D-Photo No 84 June-July 2018

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sigma d-photo amateur photographer of the year

This year will mark the fifth time I have been involved with the D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition. Every time I get the opportunity to help out with this event I am reminded, to an almost overwhelming degree, of the amazing pool of amateur photography talent in our little country. By the time you read this, there will be a little over a month left for entries to be submitted (June 24, don’t miss it), and already the number of extremely highquality photos is staggering. If I had to pull out one thread that marks this year’s crop as different from previous years, it would be diversity. The range of different styles and techniques on display in our online galleries (check it out at apoty2018.dphoto.co.nz) is astounding. It would seem…

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There’s still time to enter the 2018 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition. We pushed play on the competition a little over a month ago and so far have had a fantastic response, with more than 2500 images entered — and that’s before we’ve even let you in on what prizes you’re in the running for! It’s an honour for us at D-Photo to play host to this fantastic competition and be privy to the remarkable images being entered, which we wouldn’t be able to do without our fantastic sponsors. We would like to thank chief sponsor Sigma, and category sponsors Huawei, DJI, Progear, Whitecliffe, Tamron, Ilford, Epson, Profoto, Nikon, SAE, and Fujifilm. This year, the total prize pool is valued at $25K, with prizes distributed throughout the categories as…

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your shots

/dphotonz /dphotomagazine /byroncoll BYRON COLL DJI FC220, 5MM, 1/1600S, F/2.2, ISO 100 While the majestic Aoraki provided the impetus for Byron Coll’s week-long campervan trip around the Mackenzie country, seeking reprieve from gale-force winds meant that the landscape photographer captured something altogether different from the vertiginous landscapes he had set out to shoot. A blustery day saw Byron head south towards Ohau in search of shelter. While the 90kph winds meant that getting out the drone was the last thing on his mind, when he stumbled on an area sheltered from the wind by the Ben Ohau Range, he decided to swap his camera for the drone to get a quick shot of the canal. Initially inspired by the incredible blue resulting from the glacial flow from Lake Pukaki, Byron was also taken by the series of…

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the imagined yesterday

The idea of a national identity is tricky terrain, both seductive and fraught with peril. For a relatively young nation like Aotearoa, questions around who ‘we’ are and who belongs and who does not, what it means to be a ‘Kiwi’ — if it means anything at all — sometimes take on an urgent, even desperate pitch. Challenging though this conceptual ground may be, it’s where photographer Gavin Hipkins chooses to travel and where he seeks to find his home. For several decades, the Auckland-based artist has traversed many photographic styles and techniques — from photograms to digital art, large-scale installations to feature films. Over the course of establishing his lauded career (his works are exhibited internationally and added to renowned collections around the world; he’s won swathes of artistic accolades…

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beautiful strange

Now in its 15th year, the Auckland Festival of Photography has turned our largest city into a veritable playground of annual photographic delights and become a valuable platform for advancing the careers of emerging artists. Along with its staggering programme of citywide exhibitions, talks, and workshops, the festival also grants its Annual Commission to one promising up-and-coming photographer each year. Past recipients have included such luminaries as Janet Lilo, Russ Flatt, Tanu Gago, and James K Lowe, and this year is set to be no less inspiring with talented visual artist Alex Plumb tapped to create a new body of work for the festival. “I’m really thrilled,” the young artist says of his win. “I know some of the artists who have previously won the commission, and I look up to them.…

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new wave

“I like to explore how the mediums I use and the themes I explore confuse and support each other. I’m interested in navigating meaning with sensibility, and my approach to work is to try and be simplistic, honest, and sometimes pragmatic.” With the effects of human activity on the environment become clearer with each passing season, a new generation of young artists rises to explore fresh artistic ways of engaging with these issues. While documentation shows us the magnitude of the situation, creativity imagines paths to adaptation and mitigation — and young artists like 21-year-old Bianca Rocca provide both grave warnings and windows of hope. Graduating from Auckland’s Elam School of Fine Arts last year, Bianca has developed a creative practice that explores themes of land, narrative, local histories, collaboration, and memory.…