Creative Machine Embroidery

Spring 2022

Creative machine Embroider is filled with ideas, techniques and projects to spice up fashion accessories, gifts or home decor.

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a note from the editor

Dear Readers, Oh, spring! There’s something about the transitional seasons that are bittersweet, probably because they mark the passing of time. But for now, let’s focus on the sweet stuff! Spring is like a breath of fresh air, renewed life, and a return to color after a long winter, and we’re here for all of it! Who loves machine embroidery and doesn’t love florals? Okay, there may be a few of you out there, but here at CME HQ, we are team florals. And there are so many ways to incorporate florals into your accessories, garments and home décor. • Blend dainty florals and rugged corduroy with the Floral Folk Bucket Bag on page 52. • Adorn yourself in floral finery with the Botanical Boho Crown project on page 46. • Denim + florals =…

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tips & tricks

CLIP IT RIGHT To keep your machine cords from tangling, unhook the metal part of a binder clip and slip in the machine cords. Reattach the metal and clip to the edge of your sewing table. Kristen G., Facebook ON LOCKDOWN Loop a padlock through the handles to keep your good scissors safe from other members of the household. Ellen M., email PULLING STRINGS Always bring the bobbin thread up first before starting a new color change (if the machine doesn’t feature a one-stitch-stop to prevent nesting). The embroidery will look almost as nice on the wrong side as it does on the right side. Ginger F., Facebook NEEDLE KNOW-HOW Change your embroidery machine needle every eight hours of embroidering for best results. Angie P., Facebook CONE KEEPER Place a large cone of thread into a reusable cup that features a straw hole…

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must haves

1. When one needle is just not enough for your embroidery needs, you need an upgrade, and the Brother PR680W 6-Needle Embroidery Machine is the perfect option. This powerhouse machine can handle a wide range of projects with crosshair accuracy and a large 8" × 12" embroidery area that can reach up to 1,000 stitches per minute in seven seconds. Projects will be completed faster and with minimal noise so you can take your embroidery business to the next level without disturbing the family at home. Did we mention it also has a large 10.1" built-in high-definition LCD display that can wirelessly receive designs? Definitely checks all the boxes as a next-level machine for the avid embroiderer. (Ask your local dealer; 2. One of the best parts of the season…

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combining designs

While many upper-end machines now offer high-tech placement aids, when it comes to proper design placement, start with these three basic options to hone your placement skills and combine designs successfully. Embroider freestanding designs and then stitch them into a combination design using invisible thread. Purchase printable template sheets, which aid in precise design placement. Or use adhesive tear-away stabilizer to position fabric without hooping. FREESTANDING DESIGNS There’s no chance for error when following this technique, as the embroideries are easily placed and re-placed prior to stitching to ensure satisfactory results. • Sandwich a piece of nylon organza between two layers of water-soluble stabilizer; hoop. Embroider the design using rayon thread (A). Don’t use polyester thread, as it melts when heat is applied. • Remove the hoop from the machine, but leave the fabric…

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ith blooming bookmark

THE DESIGN This pretty cross-stitch bookmark looks like it was stitched by hand, but the machine does the work for you. Use a fine woven fabric to keep it from getting too bulky — it will make you smile every time you mark a page or return to your book. Or tuck one into a book you’re gifting for an extra-special touch. We’ll take you through how to make this easy springtime project, step by step. STITCH ALONG WITH US Register at now through Feb. 28, 2022, and get the Blooming Bookmark design and instructions free! Then stitch the spring bookmark with us completely in the hoop!…

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fabric foray satin

PROPERTIES Satin is a smooth, shiny fabric that’s weaved using a repeated pattern of floating one warp fiber over four or more weft fibers, and then weaving the warp fiber under one weft fiber. This weaving method produces a fabric that drapes beautifully and has a smooth surface that reflects light. TYPES Satin is available in a variety of types, including brocade, charmeuse, antique, slipper, duchesse, peau de soie, velvet, faconne, sateen and more. Some satin types have specific uses, such as antique, which is used to construct drapes, and charmeuse, which is used to make lingerie. Satin is often used to make formalwear, neckties, ribbon, sheets, pillowcases, sportswear and more. WORKING WITH SATIN Satin can be a difficult fabric to stitch, as it can mar easily and look unattractive if not cut or stitched…