D-Photo No 72 June-July 2016

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A to-do list 30 tasks long, constantly thinking of personal projects you want to work on and complete, as well as factoring in time to see family and friends — does this sound familiar? The life of a creative is hectic but incredible. Unlike many other jobs, it’s nigh on impossible to just tick off your daily tasks, go home, and be content — more often than not, you’re already conjuring up your next project or shoot or an event that you want to bring to fruition. What also comes with this creativity is the need to be incredibly self-motivated. In this world of creativity, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who will hold your hand all the way and tell you what to do next to reach your goals —…

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community perspective

Congratulations to Robert Presland who was selected as the winner of last issue’s subscription prize — a Fujifilm X-T10 worth $1539.99. Have you entered yet? In only a few pages time (check out page 10), you’ll discover the incredible prize pool you could be in to win just by submitting your images to the 2016 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition. If you haven’t entered already, head along to dphoto.co.nz/apoty2016 and get started. If you’re stuck for a bit of inspiration, some of our picks from the submission galleries are shown above and left. Instagram inspiration Make sure you share your photos with us on Instagram by including #nzdphoto in your captions. We share a new photo every day, so follow @dphoto_magazine to stay inspired and see what photographers in New Zealand and…

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MASSIVE $16,000-PLUS PRIZE POOL ANNOUNCED FOR AMATEUR PHOTO COMP All you need to do is open any of the category pages over at dphoto.co.nz/apoty2016 to see the volumes of stunning images being submitted every day into the 2016 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition. And now, we’re excited to be able to share with those who have already entered, and those patiently waiting to see what they’ll be in to win, what this year’s prize pool has to offer. For us here at D-Photo, bringing this competition to New Zealand’s amateur photography community is always a highlight of the year, and we would like to thank competition chief sponsor Sigma, and category sponsors DJI Drones, White Studios, Universal College of Learning (UCOL), Progear, Tamron Lenses, Ilford Paper, Vanguard, Profoto, and…

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1 INTERNATIONAL SPOTLIGHT: NINA WILD The International Spotlight column showcases artists’ work from around the globe, and recently we spoke with Germany’s Nina Wild about her photography and working with people and animals. 2 WINNER INTERVIEWS Throughout the 2016 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition, we’ll talk to the 2015 category winners about what winning meant to them, and where they are now. 3 ENTER ONLINE The 2016 Sigma D-Photo Amateur Photographer of the Year competition is open until June 13, and you can enter your photographs into the various categories at dphoto.co.nz/apoty2016. Interactive galleries and easy-to-use entry forms to enter your images from Facebook and Instagram await! 4 BEHIND THE EXHIBITION The Auckland Festival of Photography is looming, and we talk to many of the photographers who will be exhibiting during the festival to…

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home away from home

Speaking of photography’s duty to capture a moment before it vanishes, Henri Cartier-Bresson once cautioned, “We cannot develop and print a memory.” But we can certainly give it a go, as Auckland photographer Russ Flatt has made beautifully clear over the last few years. Flatt, a highly regarded fashion shooter, recently turned his attention to art photography, with a series of personal projects mining his childhood memories to produce arresting phototableaux. The works have met with no shortage of acclaim, including netting Flatt the coveted Annual Commission as part of the 2016 Auckland Festival of Photography. Established in 2011, the Annual Commission was the first, and is the only, award of its kind specifically for photography-based artists in Aotearoa. Recipients are commissioned to create new work that is unveiled during the…

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patience is key

While speaking on the phone with photographer David Hallett, mid conversation, we were interrupted by squawks so loud that his voice was drowned out. The raucous note was from a blackbacked gull and its mate, banging against Hallett’s window. Of course, they know Hallett is a bird lover, and they were just doing what they’ve done for the past five years: entering his kitchen and making themselves at home. They are only one of the 125 bird species Hallett has painstakingly photographed in the wild — across the breadth of the country — and featured in his latest beautiful book, Native Birds of New Zealand. Photographing in the bird’s natural environment, Hallett will stand in cold water juggling camera gear for up to four hours or wait, confined in a camouflage hide,…