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Dedicated solely to the exhilaration of road cycling, Cyclist is the very first magazine of its kind. A celebration of the rides, the travel and the latest gear – we'll show you how to get the best from your ride every time.

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ed’s   letter

Forget the Giro d’Italia and the fact Chris Froome became one of just three riders to hold all Grand Tour trophies at the same time. The circumstances in which he achieved his record-breaking feat (he also became the first Brit to win the Giro) were astounding. But now, it’s time for the race that really stops the nation: Le Tour de France. Australia’s affinity with the world’s biggest race is stronger than many would appreciate. Sure, we recall Cadel and his victory in 2011, but what about those who paved the way for others to shine? Guys like Snowy, Don and Oppy. Read more about Aussies at the Tour on page 66. While Le Tour captures our imagination, in real life we’re still venturing off-road and experiencing the wonders of gravel. Our…

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pinarello nytro

Since Pinarello won its first Grand Tour at the 1975 Vuelta a España, the Italian marque has been famous for producing pure race bikes. Its latest road bike, the F10, won the Tour de France with Chris Froome in 2017, and when the company announced a new launch late last year we assumed it would be another thoroughbred race machine, designed to propel the world’s top pros to victory. We assumed wrong. The Nytro is an e-road bike – a road bike with a motor that can aid the rider’s own pedalling inputs. The e-bike market is growing fast, but the e-road sector of that market is still very much in its infancy, which makes it all the more interesting that a traditional brand such as Pinarello should be jumping in…

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pearl izumi thermal bib tights

Water resistant, breathable, durable, and perfect for a range of conditions. These are the promises so often repeated when it comes to the latest line of winter apparel. And while so many fall short on at least one of the above, the Thermal Bib Tights from US company Pearl Izumi may just buck the trend of disappointment. Featuring an exclusive fabric dubbed PI Dry, the new line of winter and adverse riding apparel utilises hydrophobic material that goes far beyond just a surface-level treatment. The water-resistant technology is quite literally embedded into each individual fibre before it’s combined into yarn and finally threaded and stitched together. The result? Superior water resistance that’s promised to stand the test of the garment with little reduction in performance. Finished with a host of usual…

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stages power lr power meter

The LR is the latest addition to the Stages Power portfolio and, as the name suggests, it measures power on both left and right legs. By measuring both sides independently, you can harvest reams of extra data about your pedalling technique while adding just 35g to the system weight of the crankset, making it one of the lightest dual-sided power meters available. When Stages first entered the market, its intention was to make power meters more affordable by putting all the gubbins in the left crank only. As such, the LR could be viewed as a departure from the brand’s original principles, however Stages has shrewdly made the new LR system modular. That means you can still buy the single-sided Stages L power meter from as little as $729, then upgrade…

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specialized evade ii helmet

When Specialized unveiled the ‘Win Tunnel’, a custom-built wind-tunnel, at its Morgan Hill headquarters in the USA, we wondered if it was a marketing gimmick. It wasn’t. Since then, Specialized has barely released a single product without it being honed for aerodynamic efficiency, and the latest item to come slip-sliding through its Win Tunnel doors is the updated Evade helmet. ‘The head is a very poor aerodynamic shape,’ says Chris Yu, director of integrated technologies at Specialized. ‘It’s basically like a bowling ball, and that’s a very inefficient shape, so the best aerodynamic helmet will reduce the drag of your head, essentially turning it into an aerofoil.’ The company claimes the Evade II is the fastest helmet it has ever tested, with the Win Tunnel data suggesting it will save 40 seconds…

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sram s-900 direct mount callipers

For those still scrubbing speed with rubber against rim, direct-mount brakes (originally pioneered by Shimano) are now the preferred choice on many modern frame designs. Sram claims its S-900 direct mount callipers make for firmer braking with improved modulation compared to standard rim brakes, with tyre clearance of up to 28mm. They’re sold individually, come fitted with SwissStop Flash Pro pads and weigh a svelte 326g for the pair, so should make the perfect match for any of Sram’s top-tier groupsets.…