take me to tahiti

Blue lagoons, white-sand beaches, island time. Who’s with me? The Islands of Tahiti have long been revered as pockets of paradise, filled with soft white-sand beaches, warm tropical breezes and the smell of fresh Taha’a vanilla. And while we may not be able to jet to these idyllic archipelagos just yet, creating a space that replicates one of the most incredible places on earth is definitely do-able. First, find yourself a deliciously decadent vanilla-scented candle. Scent plays a big role in transporting you to a blissful destination. A vanilla candle captures the essence of Tahiti – Taha’a, which is one of the 118 Islands of Tahiti, is known locally as the Vanilla Island because of the vast vanilla plantations and the gorgeous natural smell that surrounds the area. The scent is…

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create your tahitian coconut & monoi body exfoliator

INGREDIENTS Grated flesh of half a coconut (or half a cup of coconut flour) 3 tablespoons of Monoi oil (or virgin coconut oil) 1 Mix the coconut flesh or flour with the oil in a bowl. If you use coconut flour, you will need more oil. Add your flour to the bowl and gradually add in the oil until the flour is completely covered. Leave to rest for 15 minutes. 2 Starting with your upper body, massage the exfoliator into your skin in circular motions. Gradually move down your body to your lower half. 3 Leave for a few minutes and then step into a warm shower and gently massage the scrub off your body. Be careful not to let too much of the mixture go down the drain; aim to collect as much of…

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forest frolics

The Redwood State Park in NorCal is high on our bucket list. Who wouldn’t want to literally drive through an ancient tree? Giant sequoias and coastal redwood trees have existed along the northern California coast for about 20 million years. It’s also home to the tallest tree in the world (which stands at a towering, unfathomable 115.7 metres). By way of comparison, that’s two times the height of the Sydney Town Hall. There’s something deeply poetic and meditative about standing on a spongey forest floor under a canopy of trees while smelling the pungent scents of damp moss, cedar, pine and amber. Being surrounded by nature, with the sounds of the air whooshing through the branches and leaves, can be a profoundly relaxing experience. Create your own dose of forest therapy with…