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ed’s letter

It’s nothing personal, Victoria. We truly love your state. But for one reason or another, we simply haven’t featured enough of the stunning Victorian landscapes in past issues. That stops now. Our latest local Big Ride (p54) is around the Otways and along the Great Ocean Road. To keep things truly authentic, we sent a couple of locals down to Forrest to ride a loop they thought they knew better than most, but in classic Cyclist style, we threw in a couple of dusty detours to keep things interesting. Speaking of dusty, Gravelaide 3, our most recent gravel event, was a roaring success. Skidding out of Mount Torrens and drifting back into town for a beer is exactly how we think weekends should be spent. Riding with friends and making…

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better off single

The road bike market is heavily bound by tradition. People are wary of change, and innovation develops at a glacial pace, so it’s refreshing when a bike appears that flouts the accepted norm of how a road bike should look. One such bike is the new 3T Strada. Created by Gerard Vroomen, the cofounder of Cervélo, the Strada is sleek and aggressively aerodynamic, yet it comes with elements more usually seen on ‘all-road’ bikes: wide 28mm tyres, disc brakes and a 1x drivetrain. It’s a peculiar combination, and Vroomen knows it. ‘I’ll admit the Strada has garnered a mixed reception,’ he says. ‘Although if I wanted a normal reception I’d have made a boring bike.’ The project was conceived when Vroomen realised he didn’t want to choose between aerodynamics or comfort in a…

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nixon mission

$679, 175g, Lug the Mission out of the case and it’s immediately clear the touted ‘action sports smart watch’ means business. Like a heavy speaker designed to pump out bass well into the night, the Mission is built tough enough to do as you wish and with plenty of attitude to back it up. On the road, off-piste or in the surf, the stainless steel and polycarbonate construction will likely come off better than you, in case of incident. Powered by Android Wear, Apple users will be pleased to know they don’t need to acquire a new phone to wear it – unless you spend your afternoons checking the waves with Surfline. While Apple’s sleek offering comes in well under a third of the Mission, this beast packs in a…

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hunt 50carbon aero disc

$1,600, Gone are the days where tyre pressures would be well into the three-digit figures. Hunt, for example, lists 100psi as the maximum pressure for the 50Carbon Aero – and that’s for a 25mm tyre. The wider you go, the lower it gets. It makes sense, despite what the hardened and weathered racers of old will insist, that more is not always more. For most, the now almost standard “25" ensures you’ll not only go faster – it’s been proven – but you’ll also feel better at the end of the ride. Wider rims like the 50mm tall, 27mm wide 50Carbon Aero allow a more full tyre bag to be created with less pressure thanks to the 21mm internal width. This translates into a faster-rolling and more aerodynamic package. The 50Carbon…

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shimano rp9

$399, 505g (weighed, 44.5), modern long-distance cycling may still be concerned with hours in the saddle, panniers and steel frames, but for many, the concept of long has now become intertwined with efficiencies. The less energy you burn, the further you can travel. Combine that with an ever-increasing focus on wind-cheating machines and equipment, and all of a sudden many of us are no longer looking for a short cut home, but rather the long way around. The RP9 is designed to cover all of that while retaining many of the high-performing features of its more expensive cousins. Rated 10 on the Shimano stiffness scale – 12 is the max – the lightweight carbon composite outsole provides an even balance between pushing hard and soaking up the views. Wrapped in a…

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endura sports energy gel

$2.95, 35g, Wild Melon-Mint, Green Apple and Zesty Lime are a far stretch from the average sounding (and equally unimpressively tasting) variety of gels most of us have become accustomed to consuming. But just because something is designed to deliver 26g of caffeine-boosted carbohydrate in a convenient-to-carry and easy-to-digest format doesn’t mean it should be boring. The familiar Endura texture, not too thin and far from thick, remains the same as the previous incarnations, but with improved taste. ‘They’re all deliciously light and fresh,’ says Rob Naylor from Endura. ‘They feature the same premium-quality, dual-source carbs for maximum absorption as well as slow release energy.’ As always, Endura recommends you take a couple of big gulps of water immediately after consuming the entire packet – doing both at the same time…